Sunday, 1 November 2009

Escape by Clone

Cranial Log Extract - Undated......

In some respects there are advantages to cloning. Whenever you die, blip, there you are back. Naked as the day you were born, just a lot larger... and most of the time not screaming and crying. Most of the time.

Personally I hate it when I wake up from a clone and somehow there is a residual memory of the last moments of life, I've known this a lot recently since I had my clones upgraded. The Amarrian who did it said it was Jovian Technology... but I can't help but think it's Alien. I mean, yeah the Jovians are alien compared to us, but this technology is beyond that. Perhaps it was wormhole tech.... we still don't know all we can about them. And I suppose I was stupid to do it, but I can't change it now. According to Dr Leannder the tech has corrupted my clonefile, the Amarrian said it was an upgrade. I can't help but think this has Sansha's stamp on it. I guess they are still pissed. Serves me right for getting drunk.... and for following him into hi-sec and into a damn wormhole.

C-Log Extract - Undated, + 3 days

I can't believe I crashed on this planet. Well when I say crashed... shot down is more appropriate. And did they come down to check the wreck? No they just blasted it from orbit. This place seems quiet enough. There is no stink in the air of industry.... or signals of technology which is more worrying. Wish my chrono was working properly...

C-Log Extract - Undated, + 1 week

There is civilisation. I'm going to check it out. Looks like village. Maybe they have a com.

C-Log Extract - Undated, + 1 week, 3 hours

Just once it would be nice to crash on an unknown planet and not have people recognise you as a pirate before you even get your first greeting out. And what kind of bloody soldier fires arrows in this day and age? Goddam... I wish Carm was here....

C-Log Extract - Undated, + 9 days

I thought I was hallucinating... there was a field full of purple cows. So I shot them. Turns out they actually were purple and now I have more angry people after me. Heading into the mountains.... things can't get any worse... can they?

C-Log Extract - Undated, +24 days

So I escaped from the farmers. I got most of my posessions back and I took great pleasure in gutting those vile pigs. I think I will come back here in my raven and burn this planet from orbit... might take a while but it needs to be done.

C-Log Exsfact - Ulfated, + 43 dayt

Was wounded in head too dayz ago. Takkkkken all my skilz but finally fized my cranial-log. This iz beyong joke now. Can't even spelll properly. Damz. Can you spell brain damagegege

C-Log Extract - Undated, +45 days

I've been trapped on this planet for well over a month, probably more as there have been times I've passed out due to hunger and my wounds.

I've made the decision to kill myself. And that's the problem. I'm going to remember it in graphic detail. It's going to have to be a gunshot I think, quick and relatively painless.. I hope. It's a small price to pay for a brief moment of agony and having a body back that is in perfect condition and hasn't been abused or violated.

I should have done this ear......