Monday, 20 June 2011

Struggling to Breath

There are times when things happen. When they are beyond your control. I mean, I'm usually not in control, part of being a slave and all.... but sometimes, things happen.

As ever, everything started with good intentions. Yes, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We released hell.

Kelandrisa, when I knew her all those months ago, was as dark and twisted as any I have known. A Blood Raider, dark and mysterious. How do I know? We have... had... the same Covenant. So when I recieved the mail that she was gunning for me, yes, I admit it, Fear. Not just for me, but for everyone around me. She didn't know the whole story about, well, everything, and she blamed me for what happened to Ithiria.


Yeah, I can see that. Which is why I was scared. Scared to death!

She had said she was coming for my sister. Which, lets face it, she'd come off worse. Angelina is protected by the dregs of society and she has a lot to protect. Kim, also a potential target for her. Kelandrisa versus the Genocide? I'd almost feel sorry for her, espcially if Kim found out what she was up to. But Kim is.... lets say away on business. Victor? Last heard of on Serpentis Prime. There were others, like my girls, but this was Kel, she was vicious.

That left my daughter.

Part of me wanted to take her and just run. I had access to fast ships.... until I gave them all to my Mistress to show my obedience. What did I really have? A battered shuttle and access to a hoarder class industrial.

I had fulfilled my duties for my Mistress, repairing the reactor and linking up the command centre on the station. She had given me permission to return to my duties at either the bar or the Geisha House. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

But, I had a plan. The hours it took to get to my daughters system gave me pause for thought. Kelandrisa had access to certain memories, and knew certain facts. I could use those. I would trap her and fix things.

And I would have. The trap was set, in the old temple below my house. I lured her in, and caught her in my trap.... and I caught a Ja'li. If I had actually been in the room, and not just portrayed as being there via hologram I could have stopped them fighting. Stopped Ja'li shooting Kelandrisa.

So instead I had Kel's body and a live Ja'li. She wasn't impressed when I told her she was my slave.

Neither was my Mistress pleased. Overstepping my boundaries, she said. Conduct unbecoming, she said. Punishment handed out, more severe than Ithiria's. I will heal though, flesh is weak, but my spirit is still strong.

So here I sit. My Mistress is angry at me. I have a slave in my cells. Kelandrisa's body has been taken away by mi'lord of darkness.

And still I am a thousand parsecs away from Ithiria. Nothing I do works. I fail time after time after time. And this collar get tighter with every lash. At least I have instructed my girls to open the cells and let Ja'li out. Last thing I need are they coming and finding an excuse, any excuse, the excuse.

I swear the very stars are against me..... someone help me.... I'm struggling to breath

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