Saturday, 10 April 2010

Setting Wheels in Motion

Ashes bristled up around their feet as they walked. One pair with a light step, almost floating over the black dust, the other heavier than a person should be, crushing a charred coal beneath its weight. Looking around the burned wreckage of what was once a thriving, but quiet temple the owner of the lighter pair of feet face remained expressionless, taking in the carnage of what happened and the rescue and disaster teams hard at work that tried to salvage something from the place. The expression of her companion was anyone’s guess, he wore a glistering face mask, which was doing a good job at hiding his face entirely.

The two didn’t speak as they walked towards the centre of the ruins, neither security at the location or the rescue teams placing any deterrent in their way, instead the rescue teams merely aided by clearing the way silently. Arriving at the centre a few station officials were gathered. Important figures in the day to day life on the station, but here and now just figures stricken with guilt and anger over the catastrophe. They introduced themselves one by one, Mayguir, the stations overseer, a elderly man with his eyes full of sorrow. Regarl, the security rep, brightly eyed and clever, but clearly very nervous. A reporter whom she ignored entirely and a few relations of the ones whom had died that had the courage to come to the scene. She offered the last a bow and a few words of consolidation, hollow as it seemed to her, yet they seemed to aid them.

Regarl coughed afterwards with a somewhat nervous glance over her companion, before he turned to her. “The.. surviving private security systems.. if you don’t mind, Sister?” She nodded before Mayguir could protest against the suddenness of the request, taking her ‘comm from her belt and moving to the single surviving structure of the building. A solid concrete pillar with display with reinforced cabling to a hidden datacenter. Most buildings had these and they were renowned for withstanding an extraordinary amount of damage before failing. She inputted the right credentials, let the machine check her palm by placing it on the display and finally placed her ‘comm on it so that all data could be uploaded to it.

After the upload is completed she removed a chip from her ‘comm, offering it to Regarl, who took it with an almost relieved smile. “I trust you will find something on it. Can you provide the stations security records to me in return? I wish to start my own investigation aswell .” Regarl gave an unsure glance to Mayguir, who simply neighed his head back. The older man had much more experience luckily. “The data will be made available to you, I’ll make sure of that.” He assured her.

And with that all she could do here was done. The reporter started asking questions after the overseers assurance, but she wasn’t interested in answering them, instead she simply announced her departure and turned around to walk away, her companion right behind her, which cut of the path of the reporter. After walking silently for a while she motioned her companion to walk besides her. Looking up at the figure she inquired “You have all the data? What happened, happened. Now it’s time for the consequence.”

Aboard the Nightmare class “Uncertain Parameter”

A holoscreen displayed several faces and data concerning them. Darina slowly called them out to her companion on an emotionless tone. “Angelina Ballentyne, Carmilla D'Morenta.. I remember this one, Tavish and Sienna Monrue, Besher Aski and Galicia Tavrook.” After that a silence fell for a while as both persons looked at the figures floating in front of them. With a shake of her head she looked besides her. “I can’t follow up on most of them, so that’s your task. Find them. Question them. Get me answers. Try not to hurt them. Alright? Take the Mindless pain, the Succubus should serve you well.”

She turned to the screen and zoomed in on Carmilla’s portrait while her companion walked away, set on his quest. “You can’t hear me, but perhaps you have answers. I’d like it if you’d cooperate when I find you again, honestly. Else I might be forced to be far less nice then I want to be.”

(IC responce to Burn it All courtesy of Darina Rea)

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