Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Carmilla D'Morenta sat on their bed crosslegged watching the 3D-TV nibbling on the breakfast that William had prepared for her. The soap she was watching, a rather action filled story about a suspiciously familiar Gallente war hero and general filled her full of excitement, watching the fleets battling their eternal foes. It would be true to say that her life was not lacking in excitement, and if she did go for the proposed corp change it would get even more so.
She looked over to the small bag on the table, containing the remains of the collar and bracelets. Today she would have to take it to her hanger and melt them down, and create something useful from the remains which she would give to William. Taking her datatablet she started to sketch a few designs when the door chimes sounded indicating it was opening. Will was back early, she mused, and kept on sketching. A few moments later the door chimes sounded again, but indicating they were closing.
No answer.
"William? Are you there?"
No answer. She put her datatablet down and reached under her pillow for his spare gun, a great hulking piece that would stop even the Emperors chosen. Peering around the corner she looked around, no one there. She listened for a moment, only the gently ticking sound from the recirculator. Weapon out infront of her she checked every room, all were empty, and lastly the door was closed. As she returned to the living room she noticed the flower on the table, a long stemmed red rose in a vase with a card next to it. Sitting down at the table she put the weapon down and inhaled the scent on the rose, smiling broadly as she opened the card. The number 5 was drawn on the front of the card. she frowned and turned the card over, the oh so familiar signiature of Gallicia Tavrook.

Her scream was loud as she woke from the nightmare, into the darkness that was their bedroom. Her heart was beating fast in her chest and her skin clammy with sweat. Reaching over her hand felt the reasasuring bulk of partner.
"What's up my little snake?"
The voice was low, different, yet so familiar it sent shivers up her spine. Sitting up her hand reached out for the light switch bathing the room in shadowed light. Lying next to her on a bed straight from her nightmares, in a room that was no longer her bedroom, but was the dingy slavers quarters onboard the slaver ship that stole her all those years ago, was Gallicia Tavrook, naked as she rememberd after her initial violation.

Her scream was loud as she woke from the nightmare, into the brilliant light of her bedroom and pulling the sheet with her sat in the corner, weapon in hand as she shook violently. When William returned a few hours later holding a box that was left outside the estate she was still there, but fast asleep.

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