Friday, 29 April 2011

Hangover Cure

Carmilla awoke slowly, her head thumping. As the thick fog of the hangover swept over her she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and rubbed her face. The clinking of the chain opened her eyes and for the first time she took in her surroundings.

The room she was in was a utilitarian cell, two bunks, facilities and a transparent forcefield looking out onto a corridor. A chain went from the wall to her forearm above her giving her access to the entire room, but probably not much beyond. Giving it a few tugs it seemed quite secure. Over on the other bunk Steph lay asleep, still wearing the white gown they went out in. Looking down she saw she was wearing something else, a black corset and stockings. Reaching up she felt her collar was still there and felt a reassurance that at least something made sense.

Walking over to the door she looked down the dimly lit corridor and saw only a few other similar, but empty cells and a corridor leading to a security door. The design was definately Amarri, but she couldn't pinpoint the craft they were in. Puzzled she sat down next to Steph and shook her gently to wake her.
"Steph.... "

The little Jin-Mei stirred and smiled when she saw Carm, stretching and sitting up.
"So you're awake at last... you've slept for the best part of a day. I don't know what you were drinking, but maybe you shouldn't."
"Where are we? I dont recognise this ship....."
"Um.... we were sort of kidnapped...."
Carmilla laughed.

Stephanie looked at Carm with a hurt expression.
"I tell you we've been kidnapped and you laugh?"
"Believe me it happens to me a lot, after a while it just gets annoying. Who kidnapped us this time?"
"You know her. Goes by the name of....."

Sitting in the security room Korinne watched as Carmilla turned to the hidden security camera and screamed her name. The guard sitting beside her jumped back.
"How did she know it was there?"
"She's like that. Once I get down there seal every single bulkhead in the ship and post guards at every possible way out of that area."
"Oh come on.... is this necessary?"
"It is for her.. until we come to some understanding. This is no ordinary slave. This is an angry pissed off sebbie. You have to come of those from a direction they don't understand in order to get them. And even then..... But come! Lets go tame us a Carmilla...."