Sunday, 18 April 2010

Letting Go of the Past

Angelina Ballentyne sat in the ornate chair in the centre of her bar, the Spaced Mongoose. Wearing little more than whisps of lingerie she waited for her Master and controller to arrive. He would be angry because he had been summoned when he wasn't supposed to. Angry because I'm not as I should be. I suppose this is the last time he'll hurt me... so better make it last.

The Admiral stormed into the room and looked at his slave. Fury which was already building now overtook him as he stood infront of her, looking into her eyes.
"How dare you look me in the eyes! Assume your position and if you are lucky I won't flay the skin from your worthless hide!"
He watched as she just sat there, looking gorgeous as she always did, but the fire in her eyes was still there, she still had to be broken properly. Without warning he backhanded her face, knocking her out of the chair and onto the floor. Pushing the chair back he kicked her hard and rolled her onto her back. Blood trickled out of the corner of her mouth and he hit her again, and again and again. She lay, motionless on the floor, just looking at him, one eye now closing fast. His robes dropped to the floor and he mounted her, forcing her and pinning her down... and then she started laughing.
"You dare... laugh at me?"
Even as he hit her again and again she laughed, and then he felt something at the base of his neck. A muzzle.
The first shot took off his jaw and the second exploded his head. Brain matter and gore spattered Angelina, who was still laughing. Behind the body of the now dead Admiral Eliza stood, smoking gun in hand.
"That felt good Ang. You can stop laughing now."
"I can't... the expression on his face... priceless...."
The door to the room was kicked in and his bodyguard stormed in. Angelina grabbed Eliza's spare gun and the two of them ran to meet the guards, weapons blazing.

Twenty minutes later Eliza listened in on her comm. Sienna had caught the Apocalypse leaving and had destroyed it. Angelina pulled her self out of the pool and pulled on some clothes.
"I'm not happy about this Ang, you don't have to do this."
"I need to. A lot of bad things happened to me here, and it won't be the same. Besides... as I'm fond of saying. Burn it. Burn it all...."

It was fully an hour before the bars fire systems got the blaze undercontrol. Angelina, sitting on the chair she'd rescued walked back in to the ruined bar and looked around. She smiled as she placed the chair in the centre of the room.
"I'll be back and rebuild.... better than ever."
She turned around and looked at Eliza.
"Thank you, what would I do without you?"
Arm in arm they walked back towards the docking bay and a brighter future.

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