Friday, 30 April 2010


Carmilla sat in the Grill tapping away on her datatablet, working on a blue print when the mail arrived with a gentle chime. It was from a recognised agent of the Blood Raiders, instinct was to delete it, but she opened it. The page was full of the number 3.

After a few moments debating she posted a mail off to William, picked up her bag and ran to the docking bays. Her prowler was there, a little more dented than usual, but then her crew had had to run a cargo delivery mission in a low-sec system. She would ask them about it, but first she had to go to her sanctuary.

The last anyone saw of Carmilla was on the security camera boarding the Prowler which was docked in her docking bay. An hour later her own Prowler returned. But by then it was too late.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Realisation pt 2

What Bethany lacked in height she made up for in technical knowledge. For five hours straight the two of them work on the fighters in the Carriers bays. Stripping out components, putting in new ones, cleaning, recharging. All around the other crew members would take time out to watch the two working and laughing.

They stopped for a break, sitting on the hull of a firbolg, Bethany coming back with two steaming cups of coffee.
"So hows the slave thing working for you?"
As she had found out quickly, Bethany was annoyingly cute and very tactless, which seemed to cancel each other out.
"I guess it could be worse. You a slave too Beth?"
"Oh no, I'm a freeborn. I was rescued from a pirate raid and raised by the crew, sort of an orphan."
"No family then?"
"The crew is my family, they look after me, teach me all I need to know. What about you?"
Angelina paused for a good while, causing Bethany to prod her.
"I have some family out there, but we're not as close as we were."
"Ooh, wont' they come looking for you?"
"No... I don't think they care that much."
Bethany pointed at the other crews.
"They are leaving early, I wonder why."
"At a guess in the next ten minutes or so we will be ordered out of the bay and off to lunch or something, while all those who left will return and check the work I've done."
Bethany laughed.
"That's so silly. Why would they do that?"
"Because I'm a pirate."
"They just don't know you the way I do. I have a kitten in my quarters, do you have any pets?"
"No... jut pet hates..."
The shocked expressionon Bethany's face made Ang laugh.
"And no, I dont' hate pets..... Look, the overseers coming."
Sure enough a group of six overseers came over to them and ordered them off to the dining room on the level below. As they both sat eating the foods on the trays they were given Bethany kept on talking.
"I've been all over this ship, everyone likes me. I've seen the bridge, the engine room, the cargo bays, lots to see, and loads of work that needs to be done."
Ang looked around and noticed pretty much all of the security camera's were on her.
"Bethany, promise me one thing."
"What's that?"
She looked with the eternal smile of youth and swished her hair without realising. Ang, with a quick look around noticed the six overseers looking at them, talking into communicators.
"If we get seperated, find Esna."

When they returned to the hanger bay Ang walked along the row of firbolgs til she came to one that looked identical to the others.
"Did you mean what you said?"
"About what?"
"About them checking our work? Because we've done good work today."
"Okay, I'll show you....."
Ang opened a panel on the side of the fighter and shone a torch at a panel.
"What do you notice about that panel?"
"Nothing, it's in... secure, looks okay."
"I left it with a screw sticking out. Now they are all in."
"But that's no proof. It's standard practice to make sure all screws are tight."
"Yes, which is why I left this one untightened on purpose."
She grinned. Do you know what is behind this panel?"
"No.... it feeds into several systems, but they are all secondary. I have no idea what it does."
"Wheel that battery pack over... I'll show you."
Ang whippped out a small wrench and removed the four screws and the panel slid out and back. She took a collection of wires from the primary bundle and seperated two, skinned them and took the wires from teh battery pack.
"Uuh I don't think you should be doing that."
"Hey kid.... trust me."

In the security bridge Esna and his chief of security were watching.
"What is she doing? Security, get a team down...."
"No, I want to see what she's doing."
"She's sabotaging a fighter! It was insane for you to let her walk free and with your...."
"I said enough! This is my ship, my call. She's my slave. Or do you want to find out first hand what she's been through?"
Esna watched Angelina and Bethany on the monitor.
"What is she doing?"

"Ang, I'm not sure this is a good idea.... we don't know what it does."
"I do... I build these... or used to.... There...."
The frame of the firbolg shuddered as the internal turbines whined and powered up, jumped by the battery. Around the wings, and in strategic places lights began flashing.
"It's the nagivational lights. Usually they are turned off, the carrier is good enough to know where all it's drones are and the nagivational software in them makes these not needed. But they never turned them off."
Bethany took a few steps back and watched the fighter light up and claps her hands.
"Ooh you are soo good. You'll have to teach me that one so I can do it."
"Only if you promise to keep me smiling....."
Bethany bounced.

Esna looked around the security bridge.
"How did she do that? If she can do that she can activate the weapon systems."
"I told you, she's a loose cannon. Throw her in the brig until we can get her transfered off."
"No... but I want to see what she's made of."
Esna looked at the two of them on the screen. It was a hard decision but it had to be done.
"This is what I want you to do. And I want it to be realistic."
The security chief listened to what he said, tehn nodded.
"I'll do that myself. She might not like you for it...."
"She's not my daughter.... just an orphen."

The security chief, backed by the six overseers bore down on Angelina and Bethany.
"You! Slave! Go into the supply room and clean it from top to bottom. Now!"
Angelina looked at him and simply nodded. They both turned to go and he grabbed Bethany by the arm, yanking her back.
"Not you Bethany, we have something else for you.. dont we lads?"
As Angelina walked to the stores there was a loud chrous of raucus cheers. As the door opened and closed she heard Bethany's small voice.

She stood just inside the door and heard the sounds outside the door as they moved away. She'd heard those sounds before and knew what was coming. Tears streamed down her face as she heard the door to the room next to hers open and close and heard the sound of slaps and screams from Bethany. A technician opened the door and slid in quietly.
"You must go and save her."
"I can't. I must behave properly."
"Bullshit," the man hissed, "You are a Gurista, I know you. I've seen your work when I was in the Gallente Federation, your ship against three others and you triumphed because they ran. I remember you, you don't back down from a fight."
"It's not my fight!"
The man looked at her.
"Tell that to Bethany after they ahve raped her. It's what they do."
Angelina slammed her fist into the wall and whispered something continously, slowly becoming louder.
" no.. NO!!"

Three of the overseers were standing, back to the door watching while two others held her so the Security chief could strip her. The last had his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming. As it was his eyes opening as he saw the door to the room open and Angelina enter was missed by the others and he removed his hand to get to his weapon. Bethany saw her and screamed.
All of them turned to the door and beheld a terrible sight. Angelina, a two foot wrench in her hand and length of chain in the other stood, her eyes burning with a fury. She screamed and charged into them as she saw Bethany, stripped half naked, her face bruised.
And charged.

Esna watched on the security camera as Angelina tore into the Overseers. Even though she was outnumbered he knew none of the Overseers stood a chance. He had seen Gurista's fight like this before, and only death could stop them. He signled to his personal guard to meet him out side the hanger bay and went down personally.

By the time he got there the guards had the door sealed surrounded, laser rifles out and pointing in. He walked through them and into the room. All of the overseers were dead, and the security chief had only a red smear where his head was. Angelina, her clothes torn, face bloody, left arm dangling uselessly was standing infront of the cowering Bethany.
"Is this all you've got? Care to send any more! I'll show you what happens to those who try to violate my friends."
He looked on at Angelina and simply tapped his pocket. Angelina looked... and understood.... and dropped the weapons. She turned and walked over to the wall and stood against it, hands above her head
"I won't let my friends be violated Esna."
"I know. That's why I let them die. Take Bethany back to your quarters and clean her up. I'll expect a full report on this when you are ready, if you don't know how... ask Bethany."
With that he walked out, his guards, slightly confused, following. Angelina picked up Bethany and carried her out and to her quarters.
"Thank you Angelina... you didn't have to do that."
"I may be a slave Bethany, I maybe a mass murdering pirate bitch.... but I look after my friends. That is who I am, above all else. And that is why I will always survive, no matter what."
Bethany looked up at her and wondered, as she had done all day, as she had done when given this assignment, what it was that made this woman tick. And now she thought, I know, and nothing will ever stop her.

Realisation pt 1

Angelina lay in the medical bay contemplating the events of the evening. For most of the night she had been in tears, realising that her life had finally fallen apart. Carmilla had walked away from her, her own sister. Some of the things she had said had hurt, like she had been physically punched. She had fought so hard to keep her away from slavers, the Amarr and what she had to endure.... and she had gone willingly and submitted, taken a collar and been possibly only days from becoming a fully fledged slave. The words they had shouted at each other had even caused Esna to turn white, the fury and vehemance of their words. And now Carmilla had gone. And she was alone.

Esna had been caring and attentive, even though three steps behind him there were armed guards. And she knew he kept a stunner on him at all times. The pain in her head was intense, and he had looked after as best he could, as best she would let him. And he had talked, she had listened. Talked to her about her sister, about her future, about the painful fact that she would no longer be a Gurista as she was his now. But through everything he said there was one thing that stuck in her mind. Carmilla was safe with Bill and Ithiria and Esna. Between them they would keep her from Gallicia. As she had tried to.

And so she has submitted, because to do so would mean they would spend more time protecting Carmilla. Said the words, and he nodded and left her there, still guarded. She would submit, she would do what was expected of her. If Carmilla could do it willingly, then... maybe... it was okay.
When she woke up, the guards were gone. As were her bounds. Her robes were folded and her few possessions on top. After dressing she looked around and finding no one sat and waited til a nurse arrived.
"How are you feeling?"
"The pain has gone. Where are the guards?"
"You don't need them. Here are some pills, if the pain comes back take them."
"Why don't I need them? I want to go back to my cell."
The nurse looked at her with sympathy.
"Esna has given me instructions to take you where he wants you to go. Follow me."

Angelina followed the nurse, getting a few looks from people who passed them buy til they arrived at a door. Angelina Ballentyne was etched on the door plate. They both walked in to a small cabin, not the most glamerous, but definatly not a cell. A comfy bed and a small chair and table took up most of the space.
"There must be some mistake...."
"No mistake. You'll understand that Esna looks after his people, freeborn or slave. You have a work assignment and they will be along in a few hours, so get rested and cleaned up if you need to. And before you ask, there are security camera's everywhere. We don't need guards."
A few hours later there was a knock at the door. She sat for a moment looking at the door, not wanting to open it. The door opened and a small petite woman literally bounced in, all smiles and tool belts.
"Hi, I'm Bethany! Come on, we've been assigned to the fighter bays. Come on, come on, come on! It'll be fun!"
Angelina sighed.
"Esna just picked the happiest bounciest person to work with me?"
Bethany smiles and nodded with enthusiasm. Angelina smiled, Bethany looked just like Carmilla did all those years ago.
"Come on then.... go easy on me though..."

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Carmilla D'Morenta sat on their bed crosslegged watching the 3D-TV nibbling on the breakfast that William had prepared for her. The soap she was watching, a rather action filled story about a suspiciously familiar Gallente war hero and general filled her full of excitement, watching the fleets battling their eternal foes. It would be true to say that her life was not lacking in excitement, and if she did go for the proposed corp change it would get even more so.
She looked over to the small bag on the table, containing the remains of the collar and bracelets. Today she would have to take it to her hanger and melt them down, and create something useful from the remains which she would give to William. Taking her datatablet she started to sketch a few designs when the door chimes sounded indicating it was opening. Will was back early, she mused, and kept on sketching. A few moments later the door chimes sounded again, but indicating they were closing.
No answer.
"William? Are you there?"
No answer. She put her datatablet down and reached under her pillow for his spare gun, a great hulking piece that would stop even the Emperors chosen. Peering around the corner she looked around, no one there. She listened for a moment, only the gently ticking sound from the recirculator. Weapon out infront of her she checked every room, all were empty, and lastly the door was closed. As she returned to the living room she noticed the flower on the table, a long stemmed red rose in a vase with a card next to it. Sitting down at the table she put the weapon down and inhaled the scent on the rose, smiling broadly as she opened the card. The number 5 was drawn on the front of the card. she frowned and turned the card over, the oh so familiar signiature of Gallicia Tavrook.

Her scream was loud as she woke from the nightmare, into the darkness that was their bedroom. Her heart was beating fast in her chest and her skin clammy with sweat. Reaching over her hand felt the reasasuring bulk of partner.
"What's up my little snake?"
The voice was low, different, yet so familiar it sent shivers up her spine. Sitting up her hand reached out for the light switch bathing the room in shadowed light. Lying next to her on a bed straight from her nightmares, in a room that was no longer her bedroom, but was the dingy slavers quarters onboard the slaver ship that stole her all those years ago, was Gallicia Tavrook, naked as she rememberd after her initial violation.

Her scream was loud as she woke from the nightmare, into the brilliant light of her bedroom and pulling the sheet with her sat in the corner, weapon in hand as she shook violently. When William returned a few hours later holding a box that was left outside the estate she was still there, but fast asleep.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fall From Grace

Angelina Ballentyne, once a proud Guristas warrior, now a slave knelt by the window of the cell she was in and looked out. The ornate golden tracery around the great round window looked out onto the central tower of a POS. Searchlights from the POS played over the hull of the ship, from what she could remember of the night before an Archon class Carrier.

The pain cuffs around her neck and wrists still hung heavy. She had attacked Esna when he had come to see her, but then last night she would have attacked anyone, even Carmilla to escape. Poor Esna, she mused, he really didn't want to fight back, he really didn't understand. But the holder in him knew, and all the time had hand on the remote. And when he finally looked into my eyes and saw the abyss, he activated it. Thank god.

I don't know what is going on with me, or why I am attacking friends. But I have to find out. I just hope I allow myself to find out. Damn the Admiral, damn Carmilla, damn myself for falling so far. I need to speak to Darina.... find out what that chip really did... she must know...... otherwise I am damned to spend the rest of my capsuleer life as a slave.

"Oh Carmilla... if only you could hear me now. The fall from grace is steep and swift, and when you land, it does not make a sound, because you are alone."
She stood and placed both hands against the window and looked out and waited. Eventually the door to the cell opened and footfalls entered. She turned, not knowing what part of her was turning to meet it.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Angelina Ballentyne sat slumped in the interrogation chair. Her naked form was covered in hideous bruises and welts, burns and streaks of blood. Matted by sweat and blood her hair was plastered over her head, her eyes were swollen, barely open, lips puffed and broken. Slowly she sat up back straight and spat blood on the floor.

The Inquisitor stood over her and looked down. Amazing that she had withstood two days of this treatment and still was defiant. He called over the medical orderly and told her to clean the prisoner then walked over to the table behind him and sat on it. The orderly cleaned her wounds and bruises as best she could. Angelina restrained her urge to bite her within the restrictions of her bonds. She hadn't done her any harm.
"Clean her good, she goes to the dermal regenerator tomorrow so she is pristine for her court appearance. Stupid guristas whore."
Something inside Angelina snapped.

The Inquisitor looked around as he heard the scream and the scuffling and saw Angelina with her teeth fastened into the orderlies face, the fresh blood spurting. He took his taser and jammed it into Angelina's neck and pressed the button. Then when it had recharged he pressed it again.
"Such a waste."
He pressed a button on the wall.
"Send in another orderly."

A day later she was returned to the chair, her bruises and scars healed, though her body was still in agony. She watched as the Inquisitor stood waiting by the door until a robed figure walked in. He spoke briefly and moved behind Angelina. Grabbing her hair he forced her head forward, revealing the spot at the base of her neck where her implants were. An orderly came forward with a tray containing anaesthetic and an implant remover.
"That," the robed figure said with a sadistic laugh, "Won't be necessary."
Pulling a pair of pliars from his robe he advanced on the prisoner.
"But Sire, to remove the implants like that may cause cranial trauma. There maybe lasting damage to her neural net."
"She is a Guristas Pirate, a terrorist and a threat to our Empire....."
He placed the pliars around the implant bed.
"She has no rights. And I want to hear her scream."
Angelina fought as much as she could, but against the two men she was helpless as they pinned her then ripped an implant out of her head. Her screams were gutteral and the epitome of pain. Then the next one was ripped out, to the sound of laughter. And the next one. Blood flowed freely down her neck and her body twitched and shuddered. The Inquisitor left the room and the robed man reached into his pocket and pulled out six implant capsules. Popping the top he pulled out the Talisman implants, smeared them with her blood and dropped them on the tray.

In her cell later that night she sat on the edge of the bed and waited. Redemption would come eventually. In some form. The door to her cell opened and a man walked in, a new man she mused, for she'd not heard his footfalls here before.
"So Angelina, we meet again."
His voice, so familiar. Like a scar that wont heal. She didn't even look up.
"Hello Victor. And how is my bastard brother today?"

"I bring a message from Gallicia. There is a way out of this for you. We can spare you the clone death you are getting. Save you and keep you from harm."
"You are very generous."
"All he requires is your obedience. Join us and you will be free. With certin provisions."
She spat on the floor.
"I don't work for Serpentis....."
"No, according to the evidence you work for the Blood Raiders and the Guristas. Either of which is enough to get you executed."
"I'll take my chances with the court."
"You will die. And for what? We'll get Carmilla in the end, she'll dance for Gallicia again....."
Even with the torture of the past few days she was still alert and dangerous and had grabbed Victor by the throat, lifted him up and pinned him against the wall.
"And so I will die.... Tell Gallicia that I spit on his offer."

The court proceedings were quick, the outcome was known before the court conveened. Guilty of Murder. Guilty of Terrorism. Guilty of belonging to two illegal corporations. Sentence to be handed down in two days. Case dismissed.
Redemption, it seemed, was still illusive. Looking over the court she saw Gallicia, sitting at the back, and the daughters of one of the men she had slaughtered. She stared at them as she was dragged back to her cell.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Letting Go of the Past

Angelina Ballentyne sat in the ornate chair in the centre of her bar, the Spaced Mongoose. Wearing little more than whisps of lingerie she waited for her Master and controller to arrive. He would be angry because he had been summoned when he wasn't supposed to. Angry because I'm not as I should be. I suppose this is the last time he'll hurt me... so better make it last.

The Admiral stormed into the room and looked at his slave. Fury which was already building now overtook him as he stood infront of her, looking into her eyes.
"How dare you look me in the eyes! Assume your position and if you are lucky I won't flay the skin from your worthless hide!"
He watched as she just sat there, looking gorgeous as she always did, but the fire in her eyes was still there, she still had to be broken properly. Without warning he backhanded her face, knocking her out of the chair and onto the floor. Pushing the chair back he kicked her hard and rolled her onto her back. Blood trickled out of the corner of her mouth and he hit her again, and again and again. She lay, motionless on the floor, just looking at him, one eye now closing fast. His robes dropped to the floor and he mounted her, forcing her and pinning her down... and then she started laughing.
"You dare... laugh at me?"
Even as he hit her again and again she laughed, and then he felt something at the base of his neck. A muzzle.
The first shot took off his jaw and the second exploded his head. Brain matter and gore spattered Angelina, who was still laughing. Behind the body of the now dead Admiral Eliza stood, smoking gun in hand.
"That felt good Ang. You can stop laughing now."
"I can't... the expression on his face... priceless...."
The door to the room was kicked in and his bodyguard stormed in. Angelina grabbed Eliza's spare gun and the two of them ran to meet the guards, weapons blazing.

Twenty minutes later Eliza listened in on her comm. Sienna had caught the Apocalypse leaving and had destroyed it. Angelina pulled her self out of the pool and pulled on some clothes.
"I'm not happy about this Ang, you don't have to do this."
"I need to. A lot of bad things happened to me here, and it won't be the same. Besides... as I'm fond of saying. Burn it. Burn it all...."

It was fully an hour before the bars fire systems got the blaze undercontrol. Angelina, sitting on the chair she'd rescued walked back in to the ruined bar and looked around. She smiled as she placed the chair in the centre of the room.
"I'll be back and rebuild.... better than ever."
She turned around and looked at Eliza.
"Thank you, what would I do without you?"
Arm in arm they walked back towards the docking bay and a brighter future.

Monday, 12 April 2010


This is Rocking Ricky, bringing you all the tunes that are fit to play in a stellarcast straight from the Great Wildlands. Broadcasting to you around the region, around the clock because the music never ends out here, we go on and on. This next tune is for a little lady out there in 168-6h, Gallente Mining Blues by the Orbital Retro's, mine that ore lil' lady and let Rocking Ricky play the next cycle.....

1st Reflection......

Darin Rea sat at her desk, reams of paper scattered around it, data crystals and datatablets. She was humming to herself and compiling a list of name, one by one, cross checking them with the names of those who died at Sibot. Smiling, she compiled the names on the data crystal and held it up with satisfaction. Soon, she thought, with the saints blessing, she would be able to confront Angelina alone. So much rage and hurt in one person, so much anger and pain. Only the blessed Saint would be able to offer the salvation needed. Though repentance must be voluntary she though, shaking her head as she thought of the road ahead. Salvation comes only on the road that is walked with a heavy heart and the knowledge that it must be walked. And, though my brothers died by her hand, verily I would walk with her.

I heard on the grape vine that Band of Brothers had actually planned to go out they way they did. The so called defector worked his way into Goonswarm and helped pull the plug. Well we may be a long way out here in the Great Wildlands, but somethings still ring true. Out here we don't care about your politics, all that matters is who you are and how hard you can party! Here is a great song by the lovely Lamella Chainz, Full Bore Automatic, coming to you from the GWS to all those roaming Rifters.....

2nd Reflection....

Esna Pitoojee watched over the sleeping form on the ships internal security screen. Here they were, albeit it at a friendly station, but far far away from M-M3DB. He had let her into his own ship, and later aboard one of his corporations Carriers. Putting her safety paramount, rushing her away from a gunfight. Some of it he still didn't understand, but one thing he did. Gallicia, her former Master and a stain on Amarrian honour, was in league with Blooders. That alone burned within him with a fury, that such.... beauty was tarnished by such contact. He saw within her a simplicity, a carefree nature almost of the child. Of course there were times when he had seen her afraid, and scared..... but other times she was so free and happy. His conversations with her had shown they both looked at things the same way, both recognised that change was going to be difficult, but worthwhile. Looking over at his slaves he wondered how someone could treat them as bad as Carmilla had been treated. It was unthinkable. But it happened every day, from the common soldier to the nobility. At some point, for whatever reason there was always cruelty to slaves. He watched as she stirred then gestured to his slaves, who ran to do his bidding and awake and care for their visitor.
"Change will come," he whispered.

So there I was the other day, flying my wolf through the pipe to Empire and I came across a badger deep in an asteroid belt. Here, in the depths of null-space a brave and plucky pioneer was staking his claim and mining. Now I'm not a bad guy at heart, after all I'll play even the worst Caldari smash music hit if enough people request it.... but this guy didn't even talk to me as I broadcasted to him. If there is one thing I don't stand for it's people being impolite and as his pod sat there in space around the wreckage of his ship.... Aaah hell, but you don't want to listen to me whining on about my latest podkill, you want tunes to fight to, music to mine to, and something to kick back and watch the sun go down with. Here's another cult classic from Dr Morocco and the Gas Giant V..... turn it up loud just the way it's meant to be....

3rd Reflection

Angelina Ballentyne, the Butcher of Sibot and cold blooded killer sat in the corner of the shower cubicle crying. Her whole body shook as she cried, the scalding shower water washing away the tears as she tried to wash away the taint of the Admiral. She scrubbed every inch and still felt unclean, still wept. At this moment in time she felt so alone, what she had to go through to keep her sister alive and out of the hands of monsters. So much was going on with them both at the moment. Gallicia was the worst, then the Admiral, then the thousand and one other people who wanted her dead or worse. But even as she sat hunched over, holding her legs and shaking she realised that no matter what, there were people who would look after her, friends, associates. People who would die for her, as she would for them. She would have to come out soon and leave the shower, put back on her normal face and show the world the cold hearted murderer she was. The only problem was she was beginning to forget what she looked like, the mirrors no longer showed who she was, only who she had become. She longed for the days when they were together as a family, but even now the memories were fading... all she had left was Carmilla, and she would protect her with every fiber of her being.

This is a quick traffic notification, the gate controls in AB-FZE have failed once again and everyone has to detour around. Thank god for jump bridges I say, and thanks to the bridge jockeys in the BY5, I'm sending you all official Great Wildlands Stellarcast teeshirts and hull markings. Don't forget Stellarfans... when you see someone or something with the GWS logo on the side fire off a volley! Just remember, no targetting! A golden oldie for the station construction crew who just sent in a picture of the GWS logo on their new home. Jump around to Sanshas Lady and the Marrionettes with Just a Doll for you.....

4th Reflection...

Gallicia sat quite content on a pile of old stone, a grand piano has been set up before him in the remains of an ancient temple. Several of his slaves knelt around him as he played and he played well, the acoustics of the old structure far from ideal, but the weather was warm and the smell of the cooking fires were wafting over to him. He closed his eyes and played his Symphony of Pain and revelled in the feelings that he brought out in himself when he heard it played perfectly. A couple of screams and gunshots in the distance, followed by laughter did nothing to stop his playing and only the gentle cough of his bodyguard and a large plate of food opened his eyes. As he watched the sun go down, throwing occasional scraps to his slaves he wondered about how things were turning out. Everything was now set in place to recapture his lost prize, the only slave of his to escape, and to kill him in the process, a most remarkable achievement. The only slave he mused, to have survived three Serpentis Snake Dances.... he thought back and wondered how she had managed to stay alive when so many had died before. Then he laughed. He would ask her soon, and maybe even he'd have her sister as well. He'd never had a pair of sisters dance for him before. The thought made me excited and aroused and he reached for a long cane that was resting on the piano. Lust and sadism glinted in his eyes and it wasn't long before those guards by the fire pits heard the sounds coming from the ruins that they had heard so many times before.

Well that's all for Rocking Ricky this evening I hope you have enjoyed this brief sojurn into the golden years of music. I'd like you all to pause with reflection for the moment, and think back.... think about all those things you'd like to do but can't or don't. Remember stellarfans, most of us only live once so cram everything into it that you can. Experience it all. And for those of you who are roaming the space lanes, immortal in your pods.... keep that clone updated and tune in to the Great Wildlands Stellarcast! This is Rocking Ricky signing off......

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Remembering their Place

Rokasarif City, Eystur III, Heimatar

Gallicia Tavrook sat in the back of the dingy cafe in the backstreets of the Minmatar city of Rokasarif. Various people were drinking and eating and sipping a cup of tea he waited. Before long Tavish Munrue walked in, a very haggard look on his face.

"Sit down Tavish, you look unwell."
"What have you got me into Meneer? Not content with messing with the Guristas you got me involved with the Sansha as well?"
"Oh really?"
Tavish pulled out a datatablet and pushed it across the table. A waitress came over and he pushed her away with several gutteral tribal insults.
"Ignore him. He's a drone or such... programmed most likely, very realistic but not my problem. Or yours now since you've run away from him."
"My problem Meener is that I have to flee and I find myself without funds. Pay me what you owe me.... or else....."
He left the threat open and glared at Amarrian before him.
"Threats... Oh Tavish I thought you knew me better."
Gallicia kicked the table into Tavish, his body slammed forward and he grabbed Tavish head and slammed it into the table several times then broke his neck. The fre patrons who noticed turned around laughing. Death it seemed, was not unkonwn here.

He walked out of the cafe and towards a data relay and pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. It bore one name, and a neocom number.
"Darina Rea........ i wonder if you are hungry..."

Rorsins Asteroid bar, Spaced_Mongoose

Angelina Ballentyne sat at the bar, a large drink in her hand. She looked at her chrono and sighed. It would soon be time. Downing her drink she checked the security screens and saw the ship, an Apocalypse had docked and a small retinue had departed. She didn't have much time. Removing her clothes she moved to the centre of the dance floor and knelt down in a submissive pose. Head down, palms upwards on her thighs. The sound of footfalls approached, eleven by the sound of them, stopping outside the door, which opened with a hiss and then closed behind a single person. Moments later, as she looked down she saw the boots before her, the same boots that were always there, the gold plated boots of an Amarr Fleet Admiral. An Admiral she knew who was also the second in command of the Amarr Navy Internal affairs, her opposite number. What came next had to come, it was part of the cost of staying alive and every fiber of her being hated it. She writhed and kissed both boots in as sensual way she could
"I always enjoy watching you humiliate yourself you bitch."
She closed her eyes, the tears hot on her cheeks as she thought of Carmilla, thought of the price that had to be paid to keep her sister out of this monsters hands.
"As you wish... my Master."
"Yes... as I wish. The usual first... then your debriefing, whore."
She placed a cheek against the floor and knelt up as much as she could. It would be over soon, if she was lucky, she thought as she heard his robes drop to the floor and felt him kick her legs further apart. Today however, was not her lucky day.

Rorsins system, Apocalypse Battleship Golden Dawn

The Admiral sat back in his command chair and thought back fondly over the last couple of hours. What she has said in her debriefing was certianly useful, some of it good, some bad. No lies that he could determine. He pressed a commswitch and waited for the connection.
"Contract your Blood Raider and Sansha colleagues. Have them inform Sienna Munroe that she will be getting a visitor. She is to answer to the best of her ability."
"Yes my Lord."
"Oh, and recind the order for the arrest of Carmilla D'morenta for another month."
"A month my Lord?"
"Yes..... a month. I had a good time with my pet Guristas Slave. Set course for Amarr Prime, shortest route."

Thukker Mix Factory, M-M3DB - Beyond Our Sins Grill

Carmilla D'Morenta sat at the bar with Esna Pitoojee. She laughed freely with him, both still pumped after their recent dancing. Various people were around the bar and she watched as Eliza walked in, she smiled and nodded to her. They talked for a while and relaxed with a few drinks as Darina walked in. She stiffened slightly then smiled and nodded at the nun who returned her nod and took her place at a table.
Esna placed his hand on her arm.
"You okay?"
"Sure, just had a bad turn yesterday and unfortunately Darina had to see it. Gallicia managed to overdose my Blue Pill. Almost killed me, had it not been for Sienna and Eliza."
"I never took you for a pill pusher."
"I've.... been stressed recently.... it helps. Or did help.... just can't help that everywhere I turn I seem to see him... "
She turned to look at Darina and saw one of the servents place a neocom on the chair before he. Esna turned to look at Carmilla as he heard her wailing scream then looked to where she was pointing...
There, in full 3d sat her tormentor, her former Master the Serpentis Slaver and Smugger, Gallicia Tavrook.

Grinding on Results

Unit MS-8376-HJK or.. ‘George’ as his overseer had dubbed him was going slowly and methodically through the results that same overseer had sent him. He faintly felt some admiration for the instant ability to produce some results. The files from the datapad had proven to both confirm their suspicions and open up some leads for him to follow. The main targets on his lists were bumped up to a unit named Tavish and a unit named Galicia. He would start with the first, as reports indicated that the latter unit proved to be fairly elusive.

Rens VIII – Moon 3 – TranStellar Shipping Storage

A small spiked ship slipped into the docking area after getting docking conformation. Once safely landed a large figure exited the ship and hangar, striding forwards with a nearly frightening purpose. The security guards of the hangar bay gave each other a agreeing look, one shivering on purpose to the other, both feeling sorry for whatever the target was.

At an inconspicuous house Tavish Monrue had made his home. He’d made sure not everyone could find him easily by renting it on a different identity, placed some easily removable security devices so he could move quickly if he needed. He was used to living without much comfort, thinking of his ever growing bank account and the day there would be enough on it to disappear and retire in luxury. Like the job from that smuggler guy, replacing a few pills with others for a big wad of cash. He smirked to himself, such things were too easy.

The soft knock on the front door made him look at the monitor besides him. It gave a good view of anyone at there. At the moment he just saw a fairly tall figure standing there. He stared at the image for a moment, there was something not quite correct with it.. but he couldn’t quite place exactly what, but this wasn’t a time for customers and this person didn’t seem very friendly to him. He reached to a switch placed on the monitor and flicked it. Now there was a nice electric surprise on the doorknob.

Grinning to himself he watched the figure reach down to the knob.. and to his amazement completely ignore the shock he just got. Veering up with a frown to get a closer look at the monitor he quickly cursed at the figure ripped of the entire lock. This was bad, very bad. He shouldn’t have taken that last job, this was not good! Jumping up and running over to the single cabinet he pulled it open, rummaging inside until he found his gun, clumsily loading it. As he turned and pointed it towards the door a large fist clenched over it, crushing the barrel underneath. “Unit Tavish Monrue. Your assistance is required. Comply and live.” The soft metal voice of the masked figure commanded him. Still scared to death but also somewhat relieved he repeated the last words dumbly “And live?”

Succubus class ship “Mindless pain”

‘George’ wasn’t all pleased with his performance, although he couldn’t have done it otherwise. He had gained the information he required from Unit Tavish, but was sadly unable to make the unit do something that gave him an excuse to kill him. Right now, Unit Tavish was undoubtedly moving and retiring to a somewhat less luxuriously house, but still going out of sight. Which was the best thing that ‘George’ could have done with the ‘no killing if possible’ instruction.

Going over his gained knowledge he decided that his next target would have to be Unit Galicia. It was going to be difficult, but at least it was a challenge worthy of his time. A Serpentis that could evade the Guristas and Amarr thoroughly enough. It’s a miracle! His overseer would remark, although he himself would not, but with the fresh data from Unit Tavish and the ‘borrowed’ data from Unit Carmilla he might have a better chance, not to mention that he could also rely on the Sansha and Sister channels of his overseer. It would be challenge, but that was no issue for him.

(Courtesy of Darina Rea)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Setting Wheels in Motion

Ashes bristled up around their feet as they walked. One pair with a light step, almost floating over the black dust, the other heavier than a person should be, crushing a charred coal beneath its weight. Looking around the burned wreckage of what was once a thriving, but quiet temple the owner of the lighter pair of feet face remained expressionless, taking in the carnage of what happened and the rescue and disaster teams hard at work that tried to salvage something from the place. The expression of her companion was anyone’s guess, he wore a glistering face mask, which was doing a good job at hiding his face entirely.

The two didn’t speak as they walked towards the centre of the ruins, neither security at the location or the rescue teams placing any deterrent in their way, instead the rescue teams merely aided by clearing the way silently. Arriving at the centre a few station officials were gathered. Important figures in the day to day life on the station, but here and now just figures stricken with guilt and anger over the catastrophe. They introduced themselves one by one, Mayguir, the stations overseer, a elderly man with his eyes full of sorrow. Regarl, the security rep, brightly eyed and clever, but clearly very nervous. A reporter whom she ignored entirely and a few relations of the ones whom had died that had the courage to come to the scene. She offered the last a bow and a few words of consolidation, hollow as it seemed to her, yet they seemed to aid them.

Regarl coughed afterwards with a somewhat nervous glance over her companion, before he turned to her. “The.. surviving private security systems.. if you don’t mind, Sister?” She nodded before Mayguir could protest against the suddenness of the request, taking her ‘comm from her belt and moving to the single surviving structure of the building. A solid concrete pillar with display with reinforced cabling to a hidden datacenter. Most buildings had these and they were renowned for withstanding an extraordinary amount of damage before failing. She inputted the right credentials, let the machine check her palm by placing it on the display and finally placed her ‘comm on it so that all data could be uploaded to it.

After the upload is completed she removed a chip from her ‘comm, offering it to Regarl, who took it with an almost relieved smile. “I trust you will find something on it. Can you provide the stations security records to me in return? I wish to start my own investigation aswell .” Regarl gave an unsure glance to Mayguir, who simply neighed his head back. The older man had much more experience luckily. “The data will be made available to you, I’ll make sure of that.” He assured her.

And with that all she could do here was done. The reporter started asking questions after the overseers assurance, but she wasn’t interested in answering them, instead she simply announced her departure and turned around to walk away, her companion right behind her, which cut of the path of the reporter. After walking silently for a while she motioned her companion to walk besides her. Looking up at the figure she inquired “You have all the data? What happened, happened. Now it’s time for the consequence.”

Aboard the Nightmare class “Uncertain Parameter”

A holoscreen displayed several faces and data concerning them. Darina slowly called them out to her companion on an emotionless tone. “Angelina Ballentyne, Carmilla D'Morenta.. I remember this one, Tavish and Sienna Monrue, Besher Aski and Galicia Tavrook.” After that a silence fell for a while as both persons looked at the figures floating in front of them. With a shake of her head she looked besides her. “I can’t follow up on most of them, so that’s your task. Find them. Question them. Get me answers. Try not to hurt them. Alright? Take the Mindless pain, the Succubus should serve you well.”

She turned to the screen and zoomed in on Carmilla’s portrait while her companion walked away, set on his quest. “You can’t hear me, but perhaps you have answers. I’d like it if you’d cooperate when I find you again, honestly. Else I might be forced to be far less nice then I want to be.”

(IC responce to Burn it All courtesy of Darina Rea)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Burn it all

The Carthum Conglomerate Production plant in the station based around Sibot XII is considered by many as an out of the way, border facility. Much better stations on the trade routes can be found several jumps in all directions. Even the Amarr Navy keeps only a limited presence here, it's just not that important a system. Because of this it was deemed to be the perfect place for the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine to place a temple. The holy followers of Saint Katherine spend their time in the depths of space seeking out those who are lost. Those who are adrift in a jettisoned can, drifting in a broken ship, or lost in a wormhole... offer a prayer to the Saint and your chances to be rescued will improve. So they say.

The priest of Saint Katherine crawled towards the safety of the front of the temple, pulling himself forward with broken arms, dragging broken legs. Several shadowy figures were smashing bookselves and pews and piling the wood in the middle of the room. He tried to ignore them and put the excrutiating pain out of his mind. He was lost, Saint Katherine would provide. His belief in the Saint was pure and unadulterated. Unfortunately, the woman behind him who had tortured him in silence, stolen his pendant, the symbol of his faith and desecrated his temple.

"Blessed Saint.... Katherine.... protect your servant...."
He reached his hand forward towards the door as he felt a foot in the small of his back, her heel digging in. Closing his eyes he saw in his mind Saint Katherine reaching her hand down and caressing his brow, heard her words in his head, saw her smile. Ignoring the pain he rolled over and looked at his tormentor in her eyes.
"I am not afraid of you, my sister. The blessed Saint Kathering has found me.. my soul is secure."
The woman swept her duster back and knelt down with her legs either side of him, straddling him in a pseudo-sexual stance.
"I'm not after your soul, Priest. I want your pain."
Angelina Ballentyne pulled the cigarette from her lips blew the smoke into his face and stubbed it out in his eye. As he screamed and reached up for his damaged eye she stood up and walked towards the door.
"Burn it all."
"What about the cripple?"
"I said burn it all... what part of that do you not understand?"

News Article - Carthum Evening Press

In a most tragic accident today the beloved Priest Miar Rushai of the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine died as fire swept through the temple. Security services are treating the fire as suspicious and are requesting several individuals seen in the area shortly to come forward. A rewards of 250,000 isk has been placed for help regarding the successful apprehension of the guilty parties. Carthum Conglomerate officials have been unavailable to answer questions.

Orbitting the station while cloaked in a battered transport Angelina looked at the small shrine in her quarters. A picture of a non-descript young man looked back at her and she lit several small candles and bowed her head while she prayed.
"Don't worry Jonas, your death has been avenged. It was not done in the way you would approve of, but if they had been there sooner they wouldn't have recscued your body, they would have rescued your soul. Rest in peace Jonas.... "

She picked up the pendant she had taken from him and put it around her neck next to several other pendants. On the table below the shrine she picked up a collection of prayer sticks. Each one was written with a prayer to the Saint. Running her fingers over the old carvings she almost could feel the words of the Saint in her mind. Clicking the neo-com on the wall she called up to the bridge.
"Set course for home. We've finished with this place."
Lying down on her bunk it wasn't long before she fell into a deep sleep, the prayer sticks clutched in her hands.