Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Realisation pt 2

What Bethany lacked in height she made up for in technical knowledge. For five hours straight the two of them work on the fighters in the Carriers bays. Stripping out components, putting in new ones, cleaning, recharging. All around the other crew members would take time out to watch the two working and laughing.

They stopped for a break, sitting on the hull of a firbolg, Bethany coming back with two steaming cups of coffee.
"So hows the slave thing working for you?"
As she had found out quickly, Bethany was annoyingly cute and very tactless, which seemed to cancel each other out.
"I guess it could be worse. You a slave too Beth?"
"Oh no, I'm a freeborn. I was rescued from a pirate raid and raised by the crew, sort of an orphan."
"No family then?"
"The crew is my family, they look after me, teach me all I need to know. What about you?"
Angelina paused for a good while, causing Bethany to prod her.
"I have some family out there, but we're not as close as we were."
"Ooh, wont' they come looking for you?"
"No... I don't think they care that much."
Bethany pointed at the other crews.
"They are leaving early, I wonder why."
"At a guess in the next ten minutes or so we will be ordered out of the bay and off to lunch or something, while all those who left will return and check the work I've done."
Bethany laughed.
"That's so silly. Why would they do that?"
"Because I'm a pirate."
"They just don't know you the way I do. I have a kitten in my quarters, do you have any pets?"
"No... jut pet hates..."
The shocked expressionon Bethany's face made Ang laugh.
"And no, I dont' hate pets..... Look, the overseers coming."
Sure enough a group of six overseers came over to them and ordered them off to the dining room on the level below. As they both sat eating the foods on the trays they were given Bethany kept on talking.
"I've been all over this ship, everyone likes me. I've seen the bridge, the engine room, the cargo bays, lots to see, and loads of work that needs to be done."
Ang looked around and noticed pretty much all of the security camera's were on her.
"Bethany, promise me one thing."
"What's that?"
She looked with the eternal smile of youth and swished her hair without realising. Ang, with a quick look around noticed the six overseers looking at them, talking into communicators.
"If we get seperated, find Esna."

When they returned to the hanger bay Ang walked along the row of firbolgs til she came to one that looked identical to the others.
"Did you mean what you said?"
"About what?"
"About them checking our work? Because we've done good work today."
"Okay, I'll show you....."
Ang opened a panel on the side of the fighter and shone a torch at a panel.
"What do you notice about that panel?"
"Nothing, it's in... secure, looks okay."
"I left it with a screw sticking out. Now they are all in."
"But that's no proof. It's standard practice to make sure all screws are tight."
"Yes, which is why I left this one untightened on purpose."
She grinned. Do you know what is behind this panel?"
"No.... it feeds into several systems, but they are all secondary. I have no idea what it does."
"Wheel that battery pack over... I'll show you."
Ang whippped out a small wrench and removed the four screws and the panel slid out and back. She took a collection of wires from the primary bundle and seperated two, skinned them and took the wires from teh battery pack.
"Uuh I don't think you should be doing that."
"Hey kid.... trust me."

In the security bridge Esna and his chief of security were watching.
"What is she doing? Security, get a team down...."
"No, I want to see what she's doing."
"She's sabotaging a fighter! It was insane for you to let her walk free and with your...."
"I said enough! This is my ship, my call. She's my slave. Or do you want to find out first hand what she's been through?"
Esna watched Angelina and Bethany on the monitor.
"What is she doing?"

"Ang, I'm not sure this is a good idea.... we don't know what it does."
"I do... I build these... or used to.... There...."
The frame of the firbolg shuddered as the internal turbines whined and powered up, jumped by the battery. Around the wings, and in strategic places lights began flashing.
"It's the nagivational lights. Usually they are turned off, the carrier is good enough to know where all it's drones are and the nagivational software in them makes these not needed. But they never turned them off."
Bethany took a few steps back and watched the fighter light up and claps her hands.
"Ooh you are soo good. You'll have to teach me that one so I can do it."
"Only if you promise to keep me smiling....."
Bethany bounced.

Esna looked around the security bridge.
"How did she do that? If she can do that she can activate the weapon systems."
"I told you, she's a loose cannon. Throw her in the brig until we can get her transfered off."
"No... but I want to see what she's made of."
Esna looked at the two of them on the screen. It was a hard decision but it had to be done.
"This is what I want you to do. And I want it to be realistic."
The security chief listened to what he said, tehn nodded.
"I'll do that myself. She might not like you for it...."
"She's not my daughter.... just an orphen."

The security chief, backed by the six overseers bore down on Angelina and Bethany.
"You! Slave! Go into the supply room and clean it from top to bottom. Now!"
Angelina looked at him and simply nodded. They both turned to go and he grabbed Bethany by the arm, yanking her back.
"Not you Bethany, we have something else for you.. dont we lads?"
As Angelina walked to the stores there was a loud chrous of raucus cheers. As the door opened and closed she heard Bethany's small voice.

She stood just inside the door and heard the sounds outside the door as they moved away. She'd heard those sounds before and knew what was coming. Tears streamed down her face as she heard the door to the room next to hers open and close and heard the sound of slaps and screams from Bethany. A technician opened the door and slid in quietly.
"You must go and save her."
"I can't. I must behave properly."
"Bullshit," the man hissed, "You are a Gurista, I know you. I've seen your work when I was in the Gallente Federation, your ship against three others and you triumphed because they ran. I remember you, you don't back down from a fight."
"It's not my fight!"
The man looked at her.
"Tell that to Bethany after they ahve raped her. It's what they do."
Angelina slammed her fist into the wall and whispered something continously, slowly becoming louder.
" no.. NO!!"

Three of the overseers were standing, back to the door watching while two others held her so the Security chief could strip her. The last had his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming. As it was his eyes opening as he saw the door to the room open and Angelina enter was missed by the others and he removed his hand to get to his weapon. Bethany saw her and screamed.
All of them turned to the door and beheld a terrible sight. Angelina, a two foot wrench in her hand and length of chain in the other stood, her eyes burning with a fury. She screamed and charged into them as she saw Bethany, stripped half naked, her face bruised.
And charged.

Esna watched on the security camera as Angelina tore into the Overseers. Even though she was outnumbered he knew none of the Overseers stood a chance. He had seen Gurista's fight like this before, and only death could stop them. He signled to his personal guard to meet him out side the hanger bay and went down personally.

By the time he got there the guards had the door sealed surrounded, laser rifles out and pointing in. He walked through them and into the room. All of the overseers were dead, and the security chief had only a red smear where his head was. Angelina, her clothes torn, face bloody, left arm dangling uselessly was standing infront of the cowering Bethany.
"Is this all you've got? Care to send any more! I'll show you what happens to those who try to violate my friends."
He looked on at Angelina and simply tapped his pocket. Angelina looked... and understood.... and dropped the weapons. She turned and walked over to the wall and stood against it, hands above her head
"I won't let my friends be violated Esna."
"I know. That's why I let them die. Take Bethany back to your quarters and clean her up. I'll expect a full report on this when you are ready, if you don't know how... ask Bethany."
With that he walked out, his guards, slightly confused, following. Angelina picked up Bethany and carried her out and to her quarters.
"Thank you Angelina... you didn't have to do that."
"I may be a slave Bethany, I maybe a mass murdering pirate bitch.... but I look after my friends. That is who I am, above all else. And that is why I will always survive, no matter what."
Bethany looked up at her and wondered, as she had done all day, as she had done when given this assignment, what it was that made this woman tick. And now she thought, I know, and nothing will ever stop her.

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