Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Realisation pt 1

Angelina lay in the medical bay contemplating the events of the evening. For most of the night she had been in tears, realising that her life had finally fallen apart. Carmilla had walked away from her, her own sister. Some of the things she had said had hurt, like she had been physically punched. She had fought so hard to keep her away from slavers, the Amarr and what she had to endure.... and she had gone willingly and submitted, taken a collar and been possibly only days from becoming a fully fledged slave. The words they had shouted at each other had even caused Esna to turn white, the fury and vehemance of their words. And now Carmilla had gone. And she was alone.

Esna had been caring and attentive, even though three steps behind him there were armed guards. And she knew he kept a stunner on him at all times. The pain in her head was intense, and he had looked after as best he could, as best she would let him. And he had talked, she had listened. Talked to her about her sister, about her future, about the painful fact that she would no longer be a Gurista as she was his now. But through everything he said there was one thing that stuck in her mind. Carmilla was safe with Bill and Ithiria and Esna. Between them they would keep her from Gallicia. As she had tried to.

And so she has submitted, because to do so would mean they would spend more time protecting Carmilla. Said the words, and he nodded and left her there, still guarded. She would submit, she would do what was expected of her. If Carmilla could do it willingly, then... maybe... it was okay.
When she woke up, the guards were gone. As were her bounds. Her robes were folded and her few possessions on top. After dressing she looked around and finding no one sat and waited til a nurse arrived.
"How are you feeling?"
"The pain has gone. Where are the guards?"
"You don't need them. Here are some pills, if the pain comes back take them."
"Why don't I need them? I want to go back to my cell."
The nurse looked at her with sympathy.
"Esna has given me instructions to take you where he wants you to go. Follow me."

Angelina followed the nurse, getting a few looks from people who passed them buy til they arrived at a door. Angelina Ballentyne was etched on the door plate. They both walked in to a small cabin, not the most glamerous, but definatly not a cell. A comfy bed and a small chair and table took up most of the space.
"There must be some mistake...."
"No mistake. You'll understand that Esna looks after his people, freeborn or slave. You have a work assignment and they will be along in a few hours, so get rested and cleaned up if you need to. And before you ask, there are security camera's everywhere. We don't need guards."
A few hours later there was a knock at the door. She sat for a moment looking at the door, not wanting to open it. The door opened and a small petite woman literally bounced in, all smiles and tool belts.
"Hi, I'm Bethany! Come on, we've been assigned to the fighter bays. Come on, come on, come on! It'll be fun!"
Angelina sighed.
"Esna just picked the happiest bounciest person to work with me?"
Bethany smiles and nodded with enthusiasm. Angelina smiled, Bethany looked just like Carmilla did all those years ago.
"Come on then.... go easy on me though..."

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