Wednesday, 29 June 2011


We'll see... in a month or so....

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fall Out

Four people sat on top of the broad hill and looked over the estate. It swept far across to the horizon on all sides, and beyond the grand chasm. Two of the four were children, Kamilo always quiet and curious, and Ithiria, a wilder child with eyes of fire and the restraint of angels. A nurse sat with them, looking after them, fussing over them and making sure they were safe. Behind her one of the eternal guards, one of Ithiria Deritan's paladin elite. To the children, the guard was a part of their natural life. To his embarrasment sometimes they called him daddy.

This day he sat with them. In truth since he was given the position he had felt like family to the children, he spent nine out of every ten days with them, more than he spent with his own. The nurse as wel he considered family, and indeed they were close, closer than they should have been. But when you spend such time with someone and you hold their life in your hands, and theirs in yours, people do come together. If anything, it made me him wary of everyone and everything.

In his ear a communicator was relaying to him the security information of interest. Number of ships approaching and departing the planet, nothing out of the ordinary, all scheduled. Presence of ships from flagged corporations or alliances in the system and the eyes that watched them as they passed through. The list went on, but always his eyes were looking around. He frowned however when static burst through the comms channel and was on his feet in a second, weapon charged and at the ready.

"Station 1, report. Station 1."
Nothing. He looked up, several dim flashes in the sky, bright enough to be seen through the azure blue of the sky.
"Station 3, report."
Nothing. Looking up he saw the trails incoming, dropships. He swept Ithiria into his arm and watched as the concerned nurse picked up Kamilo.
"Ayesha, we got company. We're falling back to the secondary landing strip."
"Who is it?"
"I dont know, but if they were friendly they would come in the front door and not through the ceiling."
Tripple A fire from the main estate fort began arcing into the sky, the grey trails of missiles lauching from hidden batteries, the yellow black explosions as dropships were plucked from the sky, a rain of their cargo, dead and dying troops and equipment. Bringing his binoculars up he watched the troops dispersing from the dropships that had landed. A near perfect deployment in some areas as troops and tanks began to set up a perimeter, in others they were cut down by the defenders. But even from here he could see the estate was going to fall, more dropships were coming down.

Something caught his eye on the far side caught his eye. Four fast transports were leaving the estate and heading to the backup airstrip. Damn, he'd have to change his destination, tanks from one of the platoons were chasing them, the rear two transports suffering hits and rolling, the third stopping in the middle of the road and three people disembarking. He couldn't make them out, but something familiar struck his mind, about the movements of them.

The survivors of the two transports staggered out of the wreckage only to be gunned down by the troops supporting the tanks after they had been scanned. So, they were looking for someone. The first tank exploded, taking a good cluster of infantry with it and he noticed two of the figures were in amongst the troops, watching them fire wildly as the two sword equipped women ripped through them.
"Ayesha, we have to go now. Is everything ready?"
He turned and looked at the nurse and stopped. A woman was standing beside the nurse in a black commando combat suit. Behind her, two black clad paladins. He recognised the woman, the uniforms and the markings on the paladins. It was the same markings as the dropships and the tanks. Little Ithiria turned and smiled
Ja'li smiled and waved with her free hand.
"You have been a good guard to my children, and you a good nurse. But I am here to take them back. Give me my children and you stand a better chance of surviving what is coming."
"I have my orders. Only Ithiria Deritan is to order the movement of these children, regardless of who their mother is!"
The two paladins slung their plasma rifles and advanced. One taking Kamilo from the nurse, the other standing before the guard.
"Too bad."
There was a whispering sound and a cry from the nurse as she slipped to the ground, the side of her white uniform turning red as blood issued forth from the stab wound. The guard snarled and pulled his weapon up, a scream on his lips as he depressed the firing stud.

The last two transports barrelled into the airfield and stopped beside one of the large cargo planes that were on the side of the runway. Brute and his companion leapt out of one of them and Carmilla and Relana leapt out of the other. From the back of the transports people fled towards the plane as directed by Brute. Carmilla looked up at the hill and saw the exchanges of gunfire then nothing.
"I have to get up there. Get aboard the plane I'll meet you at the starport.
A hand lashed out and slapped Carmilla in the face. She looked up at Relana.
"You do not dare give me orders slave."
Carmilla's clenched fist lashed out connecting with her Mistresses jaw sending her sprawling unconscious in the dirt. She picked her up and handed her to Brute.
"She'll flay you alive for that Carm."
"It's no worse than what Ithiria will do if I don't rescue those kids."
"Carm. Slave only has one Master. You know that, and it's not Ithiria."
"I know Brute. But are you going to leave those two kids up there? And Ayesha and Kameron?"
Brute paused and shook his head and held out his hand.
"If I don't see you, it's been an honour Carmilla."
"Likewise Brute. Get my Mistress to safety."
She grabbed a rifle from the cabin of the truck and started to run up the hill. Halfway up a landing craft hovered near the top and landed clumsily. As she reached the top she saw several paladins disembark and run over to the woman in black. Carmilla recognised her almost immediately and her scream was heard above the whining of the engines. Ja'li turned around as the children were picked up and taken crying to craft. Carm stood before her, panting, anger in her eyes.

"Is this all your doing?"
"Yes. I'm surprised to see you here Carm. I thought you'd be chained to your Mistress like the dog you are."
"You are killing hundreds of people. Innocent people!"
"Dont' act so noble to me Carmilla. I know your past, what you've done. You've done worse than this so don't give me that crap!"
"I never kidnapped children!"
"They are my children!"
"They are Ithiria's!"
They both raised their weapons and looked at each other over the sights. There was no love lost here, but for the sake of old times neither fired. There was a scream as the young Ithiria leapt out of the guards clutches and ran to the two women, wrapping her arms around Carm's legs. Ja'li's eyes flared.
"Come to me child, I am your mother."
"No you're not. You killed Kam.... you're a monster!"
Carm turned her head to look at her friend and saw him lying flat, it was a fatal mistake as Ja'li fired, at her before leaping at her. The shot grazed her neck and disorientated her and Ja'li's boot slammed into her chest knocking her back. Ja'li picked up the screaming child and pointed her weapon at Carm then laughed, anger and madness in her glaring eyes.
"You'll pay for that. You turned them against me. If you believe in any gods, call on them now. My god is in orbit and this place will cease to exist."
She lashed out with her boot and caught Carm a glancing blow then ran to the dropship. Carm got up and fired at it as it turned and flew away, the shots just glancing off of it's armour. She screamed and looked around. The other dropships were pulling back and departing, Brute had taken off in the plane. She was alone. Turning she started running back to the airstrip towards the nearest plane, a sporty twin engined passenger carrier. Long range, good speed. It had to be enough.

The dropsships landed in the forward bay of the Agressor, Ja'li's Leviathan class titan. She carried both the children over to the nurses she had on standby.
"Take them to the nursery, and as soon as we reach our destination make sure they are safe. Commander, give orders to the fleet, nothing is to leave that planet. If it takes off, destroy it. I'll be on the bridge."
Even with the fastest turbo lifts it still took five minutes to get to the bridge. Walking over to the doomsday controls she sat down and started to input the target location, the estate in the centre to take the first shot, then the other six shots around the centre. A large area of the estate would be sterilised by the nuclear missiles that were about to be launched. She waited as the targets were all locked and then pressed the button to fire.

Carmilla landed her plane and ran across the starport pad to the transport. Brut had loaded everyone inside and was standing in the forward hatch, waving her over.
"For the love of it all Carm hurry the hell up!"
She dived in and ran to the bridge, Brute running beside her.
"Your Mistress is in her cabin, one of the girls is with her. But we got trouble.. something big in orbit....
"Mothership or Titan. Ja'li always did like to push the envelope. Strap in, this is going to get bumpy."

The transport cleared the starport and headed away, its' engines coming online when the first missile hit. Luckily they were facing away from the flash, when she looked out the window she saw the great mushroom cloud in the distance and saw the approaching shock wave. Once it hit they were finished, they'd never make orbit before it hit. Then she saw something and smiled and dove downwards, into the grand chasm. As she flew into the unknown of the chasm and started going deeper other missiles hit. The chasm shook as the ground and air above them burned. Brute looked on ashen faced as large fragments of the chasm wall detached and fell down, Carmilla flying the golden transport with an uncanny skill. Several times there was jarring thuds as the ship was hit, but still she flew on until she deemed it safe.

Relana awoke and left the cabin angry, her sword sheath in her hand and fury in her eyes as she rubbed her chin. The anger faded as she walked out the ship and stood next to Carm and Brute and several of the rescued passengers. She looked over and noticed the other slave girl, the new one cowering behind Brute and Carmilla, holding on to them both.
"Oh my god."
"I'm sorry Mistress that I laid a hand on you. But if I didn't.... you might still be over there."
The small group looked over at the horizon, the tops of the seven mushroom clouds were visible, just through the smoke. It seemed like the entire horizon was on fire. Shooting stars were ever present in the sky, ships that were leaving trying to escape the inferno, shot down by the ships in orbit.
"Carmilla.... somehow I think Ithiria should have told me that where you walk death walks behind you."
"Behind me? Hell... with the people I know who want me dead or worse... I am death."
Brute laid his hand on her shoulder and squeezed.
"This wasn't your fault."
Rel leaned in and whispered into her ear.
"If you think nuclear holocaust is going to get you away from your punishment for striking me, think again. It has just postponed it."
She kissed her slaves cheek and returned to the ship. Carmilla stood still and watched as yet another the places she called home burned. Pretty soon she mused, I'll have no where left to go.
"Come on Brute. There isn't a blockade that I can't outrun in one of these."

In orbit Ja'li watched as the fires spread, the estate burned in the nuclear fire. She might get some fall out for destroying the estate, and a good many people died, included her mothers favorite. Well, old favorite. She'll probably be more angry for that, she mused, than loosing the estate. Not that she's too happy with me at the moment. But it'll pass. It always does.
"Set course for home. Disperse the fleet. If anyone needs me...."
She paused and smiled.
"I'll be with my children."

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Coming Darkness

If you do not tell someone something, is that a lie?

Are they sins of omission?

Are they trying to protect me?

Or are they trying to prolong the inevitable....

They must have known I would have found out. I have my ways and means, the dark underbelly of society know me. I pay them well for information about certain people, places and other insignifica.

Such as Ithiria.


More and more that names comes to me, my failures glaring bright in the coming darkness. And now, I hear from the first mate of a customs frigate that her Rorqual was seen exploding. From one of the survivors I downloaded a cortex scan of his data-implant and saw the last five minutes of the Rorquals existance. She was there. Ja'li. From one Ithiria's paladins I find confirmation of where she is.

She should have told me the truth. Rather than just let me know what she wanted me to know. Asked me to help Ithiria, well of course I would. I owe her, more than I can ever repay. But the truth, she never told me the details. Just enough to whet my appetite, to get me interested. As she knew she would.

Told me where she is, why she is restrained. And that matches with what I knew, what I was trying to do with Kelandrisa before Ja'li shot her. I will help where I can, and I will incur my Mistresses wrath as I may try and kill Ja'li. I like to think she would understand.

But Mortis... oh my Dark Lord. You didn't tell me either. Just watched me, tasted my emotional state like the finest wine and you didn't tell me. I know you, know you of old. You knew about Ithiria. About Ja'li. And you didn't say anything either.

I will rescue Ithiria from them. I have my support, I can do it. If I can trust them, as I thought I could have trusted Mortis. As ever, my back is against the wall.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Struggling to Breath

There are times when things happen. When they are beyond your control. I mean, I'm usually not in control, part of being a slave and all.... but sometimes, things happen.

As ever, everything started with good intentions. Yes, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We released hell.

Kelandrisa, when I knew her all those months ago, was as dark and twisted as any I have known. A Blood Raider, dark and mysterious. How do I know? We have... had... the same Covenant. So when I recieved the mail that she was gunning for me, yes, I admit it, Fear. Not just for me, but for everyone around me. She didn't know the whole story about, well, everything, and she blamed me for what happened to Ithiria.


Yeah, I can see that. Which is why I was scared. Scared to death!

She had said she was coming for my sister. Which, lets face it, she'd come off worse. Angelina is protected by the dregs of society and she has a lot to protect. Kim, also a potential target for her. Kelandrisa versus the Genocide? I'd almost feel sorry for her, espcially if Kim found out what she was up to. But Kim is.... lets say away on business. Victor? Last heard of on Serpentis Prime. There were others, like my girls, but this was Kel, she was vicious.

That left my daughter.

Part of me wanted to take her and just run. I had access to fast ships.... until I gave them all to my Mistress to show my obedience. What did I really have? A battered shuttle and access to a hoarder class industrial.

I had fulfilled my duties for my Mistress, repairing the reactor and linking up the command centre on the station. She had given me permission to return to my duties at either the bar or the Geisha House. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

But, I had a plan. The hours it took to get to my daughters system gave me pause for thought. Kelandrisa had access to certain memories, and knew certain facts. I could use those. I would trap her and fix things.

And I would have. The trap was set, in the old temple below my house. I lured her in, and caught her in my trap.... and I caught a Ja'li. If I had actually been in the room, and not just portrayed as being there via hologram I could have stopped them fighting. Stopped Ja'li shooting Kelandrisa.

So instead I had Kel's body and a live Ja'li. She wasn't impressed when I told her she was my slave.

Neither was my Mistress pleased. Overstepping my boundaries, she said. Conduct unbecoming, she said. Punishment handed out, more severe than Ithiria's. I will heal though, flesh is weak, but my spirit is still strong.

So here I sit. My Mistress is angry at me. I have a slave in my cells. Kelandrisa's body has been taken away by mi'lord of darkness.

And still I am a thousand parsecs away from Ithiria. Nothing I do works. I fail time after time after time. And this collar get tighter with every lash. At least I have instructed my girls to open the cells and let Ja'li out. Last thing I need are they coming and finding an excuse, any excuse, the excuse.

I swear the very stars are against me..... someone help me.... I'm struggling to breath

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Back to Reality

three in the dream
though not a dream
in a teacup
and the storm is there
robes of blood next to rags and tears

words of wisdom from a child with eyes too old and a memory to vivid

he knows

he is trying to tell us

why are they not listening... to impatient... to furious... the anger almost palpable... the need too great
overriding caution

I must act

This is my fault and I must act. Me.. now... not then....

I scream as I feel myself fading away, scream her name, watching the knife in the back, the child, the slave.... is this glass or a mirror.... Keri...

I am fading... leaving the others... they will be lost without my guidance... dont they see without me they may do something
may release something
they cant' release her.....

time passes like the beating of angels wings
......can't you waken her?..... she is still in there....

A whisper, on swallows wings of silence and tempestuousness...

Do not worry Carmilla. You are strong. You will overcome. But always for you there will be pain. This is your lot in life. Pain is coming. Much pain. But if you can overcome, there is love beneath.

As I swim through the air I watch the words forming in the air, pink bubbles floating past a laughter of crows as they watch, their wings reaching forwards, a screaming siren of darkness as....

Carmilla snapped her eyes open and gasped. The taste of blood in her mouth, no air in her lungs. She flailed at the shapes that were coming to her, tried to scream but failed, only blood and a hand latching onto her face.... oxygen flushed into her mouth, forced into her lungs, the darkness that had clouded her eyes clearing but the pain and the cold beyond cold.

She could feel herself being dragged somewhere... heard the sirens blaring, the howling of the hurricane that she only just noticed as they passed through a portal, hard gasps, the taste of blood strong, choking, coughing....

With a final squeal of antique hydraulics the door slammed shut. Bodies slumped against walls and just laid on the floor. For a few moments hard and deep breathing was all they could hear, as well as the sounds of the siren. One of them pulled out a communicator, and tapped it.
"Brute... we got most of them out, only the three who were nearest the wall we couldn't save."
"Uh roger that, we saw them. The drones couldn't get to them in time. What state are they in?"
"Bad. A minute longer and they would all have been dead."
Carmilla spat onto the floor and cried out in pain. Her fingers unresponsive, her limbs shaking. She pulled herself into a foetal position.
"Get the medbay ready on my ship. We may need to take her out of here."

Carmilla awoke to the pristine whiteness of a medical bay. She looked around, Mortis and Brute were slumped in chairs both asleep. A nurse came in and checked on her, checked the bags which were linked to her arm and smiled.
"Awake now I see? How do you feel?"
"I... dont know.... like I've been deep frozen and beaten up..."
Mortis limped over to the bed and sat down on it.
"Hey Carm. You gave us all a scare there."
"She did? You all did! You were both lucky to get outta there alive."
"Mortis? Brute? What happened?"
"What happened inside... I dont know. That is between you, Sakura and Anslo. All I know is that when Anslo came out, you stayed inside. He couldn't, or wouldnt' bring you out. So I stayed with you. Then we had a blowout. Lost three people, almost lost you."
Carm raised her hands and saw they were bandaged.
"I remember... things... like a dream. Floating... pink bubbles, and the laughter of crows..."
"That was you being sucked towards the hole in the rec room, blood bubbles... and the scream of the air as it left. We were both lucky that Brute saved us."
Carm put her bandaged hand on Brutes hand, he gently closed his big hand around her tiny one. They looked into each others eyes, somethign passed between them, unsaid, but lasting a lifetime. She looked over at Mort and noticed he was not smiling.

"You're hiding something. What is it?"
"Uh Brute, you want to give us a minute?"
"That message?"
Mortis nodded, Brute seemed to shiver and walked over to the chair and sat down, looking at the wall.
"What is it?"
He brought out her datatablet and opened it. A spiderweb of cracks covered the screen but the picture was still good. And so was the sound. Carmilla went white as she saw the face on there as she started to listen to the message.

Hello slut,

I am back, and well out for blood, You harmed people, you broke things, I will be coming for you you whore....

She listened to the whole message, then replayed it. And again. She looked calmly at Mortis, no expression on her face. There was no reason to scream, no reason to panic. It wouldn't have done any good.

There would be time enough for all that when she was caught.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

There is something out there

Log Entry - Day 1
Mine Overseer Max Sinabar
BP - 4 (Marion)

We have landed on the planet simply designated as BP-4. Barren planet, the fourth one the corporation has designated for an operation. They are not very imaginative when it comes to names.

The crew have named this place Marion, after the chief surveyors daughter. I can't help but think they slight her, as she is a precious rose.. and this planet is a barren heap of rock and dust and.... metals. That is the reason we are here.

According to the preliminary scans performed by some god almighty capsuleer there are considerable reserves of Noble Metals. Pah. Nothing noble about this rock. I dont have a good feeling about this place. Call it a hunch. Sinabar out.

Log Entry - Day 2

Our surveyors have been out and placed their probes and come back. The signs are good. We have a rich field here and already they are staking out the sites. It keeps them busy, and that's good. We still haven't finished putting up the main buildings. Cramped is an understatement, but it'll just be one more day. According to the surveyors there is very little plant life out there, and no actual wild life that they can see. I'm not surprised. This place is a rock. I'll be glad when the rotation is done. Sinabar out.

Log Entry - Day 3

Our command centre was placed down just a few short days ago, and last night.. finally... the barracks and rec-rooms have been put in and powered and flushed in. It's... a bit more habitable. I still dont approve of bringing families along on these endevours and I have attached a further memo to that effect on this log entry. Not that it'll do much good. The extraction teams have set up and futher teams have laid the lines between Sinabar out.

Log Entry - Day 5

It seems that the ground here is tough. Even for plasma cutters on the extractors. Usually for this type of rock, a type four, we'd be through in a day, down a hundred meters to the good stuff. We are less than a quarter of the way through on most of the rigs. One of the survey team didn't come back yesterday. Once this place starts to work properly I'm going to take some time off and go explore.

Log Entry - Day 8

We got the first of the factories built this morning and started production. We now produce some rather nice precious metals. All we need is the supply shuttles from the other facility and we can start some advanced production. Luckily we are now on schedule, even with the early problems we have had. The only troubling factor is that the surveyor is still missing.

Log Entry - Day 14

Production has been restored at the factories. The spikes in the power grid still have not been sorted out and the explosion at the backup generator plant can't be explained. We have pulled in our extractors now that this field has been depleated, the surveyors are taking us to the backup site. It's a longer haul for the links, but the terrain is flat. Additional - When they were laying the pipes for the links the engineers found something most unexpected. A wall. It was only twenty feet long and buried, but it shows there were people here before.

Log Entry - Day 16

I have people missing. Something prompted me to do a count of the workers. Five were missing. Missing! A full search of every facility, every building, every vehicle was conducted and no sign of them was found other than their possessions in their bunkhouses. I know conditions here are bad, but to go awol, on this planet. Pure insanity.

Log Entry - Day 19

The fifth extractor just vanished. One minute it was churning out ore as per standard, then nothing. A flyer sent to investigate showed that it had exploded, the ground scorched by the blast. And yet no one heard the explosion. And that is not all that is strange. The surveyor was found, the one who we lost in the first week. How he got out as far as we found him, on foot no less, is something of a mystery. This whole planet is a mystery. I keep hearing voices at the edge of my hearing. I've handed my suit in to the techs three times to check the comms, and still it comes back as working. And still we have people missing, the total is up to nine now.

Log Entry - Day 25

Ghosts. People are reporting ghosts now. When they are not working people are keeping to their quarters, no one goes out alone anymore... not since Karl. Karl was a good man, known as a hard worker and a harder player. Something gutted him like a fish and laid him out with his skeleton next to him. Three people have been treated for gunshot wounds, ever since we handed out weapons after finding Karl. Those I can live with. Missing miners who have been eviscerated, I can't. I have transmitted a recall notice to the surveyors and sent a mail to the corporation demanding we be withdrawn. Damn... the power is going out across the complex I ho

Log Entry - Day 26

Thank god the sun has come up, though it gives us no hope. The shuttle pad is gone, the shuttle itself twisted wreckage. Ten people are dead, three buildings unfit to live in. Four of those are children. I warned them this was no place for families but then this is no place for people. This planet has too many secrets, too many dangers. None of the surveyors returned, I powered up the scanner, and none of them were on scan, even out to forty klicks. Though I did pick up a faint energy echoe to the north east. I've ordered people to move into the command centre. It maybe cramped, but it's the most secure, we'll stay there tonight. Ghosts don't leave footprints. Someone or something is out there

Log Entry - Day 28

what is the point what is the point what is the point what is the point what is the point what is the point

Log Entry - Day 30

I am alone now. The automatic supply shuttle came and everyone threw out the supplies and crammed onboard. I tried to tell them, but the horror here is too much. They will be dead before they reach orbit. Great maker, I should have tried harder. I can hear them screaming i can still hear them screaming make it go away go away

Log Entry - Day 31

A month and everyone is dead. I am dead too, it's just a matter of when. I am sealed in this room and I have heard the ghosts moving through the centre, and in the morning I have seen their prints and the scratches on the walls. I will leave here and go explore the energy signiature to the north east. There is only one rover left anyway, and I'll pack it with enough supplies.

For anyone who reads this log, I curse the corporation for not sending help. I curse them for sending us to this rock. Maybe I will still be alive. Head north east. I will be there, maybe in spirit. There is something out there. In the darkness....

Max Sinabar, Mine Overseer, Marion

Friday, 10 June 2011

New Home

They tell me you can build. Is that right, slave?

Yes Mistress, I can build. I am highly skilled with station manufactoriums, POS arrays and even individual furnaces.

Good. I have need of your skills. You do want to please me? Don't you? Not like you failed to please your last Mistress?

It is my duty. You are my Mistress and I will serve you to the best of my ability.

I doubt that.... from what I have heard. But you may change.

Carmilla sat in the small cockpit of the hoarder class industrial. It seemed to rattle more than it's battered look suggested. Indeed, while it was a running joke that most minmatar ships were held together with silver tape, wood and glue, it did indeed seem to be the case here. The only modern feature on the entire ship seemed to be the restraints that were used to keep her in the cabin.

The pilot, an amiable young caldari piloted the damaged ship with an ease that was out of place with his youth. One ear was constantly filled with the hardcore sounds of the latest gutter-hive band, the other was filled with the bleating of alarms and beeping of systems. She watched glumly as they headed to the next gate. She had started counting the gates they were going through, trying to get some idea of where they were going, but the route was devious and after spotting the same wreck three times she gave up and went to sleep. Not that she could sleep with all the noise.

"Is this ship in any danger?"
"Hey baby, this ship could fall apart at any time. You're not chained to it.. it's chained to you. You are part of the structure now."
"You know kid, you could drop me off at the next gate. I could make you rich beyond your dreams."
"Not a chance baby, I'm on a sweet deal here. You are just another cargo run and three more runs and I get to fix her and give her the loving she needs."
"You are talking about this ship right?"
He looked offended,"Hey don't knock this ship... she may look like a rust bucket but she has some surprised left in her."
She looked out the window and sighed. It wasn't worth trying to provoke him, he was too young and just didn't care. All he cared about was this ship.
"I could...."
"No... you could'nt baby. Now don't make me tazer you, the old lady said I was to deliver you. Didn't say about awake, in one piece or drooling like a gallentey at a lingerie show."
He smiled at her. She didn't.

Several hours later she was awoken by the ship being jostled. Looking out she saw a dismal hanger and a few other ships, all old transports. The pilot picked up her chains and after a moment of thought put them into her hands.
"Look babe... the chances of you being able to leave here are dependant on several things. You not being stupid is one of them. And doing what you are here for is another."
She yawned and stood up, draping her chains over her shoulder.
"I dont' even know where here is."
"Good. It's your new home. And mine for a while. Now come help me unload, it's mostly stuff for you I'm guessing anyhow."
"Lead on, you have my full attention."
He laughed and made his way back into the cargo bays. By the time they had arrived the cavernous doors had been opened form the outside and various people were inspecting the crates that were in the hold. He left Carm by one of the crates and started talking to the guy who seemed to be in charge and beckoned Carm over.
"Babe, this is Brute. It's his name and profession. He's incharge of security here, so behave and he... you get the picture."
The Brute looked down at Carm and smiled, extending a hand that enclosed her and squeezed it with enough force to remind her that he was very powerful and was being restained.
"The crews have been informed of you, Carmilla. Yes, I'll call you by name as here we all work as a team. Doesn't matter that you are damaged goods, the Lady has informed us that you are not to be touched. That doesn't mean we won't put you down if you misbehave."
"What am I doing here? Where ever here is?"
"I was told you can build."
"What are we building?"
"You're standing in it."

The station was an old mining outpost. Twin bands wrapped around a great asteroid, several old warehouses floating nearby, both visibly holed by something, weaponfire or asteroid damage. Most of the station was visibly abandoned and only a small amount was currently rebuilt. The docking bays were patched and sealed and used as the gateway to the rest of the station. Smaller rooms off of the main axial corridor had been repaired and rebuilt and being used by the crews. At their own risk. Although it was being rebuilt, it was a long way from anything. It almost seemed to be being rebuilt out of desperation.

The Brute walked with her, talking about the station and the people here and took her from small group to group and introduced her. Several of the engineers cleared a spot at their table and gestured for her to sit.
"Canis, she's all yours. Remember what the Lady said."
"Acch, she is in good hands yes? Let her prove her worth for the lady, then we can dispence with the chains yes?"
"No. The chains stay. Sorry Carmilla, but unless it's absolutely necessar the chains stay on. Orders."
"I understand. Do you need me to help slick unload the crate?"
"Nah, we got that. Just rest up for a bit. You are on duty in about an hour. Get some food, a bit of rest if you can. Then we're putting you to work."
"Doing what?"
She looked at the engineers with a confused look on her face.
"Rebuilding. This station. Bit by bit.. room by room. This is your new home yes? Build it as you want to live in it. Either way, welcome to Peshar's Hope."
Carmilla took the cup that was pushed into her hand and raised it to her lips. I'm stuck here, she mused, until my Mistress tells me otherwise. God I have to be careful, this is not Ithiria. I must tread carefully if I am to make it out of here. Sipping the coffee she felt it wash the tiredness away. A new home, a new start, a new Mistress.

Could be worse.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Estate Bound part 2

Pain... darkness...

Two girls, sisters running across the fields, laughing, the long stalks of wheat, hiding them as they ducked and dived and ran. Their laughter reaching the slaves in the fields, the sound bringing a smile to their weary faces. The scream as the ground opened up into the cavern below... the darkness....

Slap.... a second slap.... then light, fuzzy and grainy as she opens her eyes. Pain fills her body, fresh blood drips slowly from healing wounds, her wrists tied, up and apart. Wood under her wrists, heavy rope around them. Nothing under her feet, only air, pain in her arms, pain... voices all around her, screams, shouts, the occasional sound of small arms firing. The voices a mixture, of familiar and unknown. A whine of repulsors came close and she opened her eyes fully, focussing on the three men before her.

"I told you she would come around, Baron. I know the type.... hard as nails when they are fighting, but knock them out and you can do what you wish to them. I like my Amarr Holders that way.... first time I've had a self appointed slave that way.... "
The voice came from a young officer, the flashes of the Bloody Hands of Matar on his combat jacket, the grin on his face and this hand resting on his crotch. Dust and sweat coated his brow apart from a patch he had wiped. Spatters of blood on his sleeves. The man beside him, tall almost regal looking. He was wearing a suit of exquisite tailoring, tribal motifs blended in almost seamlessly with the fabrics pattern. Behind him, two heavily armed sebiestors, their eyes looking everywhere, darting as if expecting an attack.

She focussed her eyes on the officer and smiled. She knew his sort, the one called the Baron, he was different, unfathomable. Turning back to the officer she licked her lips and spoke softly.
"You do... seem like the kind of person who would need his sexual partners unconscious."
The officer stepped foward and punched her in the gut. The Baron tutted.
"Too impulsive... So tell me, slave. Why are we here?"
"The usual self righteous crap you people spout. Here to free the oppressed.... "
He punched her again. She kicked him, slamming her foot into his throat, the cruching of his larynx and throat loud in the small space between the three of them. Clawing his crushed throat, gasping for breath he fell to his knees. Carmilla watched him then spat on his corpse.
"Going to try and free the slaves, get one over on the Amarr. Am I right?"

The Baron looked down at his companion and shrugged.
"I knew he would come to a sticky end one day. His sort always does."
"I don't suppose you want to let me down then."
He shook his head and hefted his cane and swung it around hard against her ribs several times.
"Didn't think so."
"We are here to free the slaves your Mistress has. We know that you are the slave of Ithiria Deritan. We know there are others here. We will free them and take you back and... free you too."
Carmilla laughed, the pain of her ribs lancing through her as she looked at him.
"You really havn't done your homework have you Baron. Check with your people.. I can see them coming now. I think they may have some bad news for you."
She laughed more as he turned and walked to his approaching men.

"Sire, we have a problem. We have every person on this estate and we have gone through every single one. There are no slaves here. No signs, no collars, no lessions on the wrists or necks to indicate they were recently removed."
"That's impossible. We have proof she has them...."
"All released. The majority of them have bio-chips, I can show you which worlds most of these people were born on when they were slaves. But now, there is not a single slave on this estate that is linked to the Deritan."
The Baron swore and walked towards one of the groups of people sitting on the ground, guarded by a score of his crack troops. All of them looked at him with undisguised contempt. Each one he checked at random, no signs of abuse, no signs of being collared. Some even had their tribal tattoos. He turned around and looked at the smoke rising from the orbital bombardment that had preceeded the assault.
"So we did all this for nothing? Our contact was most specific. She even gave us the location of the slave pens....."
"Sire.. there is only one slave on this estate. Just... one."

Carmilla watched the Baron storm towards her and rain down blows on her with his cane. He fumed as he looked at her
"Where are they? What have you done with them?"
"Where are... whom?"
"You can laugh all you want. We still have enough to take down the Deritan, to wipe out her estate. You have have gotten rid of all of the slaves, the proof and everything.. but you left yourself!"
The Baron stood with his hands on his hips and laughed at her.
"Oh.... really? You want to check that... Baron?"

The aide scanned Carmilla's bio-chip and read the information coming onto the screen of his datapad. He handed the pad over to the Baron.
"She is a slave. But not to the Deritan. We have nothing, and it could look like an unprovoked attack on a Holder of the Khanid Kingdom."
"Who is she? This new Mistress of yours?"
"All that matters... is who she isn't. Now get your troops out of this estate before I inform the owner of your unprecedented attack on her estate. I may even forget your assault on me as well. My Mistress would not be pleased that you assaulted her property."

The Baron walked dejectedly back towards his landing craft, the laughter of Carmilla, still bound as she was to the cross, loud in his ears. With luck he mused, the embarrasment of this... mistake would not be heard of outside the estate. They didn't need such publicity, heads would roll for the failure in intelligence.