Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Lexa opened her eyes.

The steel coloured clouds whistled past, too fast to be natural. At the horizon, only the white crests of the waves showed where ocean met sky. All around there was nothing else save the pinacles of rock standing out of the tempestous ocean, being smashed by the great waves.

Nothing... save the other person, standing on the other rocky tower. 

She noticed, though details were sparse, that it was a woman, with long black hair and wearing a khanid style dress, a kimono.

As she blinked a bridge appeared between the towers, a long rope bridge, old and worn. It had not been there a moment ago, but somehow she knew, it had always been there, in the place where this was taken from. And somehow, she knew, it would hold her weight.

Looking down she noticed, as if for the first time that she was also wearing a kimono. She scowled, and blinked, the outfit had changed. A sharp serpentis cut suit now clad her body, stylish heels and her hair pulled back tight. A mirror image of the suit she wore for corporation business. Reaching down she pulled her heels off and walked onto the bridge.

The howling of the wind became more apparent, the taste of the salt spray from the waves, the lash of the wind. High above great sea birds flew and danced around the bridge. Danger was ever present, as the rope strained with each step. A slip could be catastrophic, death almost instant, knocked unconscious by the fall, and either drowned or slammed by the waves into the towers.

Stepping onto the other tower, unconsciously putting her shoes back on she looked over at the other woman. Walking around to face her she gasped, though she had guessed who the woman was as she was crossing.
They looked at each other, the tempest around them growing more fierce. Carmilla smiled, the harsh features of her face, the gentle Sebiestor matched with the angles of the Amarr. In the blink of an eye Alexandra saw the past lives of the woman before her. The slave, the puppet, the freedom fighter, the murderer, the saviour, the worshipped, and the Mistress. A thousand images flooded her mind, and a thousand more stood at the edge waiting to be seen. Decades of torment, of love, of hate, of servitude of loneliness all flooded her at once. She fell to her knees, her hands holding her skull, her mouth open in a silent scream.
"Its good to see you Alexandra, I was hoping we would, before someone tried to kill one of us."
Lexa shook her head.
"What.. was that?"
"My memories, my life.. or lives if you wish."
"Such pain... and anguish.... and such love at the same time."
"True, very true. Same could be said of your life, though... not of the love."
"What do you know of my life?"
"Everything. All you know I know, and now all I know, you know. Kim does very good work, doesn't she? Though I don't think even she knows the full capabilities of the interface she created."
"Carmilla, what are you talking about?"
"Our minds have been melded. Joined together. Fused if you will. Of if you will, your mind was placed into my body. A fitting punishment for my crimes."

Lexa stood up and looked at the woman before her, an expression of untold sadness was on her face. She walked over and flung her arms around her, holding her tight. Carm, accepted the hug.
"When you sleep at night I use our body to find things out. When you are awake I can't control you, I think Ithiria took care of that. Especially after the last time. But it has been enough to get the details I needed. Of who you are, and why you were chosen.
"But this is my body, I mean, out there, isn't it?"
"Your mind is in a dominant position, mine is being restrained. Think of me as a...."
"A whispering ghost... yes.... Lasa and Eric knew something was wrong when parts of your leaked out."
"So sad, that they should see me such. But I think they know I.. we are in good hands."
"You... use my body?"
"Our body really, we both share it. And when you are asleep you are not using it... "
"But how come I don't know about it?"
"How would you? You're asleep."
"I mean....."
"Your personality sleeps, the body doesn't. You'd have to ask Kim the details."
"So... tell me.. about me."

Carmilla took hold of Lexa's hand and blinked, then sat down on the end of the pier. Lexa looked around and frowned.
"How can you do that?"
"We're in my mind. Our mind. At the moment, if I make my guess, Kim has us wired up to a virtual matrix, or one of her talking heads, so we can talk."
"Because things are moving fast. People want us dead, or at least one of us. Probably me."
"Because I've done bad things and pissed off important people. And the people who can help us are few and far between, and some of them I can't trust."
Lexa sat down and took off her jacket.
"This is your Geisha House isn't it?"
"The only place I feel truly safe. Although.... that too hasn't always been the case."
"You were saying about me?"
"Victor found you. Dying in a hospital in Penitant City. You fit the bill for what was needed for my incarceration. Your body was frozen, your mind downloaded. My body was changed to resemble yours, Kim's work again. Your memory was uploaded and mine locked away. Just, not very well the first time. You were given false memories when you awoke. Naturally you had to believe you were a capsuleer, we figured you would do something, but not even Victor guessed what you did. Luckily he was watching you, otherwise it could have been messy."
"What about the brutor?"
"Oh him? One of my more discrete bodyguards, never let him take me while I was me, guess he took the opportunity when it arose."
She chuckled at the memory.

"So what do we do now?"
"I propose a deal, Lexa. If you are removed from this body, you will die. Unless Kim has improved her percentage rate, you'll be transfered to a body and loose about sixty percent of your mind."
"Its an imperfect science. Actually, it's not even science, its something out of a horrorzine. If people ever catch on we'll be disected."
"I dont want you to die, you remind me of me, many years ago."
"Yes, I've seen the memory. Not the most pleasant."
"Oh, and pit fighting and living in squalor is?"
"Touche. So what is this deal?"
"We share the body."
"Can it be done? So we don't go insane?"
"Yes, if you are accepting we can meld around the edges. You'll have access to my memories and more importantly my skills."
"So all those people I think I know when I see them, I'll actually know?"
"Most likely. And it saves me from waiting til you are asleep to do what I have to do."
"Will it work when we are both awake?"
"From what Kim has said, it'll just be like talking to ourself."
"And she's tried this out before?"
"Uuuh.... yes?"
"I thought so. Do it. I'd rather be half a person than no person at all."
"Lexa.. thank you."
"Just don't make me regret it."

Alexandra opened her eyes. Kim was looking down at her with a smile.
"Hello my dear. Have a nice chat with my daughter?"
"Yes I did. Why am I tied down?"
"Had to. Didn't know who would wake up."
Kim pulled the strap on the restraints and pulled Lexa into a sitting position. Her left arm slammed out, knocking Kim back.
"Sorry Mother, but you had that comming. Carm that was just wrong! Oh behave Lexa, read my memories about her. Hmm, you have a point, but be nicer in the future."
Kim picked herself up and rubbed her jaw.
"By the moons, you did it? You're bothe awake? How does it feel?"
"Strange. Yes, very strange. We'll have to work out a rota, or something. I agree, otherwise people will think we are mad."
Kim grinned and released the rest of the restraints.
"Good, while you are deciding, there are people waiting for you. Now be nice, both of you."

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ice Cold in Alex

This is Rocking Ricky, bringing you all the mad sounds of the moment and of the past in a stellarcast straight from the Great Wildlands. Broadcasting to you around the region, into the next region and all across the cosmos. For the next few hours we'll bring you the music you love and the stories you crave. And for those out there on the gate camps, keeps those eyes peeled and those ears open. This ones for you, Corporate Clash and Heavy Metal Overdrive....

Alexandra stepped off of the shuttle and looked around at the place she had been sent to. A gentle breeze and the warmth of the sun made her sigh happily and look around. From the landing pad she could just see the path leading down through the garden to the ocean beyond, behind her the forest of trees that covers most of the island. And before her, the House of Autumn Breeze. The structure was large and created in the old khanid style. 

As she walked down the ramp and onto the path towards the house she was met by a woman who made her gasp audiably. She had not seen a Geisha before, and the image before her made her literally feel faint, and her heart started beating faster. The woman's smiling face bowed as she stopped before her.
"Welcome, Miss DeLacey. We have been expecting your visit."
"Well, that's so kind. I'm not actually... sure what this place is?"
Concern leapt into her voice as she looked around. The Geisha smiled and slipped her arm around one of Lexa's and walked her towards the entrance.
"Don't let that worry you. From what I understand you are here to confirm that this is a good venue for your two friends to spend a weekend. That is something we can do, and make it a weekend to enjoy and remember."

Entering the main room the woman led her over to a bar and slipped behind it, pouring her a glass of wine. At the other end of the bar three women were having a conversation, when one geisha looked up and saw her, and to her astonishment burst into tears. The woman looked over and said something fast in khanid, and the woman bit back her outburst, but the other looked up and let out a wailing cry and buried her face in the first geisha's shoulder, who also started to cry again despite the tirade of khanid that came from the woman.
"I'm sorry, are they all right?"
"It is nothing to be worried about Miss DeLacey. They recently lost a very, very close friend, one who meant more to them than family. We all did."
The last woman at the bar turned around and put down her glass
"That sounds aweful."
"It is, Miss DeLacey may I introduce you to one of out guests?"
"Please, and it's Alexandra, or Lexa."
She smiled and bowed,"Certainly. Alexandra, may I introduce you to Angelina. Angelina, Alexandra is...."
"Yes I can see, one of my brothers corp mates. I had heard you were coming. And you'll have to excuse the girls, I think you must... remind them of someone they used to know. I can't see it myself."
The Caldari woman got up and walked over and sat down next to Lexa and held out her hand.
"Pleased to meet you," Lexa looked over at the two geisha, now she looked at them properly, they looked very similar, both obviouly sebiestor under their makeup.
"Uuh, Victor is your brother did you say?"
"Yep, half brother, but still family. You two getting on okay?"
"Yes, he's been a great help to me. I'm not sure what I'd have done without him."
"Then come down to the beach and tell me all about it."
"I will... but....please excuse me...."

Lexa got up and went over to the two Geisha who had moved further way. As she got closer they both stood up and bowed.
"Please excuse us...."
"No.. I'm sorry that I had that effect on you. I truly didn't mean to. Please, accept my appology?"
She held out her hands to the two girls and felt emotion rushing through her, almost as if her whisperer had returned, so powerful was the emotion. One by one they took her hand and then embraced her, both chattering in khanid, tears in their eyes, their hands touching hers, her neck, her face.
"I'm sorry.. I dont understand what you are saying... I don't speak Khanid...."
Angelina walked over to her and nodded to the girls who backed away and bowed then headed deeper into the facility. Lexa looked on with concern as the crying reached a level which made her tear up herself. She looked at Angelina, and then over at the other Geisha, who though smiling, looked sad.
"I don't understand...."
"Lexa... best thing is not to worry about it. While you are here you are safe, the girls will protect you from anything and anyone."
"Why would they do that? I've never been here before....."
"As I understand from the logs your two friends are coming soon?"
"Uuuh, yes Eric and Lasa. "
"I think you might want to listen to what they have to say. It might make a few things fall into place."
"Angelina... who are you?"
Ang looked at Lexa, and Lexa realised her face was sad as well, though she was very good at masking it.
"Lexa, lets just say I'm someone who is also missing a good friend, and a sister. The same woman the two girls are missing, and Whisper over there. I'm guessing a lot of people are missing her. I know you're confused, but talk to Eric."
"Okay... I will..."
"Good!" Ang grinned and grabbed a bottle and pulled Lexa towards the door, "Now come to the beach, I've been away for a long time and I need someone to talk to. And you just drew the short straw!"

Many times I've been through the wars, often literally. Watching those great ships as they glide through empty space and unlease their massed weaponry at other people is a sight to behold. And the number of clashes are always rising, war it seems is good business, and business is good for war. If you are not fighting then the answer is why not? There always will be those who think that 'carebears' as they are known should stay out of null-sec and stick to empire. Well, if that happens, who will build your next shiny ship? Usual knuckle headed response to those who would rather mine 'roids than ships. What's next? Awoxing the hulks? Just remember miners, if you didn't arrange for that ferox to guard you, be careful. Blue on blue is just another kill mail to some people. Lets spin off the next song, Massive Attack by the Caldari Blues Death Choir....

Lexa laid down on the end of the pier with Angelina and watched the shuttles arriving and leaving over the hours they were together. They talked about everything and nothing. Angelina was surprised to hear about Lexa's youth and quizzed her about her fighting and techniques. Lexa was surprised to hear about Ang's piratical career, which she found almost unreal. The topics waxed and waned until eventually they just hugged and laid down sunbathing, watching the shuttles come and go.

It was later in the afternoon when a shuttle landed that Ang pointed out to her as special.
"That's Eric's shuttle."
"How could you know that? It looks the same as most of the others..."
"It's a knack. He never could handle atmospheric landings, he always turns it over to autopilot half way down. Tells are there if you know what to look for."
Lexa laughed and sat up, sitting cross legged waiting.
"Well if it is, he'll be directed here."
Ang shut her eyes and smiled lying back and grinned as she heard Eric calling.
"Lexa! Lexa!"
"Okay, you know your stuff Ang. Eric!"
Eric strolled down the path, a few moments later joined by Lasa. Lexa jumped up and ran over to them, wrapping her freinds in her arms and holding them tight.
"Oooooh, I'm glad you're hear."
"Hey Alex, you okay?"
"Just missed you two. Have you met Angelina? Victors sister?"
"Ang, I'd heard you were back in town. Good to see you again."
"And you, good buddy. And you Lasa."
Lasa just nodded and smiled,"Ang."

The three of them sat on the end of the pier, both of them looked at Alex knowing something was up.
"You know, when I got here today, there were two Geisha. When they saw me they burst into tears. It was a terrible thing to watch. I've seen people like that before, who had have their hearts torn out, so greif struck that nothing can be done to save them."
"You mean Rose and Orchid?"
Lasa thumped Eric's arm."Eric!"
"No Lasa.... she deserves to know."
"Know what, Eric? What is it that people know and are not telling me?"
"Rose and Orchid are slaves. Slaves to the woman who owns and runs this place. But, she dissapeared several months ago under... difficult circumstances. Rose and Orchid were her personal slaves, more than that, they were her sisters. Closer to her than anyone.... even her sister."
"My god, that's so horrible.... if they are slaves, why are they so concerned? They should be pleased.... they can be free!"
"No, you don't get it. They were free, they also loved her more than anyone will ever know."
"But you can't be free... and be a slave, you're not making sense Eric."
Eric closed his eyes and squeezed Lasa's hand.
"She was a remarkable woman, able to command the loyalty of all who loved her, she could force her will on anyone, but she rarely did. Loyalty, trust and honour were all she wanted from people. But, even she had this price. The one woman she loved more than her girls, more than this place. More than her family."
Lexa didn't see Lasa look over at Angelina as he talked.
"You see.... she was a slave herself. But she worked her way up to the rank of a Khanid Holder. I dont know the whole story, but to say it was tragic was an understatement."
"But what does this have to do with me...."
"I'll tell you...."

So the ground pounders are running amok over the battlefields. Fighting on the planet, fighting in space. All there seems to be is a state of total war. And yet, even with all this it's obvious to even the most bored observer, that something is not right. The fights out in lawless space are massed affairs, but in lowsec... it's almost like there is a rota. Factional warfare is becoming something of a sport. It's almost as if they just don't have the heart for it. Well, I say this to them. Fuck it! If you have to fight for someone, fight for yourself, the empires won't care who dies. So enjoy this song and wonder why the fleets only fight when one side is vasty outnumbered? It's because no one cares anymore. Here is Morphite Consensus with their new song, Fistfull of Jita.....


And that wraps it up for now, space cadets. I'm going to hand it over to the next DJ and head back to station. Once again, fly straight and true and remember, there are always people out there who will take what they want, others who will protect you from harm, and yet more who would fight to the death for you. Find the right friends and you'll be set up for life, find the wrong ones, and well, best not go there. This is Rocking Ricky signing off.....

Sunday, 23 June 2013


The planet was an almost uninhabitable wasteland of ruins and deserts. Many hundreds of years before great cities had been here, now only skeletal remains picked clean by decades of scavengers and near destroyed by nature. Wind howled through the skeletal fragments of a building, blowing the heavy cloth that was wrapped around the person walking through the storm. A heavy rifle was slung over the persons shoulder and a long curved sword was held carefully. Stopping at a column undistinguishable from countless others a panel was opened and a button pressed. With impassive eyes hidden behind tarnished goggles an elevator rose up through the sands in a gout of compressed air and opened. The figure walked in and pressed the button to descend.

Deep underground Dr Leannder saw the figure descend and frowned. That the person coming knew she was here, was annoying, that they they had picked the right elevator was a concern. She handed the knife to her assistant and pulled off her blood stained gloves and walked out through the bio-screen and began to clean up, slipping on a new lab coat. She took a seat at her table and waited, pouring a cup of tea while she waited.

The elevator opened and the person walked in, stopping before one of the near transparent bio-screens and tilting her head. 
"You going to disable it?" The voice came through distorted
Kim nodded and pressed a button on the table. The figure placed her weapons on a table near the door and stepped through, then removed the heavy wound headscarf and the goggles.
"Hello, mother."
She looked into the silver eyes of her daughters clone, the psycopathic 'Little Snake'. Snake unwound the protective desert gear and sat down at the table, reaching over and pouring a cup of tea for herself.
"So there I was, at this concord event. A database purge for some of my less reputable friends, when I found out that I, sorry, my dear weaker half, Carmilla, had vanished."
She sipped her tea and sat back.
"And not just vanished, I mean, really vanished. I checked her corp, her favorite ships, her haunts. No one had seen her for months. So I checked myself, and I flashed up, not as I used to do, as an error, a mistake in the system... but as Carmilla. And not just that...." she placed the cup down, " But as a Holder! Lady Carmilla Jobias. Oh how I laughed when I heard that."
Kim placed her cup down gently. She could feel the danger in the air, palpable.
"And as there are a few people in this universe who have... shall we say, an understanding about what pain really is... I thought I'd come to see you first. So you can tell me. Where, is Carmilla?"
The last sentance carried with it an anger that shone through her silver eyes, her hand closed over the cup and crushed it. Kim cleared her throat.
"Well.... about that...."
Kim reached into a drawer and pulled out a small remote, pointed it at her. She pressed the button, the Snake looked at her, tilting her head and making a sad face.
"Aaah, forgot to mention. Kill switch is gone."
She got up and walked around, Kim had gone white.
"I was going to do this the easy way, but I guess you just love pain. Now I'm going to start hurting you, when I stop, I'm going to start again. Then, I'll think about asking you... where... is Carmilla."

Two Days Later...
Abaddon Class Battleship Aliti-Stalker, Location undisclosed

Ithiria Deritan stormed into her personal chambers, her major domo scurrying after her. Standing in the middle of the room she spread her arms apart and waited as the slaves removed her armour. With anger she dismissed them and turned to the man behind her.
"I want the up to date figures on the archon construction and the details of the system security. Have the rest of the supplies been loaded?"
"Yes my Lady, the last cargo shuttles have completed their runs. The outpost has given us access to leave."
"Did you find out what their security problem was?"
"No, my Lady. They were reticent to even accept they had a problem."
"Spies most likely."
She sighed and rubbed her temples.
"Is he here yet?"
"On his way I understand."
"I wish...." She bit back what she was going to say and looked over at a picture on the wall, from happier times. Sweat beaded on the back of her neck and she rubbed at it.
"Leave me. And find out why it's so damn hot in here."
The doors to her chambers closed and she walked over to the bed and sat down. I miss her, she said to herself, but it needed to be done. Damn, why is it so hot?

She got up and walked over the control panel on the wall and checked the panel. She felt more than heard something behind her and turned around. There was nothing there, yet the feeling couldn't be shaken. Reaching out to the control panel she hit the silent alarm.
"Won't do you any good...."
Instinct took over and she leapt sideways, rolling towards the..... The impact was like running into a steel wall. Little Snake moved quickly, incapacitating her, putting a bag over her head and holding a knife to her throat.
"As I said, won't do you any good."
"You are dead, no one touches me!"
"If you don't answer my questions I will kill every member of your crew until you tell me what I want to know. I'll make them scream and beg and plead, I'll let you listen to every whimper as they die!"
"Your suffering will be legendary!"
Snake stabbed the knife into Ithiria's side, deep enough to bleed freely, not deep enough to be fatal. Ithiria was silent.
"I want to know what you did to Carmilla....."
"Ithiria, I have those figures for you...."
The door opened and a man walked in. Eric Lancier looked up to see the two women. His eyes opened at what he knew couldn't be true.
Realisation hit Ithira like a cold wave.
The dagger in her hand flew towards Eric and in a daze he looked down, wondering why he had a dagger in his chest. As he fell over Ithiria screamed.
"That's one."
She pulled Ithiria around and punched her hard in the stomach and cuffed her hands behind her back, ripping off the hood. Anger and hate filled both their eyes, neither would back down.
"Where is Carmilla. The longer you take to tell me, the better his chances of bleeding to death."
"No one talks to me like this."
"You think Kim hasn't already paid for her part in this? How do you think I know it was you? Think Ithiria... think! I know what you did, I want to hear it from you. Why? And where is she?"
"She had to be punished! You know that, as she did! Rebellion does not go unpunished!"
"This is not punishment, you are torturing her! Every minute of every day do you learn nothing from our past? Do you think you can get away with it?"
"Yes! Because I am Ithiria Fucking Deritan and she is my bitch of her own free will! You know that, I know that, every fucking person knows Carmilla D'morenta crawlled on her belly and begged to be my slave! And that is where she will fucking stay! Where she belongs!"
Silence reigned.
 "Its.... where she belongs.." she said in a quieter voice.

Little Snake looked at Ithiria and knelt down on one knee before her, grabbing her face in one of her hands and looking at her.
"I need a name. Kim didn't give me a name." Snakes voice was quiet as well.
"Alexandra DeLacey. You know, Snake. I don't have to do anything. If Eric dies Lasa will kill you. You know what you are like when you protect someone you love, Lasa is just the same."
The Snake stood up and went over to the control panel and pressed a few buttons.
"You'll never escape."
"Cliche, Ithiria. Cliche."
The lights went out all over the ship as priority signals shut down the lighting and then the anti-gravity fields. 
"Better if you don't follow me," the voice said from the darkness,"I dont want any more blood on my hands until I see her."
It took a few minutes, but eventually the lights and gravity were restored, guards thundered into the room.
"Get him to medical! If he dies you'll be following him! And send out a system wide alert for the apprehens.... kill on sight anyone that looks like Carmilla D'morenta.  I'm placing a personal bounty on her head! I want her head nailed to the hull!" she screamed.

Several Hours Later

Lasairiona Raske sat down next to Eric's bed, holding his hand as he slept. Ithiria was standing behind her, hand on her shoulder. Lasa wiped the tears from her eyes.
"Why did she do it? I mean Eric's never hurt a fly...."
"It's what she does. If she'd meant to kill him, make no mistake, he'd be dead."
"We just dont seem to get a break. First Leo, now Carmilla? I mean, how can it be her... when she's.... I just don't understand!"
"It all began before I met her, when Carmilla was a slave of the Serpentis, to a dangerous piece of work known as Gallicia Tavrook. What they did to her....."
Ithi related to Lasa what she knew of Carmilla, and of her twin, known as Little Snake.
"I'll kill her, for what she did. I'll kill her."
"I know Lasa, but I recommend you don't. Wait til Eric is better. And then, I still don't recommend it."

Two days Later

Lexa sat at her usual place at the bar in The Broken Piano and talked and laughed with Victor. She had noticed the increase in security around her and Victor and not worried about it. All part of doing business with the pirates she mused. She was annoyed however, that she had to put off the present she had arranged for Lasa and Eric, ever since Eric's near death at the hands of an assassin. She'd laughed at the story, and only Victors grim face made her believe something like it had happened. 

As she turned around to get the bartenders attention she looked up to see Victor go rigid and reach for his cane. Turning she looked into the smiling face of a woman, a strangely familiar sebiestor, beside her a smart suited Khanid Lord.
"You must be Alexandra DeLacey. A pleasure to meet you. Victor has told me so much about you."
Lexa smiled in confusion and offered her hand looking over the newcomers jacket, wincing at the strength of the grasp. The symbols for the Angel Cartel were clearly embossed and the corp patch for Stillwater corporation. She tried to look in the woman's eyes, but the twin disks of smoked glass simply reflected her own.
"And you are?"
"My name," said the Little Snake," Is Carmilla D'morenta. And this is my boss, Lord Caine, Leopold Caine of the Stillwater Corporation."
Lord Caine smiled and nodded at Lexa and Victor.
"A pleasure, always good to hang with Serpentis. Carm, sort out the drinks, I'll be over there."
"Yes boss, now..... Can I buy you a drink? And that is not a question, no matter how it sounded."

Lasa and Eric walked into The Broken Piano and looked up, seeing Carmilla with Alex and Victor.
"Lasa... don't...."
Lasa went to the bar, picked up a bottle and smashed it over the edge and grabbing Carmilla's hair in one hand brought the broken bottle to her neck, the edge piercing the skin, a trickle of blood running.
Carm slowly pulled off her shades and looked up.
"Hello Lasa. I had hoped to meet you under more... social circumstances."
"Tell me why I shouldn't kill you right now for what you did to Eric?"
"Lasa," Eric stood by her side,"Don't do this."
"No, if you want to do it, do it."
"I will!" Her voice was shrill, her hand trembling, cutting her neck more.
 "You do that and you'll have more than just my blood on your hands. Do you think Stillwater will just sit back and let you slaughter one of their own? There will be war. And it will all your causing. Do it, and the next time we meet you won't see me. You won't even hear me. But you'll feel me."
"Lasa," Eric pleaded with her, "This is not Carmilla. You can't reason with her...."
"This is not over Carmilla, not by a long shot. You don't threaten mine and get away with it."
"I know. And I'll get what's coming to me, one day. But not today."
There was a tinkling crash as the bottle hit the floor, Eric swept in and guided Lasa away.
"Lexa, be careful. Don't be around Her when I come for her."
Lexa looked on, confused, but inside she could hear something. A cry, a scream, laughter? Or was it all three?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

All for Love

This is a tale of love. A love that cannot be denied by either party. He has searched for a long time to find his lost wife. She has never forgotten that it was her fault. But she is hidden away, locked in a place she cannot escape from. He is in turn in a hell that he cannot escape until he finds his wife. It is not a happy tale, mostly, but it is a true story. A lot of people died in it's making, just not the right ones.

All he had to go on were old clues and two names. It took him around all four empires, cost him considerable money, and part of his humanity, and after a year, he still had not found her. The Blood Raiders had captured him, but he had escaped. The Empire had tried and failed to capture him. Assassins simply refused the contract on him, those who had sense at least. But still, he failed. Regardless, every moment he was awake he listened to a communicator tuned into a specific frequency, just incase he heard her. But, as each lead ran cold and were thrown aside, he still did not give up. He had vowed never to give up while he had breath left in his body. His name, was Kazeraith.

She took her punishment, as ever, with a stoicism that would have made people wonder, if anyone cared. Here, on the hidden asteroid base far from the reach of casual observers, a woman and her guards could be found. The guards were all men, Amarr born and bred, created to see slaves as objects, things, and to use objects and things as they saw fit. There was not a man on the station who did not know her, and had not known her as often as they wished. The Master of the base, a Holder of impressive lineage was her own. Time and time again he had trained her, tested her, and reminded her of her place. She made no effort to escape, no effort to complain. All she did was obey and serve, perform and worship. There was no attempt to escape as she was knowledgeable about such things, for she was once a pirate, a warrior, a murderer, and a heretic. And yet here, she was just a slave. Her name, was Angelina.

As the last lash fell on her she made no attempt to move. Chained to the table of the overseer she couldn't have moved much if she wanted, and indeed she wouldn't have moved if she was not chained. They just prefered it if they thought she fought them. The three of them took her, one after the other. And all she did was look ahead, apart from one moment every time when she looked up at the camera. When she acknowledged that it was operational, that the computer system was watching her, and recording her, she remained passive.

Eventually they took her back to her room. Unlike most prisons, this one was richly furnished, no expense had been spared. If nothing, her Master was generous to his property. The hot water in the shower washed the stain from her, cleared her spilt blood and washed the tears away. Only then, when she was looking up at the shower would she allow her emotions to show. When she left the shower one of the minor servants was there, waiting with the medical kit, the ritual of the daily punishment and the healing was nearly over. Then she would have the rest of the day to herself.

"The overseer will be changed tomorrow. Hissar will be back."
She nodded and sighed, wincing slightly as the welts and open wounds were cleansed an healed. Advanced technology turned to a curse, so every night her back returned to it's pristine nature so it could be abused the next day.
"Hissar? You'll have your work cut out for you tomorrow."
"Are you not scared? Every time he hurts you more and more. His appetites are becoming worse, and yet he only takes you. His personal slave sees this rotation as a rest cure as he never touches her when he's here."
"I bet on the next rotation he takes what he uses and does the same to her. She deserves better."
"No. She deserves what she gets, she is a slave like you."
"You saying I deserve this, Miran?"
"Yes, but don't let that cloud your judgement. Do you want any extra pain relief for tomorrow?"
"No. He will not permanently hurt me."
She felt the cleansing stop and turned to him.
"Last time you spent half a day in the medical bay getting your skin regrown. Your screams were heard in the next region."
"But I'm alive. And he knows not to kill me."
"You have nothing to prove. Just tell the Master what he does. He can stop it."
"No. I can't explain it.. but no."
The servant sighed and helped her up, and then hugged her. As her door closed and locked she looked at the back of the door and looked at a certain camera out of the corner of her eye. The green light glimmered softly. Inwardly she smiled. Hissar was back.

Hissar was neigh on seven foot of true amarrian, lean and muscled. In one hand he held his sword, always on hand so he could use it in the service of his Master. In the other he usually had the leash to his slave. His armour gleamed and his guards were identical. She watched from the hanger office as their shuttle arrived and the garrison changed. Eleven men left, eleven more arrived. Hissar noticed her and barked an order, two of his men ran at the office. The technician looked up at her and backed away slightly.
"Looks like he's starting early this time."
"He is a monster..."
"And yet no one stops him."
The guards burst in, one of them back handing her, sending her sprawling then they grabbed her arms and dragged her out. They threw her down infront of Hissar and she pulled herself to her knees and kept her head bowed.
"Aaaah, slave. I must say I enjoy these rotations. And so do my men. Shall we begin here? Are you ready to serve your betters?"
"I will serve you as my Master requires, O Overseer."
He stepped back and kicked her, hard in the stomach. She flew back, coughing and choking but pulled herself back to her knees and position.
"Good. You remember your place."
He walked foward and kicked her again. And again. And again.
"You must remember your place slave. You are nothing....."
"Sir, our Lord is calling for you."
"What? Already?"
"He asks you refrain from beating his slave without his permission."
Hissar scowled and turned to the two guards.
"Take her to the chamber. Prepare her. And bring me the security chief."
Clicking some connectors he let his armour drop and flexxed, letting his slave pick it up. She scurried into the base to place his armour in his quarters. For twenty minutes he talked with the security chief and then dismissed him, and his men. Slapping his sword against his leg he laughed and made his way in.

When he walked into the chamber he saw they had prepared her. She was naked and hanging from a bar in the ceiling, connected by her wrists, her toes just touching the floor. He selected a long thin cane and walked around her.
"I must admit, I enjoy our times together."
She looked around and noticed the camera. The green light was gone. He had had the security grid deactivated.
"Yes Hissar, you are a barbaric beast who loves beating helpless women."
He turned and lashed out, the cane hitting her hard and kept it up until her body was covered in welts.
"You... do not speak. You are hear for my pleasure slave. And I enjoy hurting you. I love it. It makes me excited. Gets me in the right mood to fuck your worthless hide."
She whimpered in pain and reached out, gripping one of her breasts and roughly squeezing her nipple. A hard punch came from him and he slammed his fist into her stomach, then her chest, then her face. She coughed and breathed in harshly, spitting blood from her mouth. He rammed his fingers into her mouth and looked in her eyes, watching the fear in her eyes.
"Better get this whore mouth of yours ready. You know what I want... beg for it."
"Use me... take my mouth... violate your Masters slave."

He pulled back and laughed, wipping his fingers in her hair and stripped down, his heavily muscled body gleamed. Pressing a button on the wall he let her down and she fell to a heap on the floor, then pulled herself to her knees.
"It never fails to amaze me how you serve, how you know your place. Open wide."
She gasped as he took her, her eyes looking out of the corner and looking at the camera. Still it was off. Now it's time to dance. She let him take her for a while, then pulled back and ran her tongue over him, worshipping him in a new way.
"Aaaah yes, that is good. Maybe this time I'll flay you alive. Cut the skin from your back bit by bit and hear you scream."
She looked up at him as he grabbed a handful of her hair.
"You want to hear me scream, O Overseer? Maybe you should be my Master... make me yours. Make me scream when you want...."
She took part of him into her mouth and looked up, he had closed his eyes. So he didn't see the anger flare in her eyes as she bit down with all her strength as she pulled his legs out from under him. The scream that echoed down the corridor was high pitched, and everyone who was listening mistook it for the slave.

She slammed the heel of her foot into his throat, crushing his larynx, cutting off the scream as his hands gripped his castrated body. His sword slithered out of it's scabbard and she walked, slowly, sensually over to him as he started dying. He held his hand up and her fist cut slashed through most of his fingers, a downward cut severed the rest of his manhood and she leant on the blade and watched him die. Taking two fingers she dipped them in his blood and drew on her face with it then walked over to the door, the sword in her hand. She took several breaths as what was coming would tax her to her limits, assuming it would succeed.

The guard on the other side of the door died before he could realise what had happened and his companion had enough time to shout out before the sword cut through his throat. She then reached up and removed the collar from around her neck and smashed it with the hilt of the sword. The security system had noticed and began the protocols that were setup for such an event. The voice of the computer filled the air.
"Slave Revolt in progress. Station is now in emergency Lock Down. All personnel report to the hanger bay. Decompression of station in T minus five minutes."

She ran through the station, taking the corridors she knew would not be heavily used. Several technicians were cut down where they stood and she burst into the hanger office. All the displays were showing the count down. Three minutes... it was enough. From what she could see the guards and the personnel were boarding the shuttle they had arrived on. It would be cramped, but if she remembered correctly, it was only for a few hours. Sitting at the console she disabled several safety sequences and opened an escape capsule bay in the hanger. Then she started the shuttles auto-refuel mode. Two minutes seven.

In the hanger bay she pulled a large heavy chain and clamp and secured the escape capsule by it's moorings making sure it was tight, then started the internal heating. One minute ten. She made sure to throw an extra o2 cylinder in and ran over to the shuttle. The external lock was not supposed to be accessible, but as she knew, it was a feature on the shuttle class that it was revealed during the refueling cycle. With a few presses and then a severing of a hydraulic cable the exterior door opened, only a few inches, but it was enough. Thirty seconds. She ran and leapt into the escape capsule and looked at the bridge of the shuttle. Could see the faces looking at her, could see them trying to close the exterior door of the shuttle. Four... three... two... one... She slammed the door and sealed the catches, able to see the shuttle through the toughened glass.

As the magnetic field over the hanger bay flickered and died the atmosphere was sucked out, everything not nailed down was sucked out of the station. Automatic system sealed the atmosphere generators and the pumps that kept the station alive. She watched with amusement as the futile actions on the shuttle slowly stopped and then was quiet. Going by memory she had two hours. So she set an alarm and fell asleep.

When she awoke and looked out she could see the sheen of the magnetic field back up and saw that the atmosphere pumps were blowing into the room. She cracked the pod and felt the chill atmosphere rush in, cold and harsh. Opening one of the panels she took out a survival suit and slipped into it, then made her way to the shuttle. Repairing the hydraulic cable she opened the door and started to make her way over the bodies. She was not yet home and free, but it was the next best thing. Moments later the shuttle blasted out.

The laser blast when it came was expected. Two hours was more than enough time to get a responce team into place. That they didn't land she was upset at, it was a chance to kill more of them. But her skills only just manged to make it away. Smoke and sparks arced across the bridge and she looked at the cracked window. Half of the shuttle had simply been vaporised, but enough was left to fly and enter warp. Heads would roll, but not hers. As she pulled her hand away from her side she saw the blood covering it and felt the piece of metal that the attack had slammed into her from an exploding bulk head. 

Several systems away Kazeraith sat at a table and ate. He ate with one hand under the counter, his eyes on several people who were sitting at a far table. It was possible he recognised them, but then, paranoia was good at keeping him on his toes. A beeping sound shook him and he dropped the spoon and reached into his pocket. The communicator! She was in range!

The shuttle came out of hyperspace and vectored away from the gate, heading towards a distance planet. Her voyage was rough, the shuttle was falling apart, but the navigational systems were working fine and she knew where she was, and how far from apparent safety. Too far, but then she knew of a place nearby, an old smuggers haunt and an old friend. At least, she hoped he was still friendly.

She crashed on the landing pad, but managed to get free of the wreckage. Starport authorities converged on the crash but she managed to slip through a cracked vent that the crash had opened. With one hand on her sword and the other on her wounded side she ran as fast as she could down the duct, stopping only to tear her survival suit to make a bandage for her wound. At the end of the duct she found a maintenance shed and kicked in the door, scaring the two guys inside. They both raised their hands and gabbered in amarri.
"Put your damn hands down. I just need your medical kit and comm unit."
They handed over her demands, but kept their hands up. She ignored them and patched herself up and activated the comm, dialing in a number she remembered.
"Max. It's Angelina."
"By the moons, what you trying to do? Get us killed? You know the bounty on your head?"
"Yes I do. Tempted?"
"Of course, I'd sell my own mother, you know that."
"Good, that's the Max I know. You still got that old clone setup?"
"Is this line secure?"
"Damn and blast Max, I've just escaped from prison and I need some help. I need to set up a clone and a scan and I need it now. Can you help or just make excuses?"
"Aayeeee, you know where I am. But hurry, it won't take them long to figure I am here."

Kazeraith landed his Cruor at the starport and his troops spread out, surrounding the ship. He looked on with amusement at the crashed shuttle and knew she was close.
"No one gets on board the ship without me. If they try, shoot them."
The guards afirmed and he pulled out his scanner. She was just in range, and moving away from him. There was no way he was going to let her get away! He beckoned over a taxi and dropped a bundle of cash in the guys lap showing him the scanner.
"Take me here. Now!"

Angelina stopped outside the building and looked around. The back streets of the starport were a mess of different styles and shapes. Shapes lurked in alleys and few vehicles traveresed the wide road that meandered around the buildings. Stopping at one of the buildings she read the signs and found the one she wanted. Taking a moment she stepped back into the shadows and watched. Her senses were telling her something was wrong, and her senses were rarely wrong. Then she heard it, a hover car being pushed to the limit and pulling up down the street where some men had waved it down. Armed men, local militia it looked like. No! She recognised the armour, the style, and above all the emblem. House Pitojee! By the moons, she screamed in her mind, he followed me already. Two shots rang out and the guards fell back, she watched as a robed man leapt out of the taxi and stepped over them adminstering a shot to the head of each. Then he pulled back his hood and shouted out.

Her heart jumped, Kazeraith! She walked into the middle of the street and looked at him, tears, emotions a whole years worth welled forth and she whispered, the longing in her eyes.

He heard the shot from where he was standing and turned around to see Angelina slump to her knees then fall flat on her face. Behind her a paladin, one of Esna's. He screamed, raising his pistol and running, firing. Shots rang out as troopers appeared from doors and windows. His second pistol came into his hand and he fired on the run, the automatic fire slamming into buildings, windows, doors and men with reckless abandon. He slid along the floor by her and ejected his clips and slipped in new ones, firing at everything and everyone moving until there was no one firing back. 
"Angelina... Ang... it's you.. its really you!"
He pulled her up and felt the blood seeping into his hand. She opened her eyes, a trickle of blood coming from the corner of her mouth.
"What... took... you...."
Crushing her close to him he picked her up despite her cry of pain.
"Where? You came here for a reason!"
She pointed, he kicked in the door and was met by the barrels of three heavy rifles. Max lowered his when he saw who it was. The shock on his face apparent.
"Now her I was expecting, but you?"
"We can fight old battles another day. Right now I need to know why she came here."
"She needs a scan and a clone. I have both here but we need to hurry."

Max and his guards led them down several flights of stairs, each time a heavy steel door slammed behind them. They ended up in a large laboratory with an annexx containing a dozen clone tubes of dubious vintage. Kaze laid her down on a table and watched as Max hooked her up.
"How long will this take?"
"Not long. But it's the clone transfer that will take the time. I got all the stuff here, but it'll still take about ten minutes for the overlays to take effect. Luckily I got one here that is the basic pattern for her race. If you don't mind the fact that she won't look like herself for awhile."
"I just need her backed up and running. If you need ten minutes you got ten minutes."
"It'll cost. You know that, right?"
"It'll be paid. Take me to the clone bay."
They walked over to it, the last one of the twelve. They could see inside one of the generic clones, genetic neutral. It looked like her, but only in the generalisation.
"These tubes are archaic. Will they work?"
"Probably. But that's not your main problem You forgot that you started a firefight out there?"
"I don't care. She'd do it for me."
"And need I remind you, once you set up the clone she needs to transfer into it. Preferably sooner rather than later. She's dying. My boys are stabilising her, but it needs to be done quickly."
"You made the backup?"
The screen on the tube flickered and started to whine softly as it activated. The view pannel into the chamber opaqued as the process started.
"There... ten minutes and she's ready. I can't guarentee the clone, usually I need more time, but this is the bare minimum."
"She's worth it."
He pulled a shimmer field from his belt and pinned it to the tube and activated it. The tube all but vanished and he nodded. He could hear the sound of explosions as the doors were blown through and went back to Ang, grasping her hand and smoothing her brow.
"How you feeling?"
"I don't want to die. I don't want to end up back at his prison. Please."
"We're cloning you, if you die... well you'll end up here. But it's better than nothing."
"Promise me. If it comes to it, you'll end me before they capture me."
"You got my word. You always got my word."
He leant down and kissed her, tasting the blood on her lips. For a moment he looked at her. He didn't see the pirate, the murderer, the heretic. He saw a scared woman, dying. His resolve was made and he picked up the sword she had dropped.
"Max, put this by her clone tank. Make sure she can see it when she gets out."
"Okay.. what are you going to do?"
"Buy time."
He checked his pistols and opened the door.

Max placed the sword where he requested and went back the consoles, checking everything. From beyond the door he could hear the sound of a vicious gun battle, the screams of the dying getting closer until there was a dull crump. He checked his console. One minute. He needed to delay...

The door opened and man walked in, behind him two guard carried the disarmed Kazeriath. They dropped him on the floor and stood behind him. The officer sniffed and looked around, taking everything in.
"You and you, search this place. You, check her status. You, destroy those clone tubes. Max Varishell, you are under arrest for various things which I'll make the authorities aware of later. If you resist I will shoot you out of hand."
He held his hands up, just above the console. His head jerked around as he heard the sound of gunfire, the guards destroying the tubes. He counted as he looked at the officer. Eight... nine... ten.. eleven. No twelve!

Kazeraith laughed even though it hurt and got a boot for his trouble.
"Sir, the woman is alive. We can take her into custody."
"Good. Chain her tightly, we've been warned about her. Though given how easy it was to capture her I'm at a loss to see why."
Kazeraith looked at Max, the pleading in his eyes. Max looked at Angelina and remembered that he owed her. Owed her his life. He lowered his hand and picked up the pistol by the screen and nodded at Kazeriath. He stood up, pointed the pistol at Angelina and fired, then was thrown back by the concentrated fire of the guards. The officer stamped over and looked at the body, even in death Max was smiling.
"You fools! We wanted them all alive!"
He turned to Kaze and lowered his pistol.
"All alive, or none. That's what he said."
"Who? Who wants this?"
"The Lord Esna naturally."
"I spit on his grave...."
"Sir.... you might want to...."
There was a hissing sound from the annex as the clone tube opened and steam was vented from the tube. A sound of metal scratching against metal could be heard then a gutteral cry.
"Guard.... what's happening?"
The officer picked up Kaze and placed the pistol against his side and watched in amazement as a naked woman holdling a sword walked into the room, her head was lowered, looking at Max's body.
"You... will put my husband down... now."
Angelina Ballentyne looked up and flexed, her hand gripping the sword in one hand and the pistol she had taken from the guard. The officer hesitated, his men were unsure as to what threat a naked woman could be. It was all the edge she needed.

She knelt down beside Kazeraith and held him in her arms.
"Oh kaze, what have they done to you?"
"Ang my darling... you are alive.."
"Yes, and once I get out of here I'll make sure I look as you remember me. But for now, we need to get out of here."
"My ship is at the starport....."
"To risky. I have a better idea. Don't you die on me. Or I'll be really pissed."
She leant down and kissed him and darkness covered him as he passed out.

Kazeraith awoke in a low bed, the sound of wind chimes could be heard, and far off someone was playing a musical instrument with a considerable amount of skill. He could also hear women laughing and talking. Sitting up he groaned as he felt the pain in his side, and noticed the bandages wrapped around him. Ignoring his nakedness he walked over to the window and looked out. Memories flooded back as he saw the great expanse of ocean, the gardens and the heavy forest. The Geisha House! He turned and stopped, there standing at the door were three geisha, one smiling blind one and two that look for all the world like images of Angelina's sister.
"Aaaah, you are awake I see. She asked if you could be brought to her once she had awoken. I think this is the first time in a week she has not been by your side. You know she really loves you?"
"I know. I thought I was rescuing her, I guess.. I was wrong."
"You saved her more than you realise, though she may need you more than you know. But please, come. She is waiting on the beach."

Angelina sat on the end of the pier, her feet in the water just looking. So much abuse and horror had passed, things she couldn't bare herself to think about. And now to sit here, at her sisters house and just be free.. and not have to worry about anything other than her man, it just didn't seem real. And for a moment she wondered, is it all real?

She heard the sound behind her and saw Whisper and Kazeraith and her face broke into a smile and she laughed and got up and ran to him, wrapping him in her arms. Whisper simply smiled and left them too it, as Angelina cried on her husbands shoulder and embraced his tightly.
"You never gave up on me...."
"You came for me...."
"I promised I would..."
"All for love?"
"Yes my darling, all for love. You are free now.... we are free.."
She looked at him and laughed and held him close, and wept openly for the first time in a year.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

A New Dawn

Alexanda DeLacey woke up slowly, a powerful hangover ripping through her head. Sitting up in bed she held a hand to her head and stood up, making her way over to the window and out onto the balcony. Spread out before her a city she didn't recognise, the fog covering the early morning streets and the horizon becoming light as she sun came up. She scratched idly at her tattoo and reached behind herself and unclipped her corset, letting it drop free. The party last night had been fun, she thought, a pity... she.... hadn't been there.

She? Who was she? Thoughts filled her head, someone important, someone... loving and loyal. Someone to worship.. but who was she? Leaning on the railing she felt the morning breeze washing over her. A yearning filled her to find... her. She.... what was her name? Her name, just on the tip of her tongue....

She shook her head and idly ran a finger down her neck then looked around for something... she shook her head again. Too much to drink. Way too much to drink. Forgetting so much, but ahh, she mused, it'll come back.

She showered and felt fresh and more alive and stood infront of the mirror and looked at it. For a moment she thought she saw something and turned around. Odd she mused, how the mind plays tricks on your.

Packing the small bag she had with her she walked to the reception desk and smiled. Within a few minutes she found out she was in the Kasrasi system. Aaaah, that'll be Eric, he's always so good to me. Must have left me here then headed out to alliance space. I'll send him and Lasa a message when I get back, so much to thank them for.

The receptionist smiles and took the key and the paper work and disappeared out back and she walked out onto the street. The sun was just poking over the tops of the distant mountains.
"Aaaaah," she said out loud," A new dawn. I wonder what it will bring me."

Locked away, deep inside her head Carmilla screamed and shouted and cried and wept and begged. But the blocks were in place now, better than before. It would take a while to break them down again.

Lexa, walked off into the new dawn, whistling softly to herself.

Night of Whispers

She whispered to her, slowly and deliberately. Now she knew when she could break through. When the tiredness overtook her and her defences were down. Bit by bit only slight influnces, but each time it was becoming more apparent. Unfortunately, Lexa was becoming more and more scared when she noticed it.

She mused that pouring her memories into Lexa as nightmares to keep her awake was cruel, but necessary. That being said, it was interesting to see what she could do with the woman. Making her sleep and taking control of her to hack a security system was exciting, and she felt the rush through the body. She felt... like she didn't want it to end.

Lexa stood in the shower, the water cascading down her and looked in the mirror. The sebiestor face looked back at her, and for once, she didn't care.
"So... what now... just... do what you want to... I'm too tired and scared to fight back..."
no, you are strong, as I am strong
"You scare me. Are you me? Or am I possessed?"
I wish I knew. I am me, and yet you are you. But we are in the same body
"Do you wish me ill?"
If you die, most likely I will die too
"But you opened the door while I was asleep, you made me sleep and took over my body."
And if you had fallen asleep in the corridors of a null sec station you could be dead now, or worse.
Lexa shivered despite the heat of the water.
"I dont understand any of this.... "
She looked into the mirror again, wiping it with her hand and saw her face again. The tears in her eyes mixed with the water of the shower.

She watched through Lexa's eyes as she talked with Lasa, as she explained her dreams. The Ivory Tower, she must have been thinking about it for Lexa to dream of it. Even though she knew that Stillwater would not touch her due to her Serpentis connections, would it be enough? She snarled and cursed at whatever it was that was causing most of her memories to regress, to keep her from telling Lexa who she was, truly, she did not know and needed to go to the places she remembered. So she could find out. So she could remember herself. But what of Lexa?

She watched.... and whispered, and hope changed to futility, felt herself slipping away. Desperation filled her soul as Lexa questioned her, who was she! Damn the woman! Anger raced through her and she used it, forced a command onto Lexa. Headbutt! Her head slammed into the mirror and she fell to the floor.

The sebiestor opened her eyes and looked up, saw Lasairiona standing above her. Her mind moved quick, even with the pain in her head.
"Lasa, help me... for gods sake... help me....."
She saw Lasa flinch and pull back, then felt herself being drawn back, back into Lexa.

Lexa opened her eyes, felt the pain in her head and touched it, feeling the blood and the glass... and then noticed Lasa and the broken mirror.
"Somehow saying sorry just keeps getting repetitive. Ouch."

She sat back and watched. And started whispering again, quietly, slowly, lovingly. Once again, she knew she could get through, and so she started again. It would be a a long night of whispers.

The Whispers in the Night

Lexa slept. Not very well though as once again the nightmares had come. This time, images of battle, of great fleets fighting, of people dying by the hundreds, the thousands. Again, it was too much for her and she awoke, wet with persperation and still tired. Standing in the shower she looked in the reflective surfaces and saw the face again, this time she didn't try to look away. As the hot water cascaded over her body she wondered, and not for the first time, who she was.

Wrapping herself up in the large towel she moved over to the desk and linked into the system, inputting her datacodes and brought up the Symphony database. Inexpertly she began looking through files, at pictures of people and descriptions. Her fingers felt heavy as she typed, her eyes growing heavier. Various screens flashed up acess denied and eventually she was locked out of the system with a note flashing on the screen that she didn't bother to read. Slowly she moved over to the windows and opened them, stepping out onto the balcony of the hotel and looking out.

Far below the river glimmered in the light of the two moons. Unconciously she reached for a cigarette from a packet that was lying on the table and stopped, looking at it.
"When did I start smoking?"
do it.... the voice whispered....
She inhaled the smoke and held it, blowing it out gently. Odd, she mused, I should have coughed my guts up. I never did like smoking.  Still dont.... she said to herself, flicking the lit cigarette over the edge.
"By the gods, I need to sleep...."
And then.. it hit her. She knew where she could sleep safely. Within a few moments, her bag packed she was running down the hall talking into a communit asking her crew to get the ship ready.

The door was one of many, but this one was one she'd been to before. There were no markings on it, only the intricate security systems that sealed it against everyone. Paranoia kept people alive. It certainly kept Lasa alive, she mused. Knocking, she received no reply, and in a bold move she tried the handle, it was locked. She pressed a few keys and leant against the door.
sleep.. sleep... let me do it...
"I can't... "
sleep then you can sleep soundly i'll not wake you
She leant against the door, her eyes closed and felt herself dropping.... only barely heard the sound of fingers tapping on keypads and the door opening and closing.... never even felt herself falling into the bed.

Hours later... she never heard the door open... or felt the knife at her thoat or the look of anger and mild confusion as Lasa came home and found her home had been broken into.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


The apartment was small, and out of the way, but compared to what she was used to it was a palace. As the woman made her way into the kitchenette she kept up a stream of chatter and the sounds of cooking could be heard. Lexa talked, answering questions and commenting on the apartment before Sitting on the bed. She could feel the lure of sleep, far too strong and the stims had run out. Sleep was coming, no matter if she wanted it or not.  

Sitting on the end of the bed she unzipped her long boots and took off her jacket then reached into her pocket and pulled out the small object and looked at it, then closed her hand tightly around it and laid down. The bed and the pillow was soft, almost a softness unheard of in the gutters she was from. With tears in her eyes she fell asleep.

The woman walked out of the kitchenette and looked down at her, realising how small and fragile she looked, and pulled the blanket over her. Curling up on the couch she looked over and then flicked on the screen and turned down the lights.
"Poor kid."

Lexa woke up and sat on the end of the bed. A large mirror was opposite the bed and she found herself looking straight at it. In the reflection a tall dominant sebiestor woman was sitting there watching her.
"You are just a dream."
"There is nothing here that can hurt me. This is just a dream."
The sebiestor stood up and walked towards the mirror and placed her hands on the glass. She looked at it for a moment then pushed. The glass bowed inwards like plastic, the womans fingers turned to talons and tried to pierce the glass. Her mouth opened and howled and she pushed harder, screaming in silence, punching, clawing, scratching at the glass, and all the time her eyes fixed on Lexa.

Lexa, her hands covering her ears trying to stop the sounds she couldn't hear closed her eyes and started screaming.
"It's not real! It's not real! It's not real!"
She opened them and saw her reflection in the mirror, the sebiestor had gone, the mirror was unscratched. Reaching out she touched it and found it firm and let out the breath she didn't know she had held then turned around to go back to the bed.

The Sebiestor woman reached foward as Lexa turned and her strong right hand grabbed her by the neck. Lexa tried to scream and both her hands went to the matari's but couldn't stop her physically lifting her up off her feet.
"Give me back my mind!"

Lexa's scream as she awoke was loud and piercing. The other woman rolled off the couch, a knife in her hand, the lights on and scanning the apartment. She looked over to the bed and found it empty and ran over to it, looking down the side and found Lexa by it, huddled in the corner, pressed as far back into it as she could, rocking slightly. She looked at the little caldari woman and saw the fear in her eyes, saw the marks on her neck, a hand had gripped her there, tightly and fiercly enough to leave marks. She was chanting, like a mantra, tears streaming down her face.
"It's not real... it's not real... it's not real...."

The woman checked the door, checked all the seals, and checked the logs. No one had entered, no one had left. Only two people were in the room. And yet, the computer recorded three distinctive voices during the time. Hers, Lexa's and an unknown voice, most likely, female sebiestor.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Through a mirror, screaming

Victor Ballentyne walked down the corridor of the medical facility, cursing softly under his breath. His cane clicked on the polished floor as he walked back and forth waiting. A medical technician stood to one side, a heavy sealed metal case in one hand, a pistol in her other. Checking his watch again he cursed again and started to pace again.

Eventually the doors at the end of the corridor opened and a woman walked in, flanked by two burly paladins. He walked towards her and gestured away her guards and walked with her.
"Your timing sucks," he said slowly.
"I have pressing matters to take care of Victor, you said everything was ready?"
"It was, once we recaptured her."
"She escaped?"
"Do you doubt it? You know what she's like."
The khanid woman frowned and chuckled darkly. Her long flowing green gown whispered as it swept behind her and they both stopped at the technician.
"You have the nannites?"
The technician nodded and fell in behind them.
"Ithiria, I have my doubts. About the whole procedure. We dont know it works."
"Kim said it did. Thats enough for me."
"Ithiria, I can't believe you are doing this to her...."
The Lady Deritan stopped and grabbed Victor by his arm, spinning him around. Her face was dark with fury and she snarled at him.
"Don't even think about having second thoughts on this. Consort or not I'll have you executed. You know, and she knows that I have few rules, and one of those is quite simple. Rebellion does not go unpunished. She knows that, she used it herself. It is being done. That is final!"
Victor tried to stand up to her and just shook his head, then sighed. Petulant child at times, he thought, but I can't knock her.
"Okay. Its just.... "
She laid her hand on his shoulder, a look of sympathy broke through her mask for moment.
"I know. She means more to me than you know. But an example must be made......"

Sirens and an alarm sounded, the sound of gunfire echoed in the distance. Single shots, then a sustained burst, then another single shot. The paladins were by her side in an instant but Victor raised his hand.
"No need to be troubled...."
Ahead of then a burst of weapon fire smashed a guard through the door, he lay crumpled on the floor, a spreading pool of blood under him. A woman clad in a medical robe ran through, slamming into the wall. Both of them recognised Carmilla.

She stood there, leaning against the wall, breathing heavily, blood staining the robe and a compact machine pistol in one hand, her other clutching her side, blood oozing between her fingers. A chrome collar was set at her neck, and chrome bands around her wrists. The look in her eyes was feral, one that Ithiria had seen before, but she looked on impassively, almost as if she didn't care. Carmilla however howled out.
"Ithiria! Victor! What the hell is going on here?"
"Sister, please. Just put down the weapon and we can talk about this."
"Talk? I'm leaving here! You can't stop me!"
Victor reached up and rubbed the bridge of his eyes. Ithiria tapped her foot.
"We don't have time for this."
Carmilla snarled and raised her weapon at Ithiria, again Victor raised his hand to the guards to back off.
"Make time, Ithiria. What am I doing here?"
"Property does not ask such questions. Go back to your room, slave."
"No! Not until you tell me what this is all about!"
Victor raised his cane and pressed one of the serpentis symbols on the handle. Carm grimaced and sagged, the pistol dropping from her hand and her muscles failing as she fell.
"You are right, unfortunately. We dont have time for this."
He gestured to the guards and they picked up Carm, all her muscles had relaxed, she was like putty in their hands. They all wrinked their noses as the smell hit them, all her muscles had relaxed it seemed.
"Clean her up and make sure she can't escape this time."
"Impressive, what was that?"
"Come now, would you have me tell you all my secrets?"
"Yes, " she smiled.
"Tough. Come on."

By the time Carmilla had returned to normal she had been strapped to a large movable medical table. At the moment it was holding her up vertically. The technician had opened the case and was removing several syringes from a containment casing and placed them down. Slowly as her faculties came back to her she could hear the conversation.
" I found the subject at a hospital in the arse end of lonetrek I think it was."
"And her personality will be replaced?"
"More like it'll be repressed. Until the correct molecular unlocker is injected into her all her memories will be replaced with the one we implant into her."
"And her face? Her looks? I mean, she is known."
"Can change it all. We have one of her clones sealed in a vault, so when she dies she'll revert to the new clone templates we are creating for her. So when you want her back, assuming you want her back.. it's doable. Luckily they are roughly the same body shape. The Doctor can change her hair colour and style, take care of the plastic surgery and the fine tuning."
"Why do I get the impression she's done this before?"
"She is scary. But that's family for you."
"So my carm will be taken and changed into this new woman. What do we do then?"
"Her memories will be intact of her life before we took her from where we found her. Pretty much she had lost a fight and almost died."
"She was a cap?"
"No. That's the only problem. And I'm drawing a blank on it at the moment. When she wakes up she'll be a capsuleer, we can't hide that from her."
"Leave that to me.... "
"Ithiria.. it's not too late..."
"It is... what of Carm?"
"To her, as I understand, it'll be like watching from behind her eyes. A living prison.... unable to control anything, or influnce anything."
"She'll be looking through a mirror, screaming at her. A fitting punishment I think."
Carm felt a hand gripping her face and her eyes opened looking into the bright eyes of her Mistress, Ithiria Deritan.
"Please....,' she cried softly,'I don't deserve this...."
"Oh Carmilla.... when will you learn.... Rebellion never goes unpunished. Victor... begin the procedure."

A block was placed in her mouth to prevent her damaging herself and the bed moved into position. She writhed helplessly and watched as a masked doctor came over and picked up the first syringe.
"This will hurt quite a lot."
That voice, she thought, those eyes.....!
"If you struggle it will hurt more."
A hand held her head down and the syringe was pressed into her neck and......

Lexa woke up with a scream and slammed her head into the ceiling of the sleep tube. Crying out she held a hand to her head and her eyes blinked open. The neon glow from the inset lights cast a sickly glow over her and she reached up to the catch and opened the door. Cold air rushed in and she pulled her self out and stood up stretching. A few jeers and whistles prompted her to reach in and pull out a t-shirt and cover her self. Slipping the lock key into her shorts she made her way to the communal bathroom and quickly showered and cleaned herself up. She looked at herself in the mirror, her caldari features and touched the glass. Her reflection looked back at her, but for a moment the reflection was of a sebiestor woman. When she blinked it was gone. By the moons, she groaned to herself, first bad dreams, now hallucinations.

Back at the sleep tube she pulled out a couple of pills, flat orange octogons and washed them down with a glass of tepid water from a bottle. The pounding headache she always seemed to have these days passed away slowly, leaving a harsh metallic taste in her mouth. Her stomach growled and she packed her bag and slung her jacket over her shoulder. She felt the drugs burn through her system, clearing her mind and firing the synapses.

"Hey Lexa, looking good!"
She smiled and made her way over to the other side and the smilling face of a brutor lying upside down. She scratched under his chin and kissed his cheek.
"Not as good as you're looking.... if I wasn't busy I'd crawl in there with you and go for round seven."
"Busy huh, guess it's something more than a trip to heaven again?"
She leant her back against the tube and shuffled down, the brutor edged out and wrapped an arm playfully around her legs.
"Going to the Science and Trade Institute offices. I finally got my interview. Maybe they can tell me how to get off of this pedestal."
"Hey Lexa, just because you got the 'plants and stuff doesn't make you a god."
"Yes, Mica, it does. And I want to know why it happened to me. I want to be normal again...."
"I still don't get...."
She put her hand on his mouth and squeezed his lips.
"Mica, please.... you know how it gets to me. Anyway, I'll call you when I'm done. You going to be here?"
"Hell babe, got no where else to go."
She leaned over and kissed him passionately and sighed with a smile.
"Thanks, Mica. I'll see you in a few hours!"
Shouldering her bag and checking the clasp on her boot she made her way out of the cheap hotel block and into the station.

From his seat in the foyer Victor was well placed to see Lexa walk into the offices of the Science and Trade Institute. Though he couldn't hear her talk, he could hear her start to raise her voice and slam her fist onto the counter. He could see the guards taking notice and other people walking through were moving around them. He smiled and got up, leaning on his stick he made his way over to the counter.
"Well I damn well want to find out who cancelled my interview! Do you realise? This is my life!"
"I'm sorry, but we have no record of you. At all, there is no capsuleer by the name of...."
"I'm here," she screamed and thumped the counter again "Can't you see me? Can't you hear me? Is there anyone here who has more than three brain cells?"
"May I be of assistance?"
She stopped and turned around and paused. The man before her was tall and attractive, his eyes hidden behind a pair of designer fogged glasses, his beard neatly trimmed, his suit immaculate. A pin on his lapel indicated the Serpentis and the whiteness of his suit dazzled her.
"No sir, if you...."
He raised his hand and shsshed the secretary and leaning on his cane bowed before her formally.
"Allow me to introduce myself, Victor Ballentyne. CEO of a small corporation you wont have heard of. But a man with a long arm, and by the looks of it.. you need some help?"
"Yes... I do. Apparently I dont exist."
Vic reached out and pinched her, she yelped and took a step back.
"What did you do that for?"
"You exist. Come on, we won't find anything of value here for you. Actually I'm in need of a new employee to help in my corp."
"I'm sorry, I'm not looking for work."
"But you could use the money. And from my corp you could quite easily find access to information that you can't get from... standing in the foyer being watched by guards."
She looked around and noticed the guards as if for the first time and shrugged.
"So, what is it you do?"
He flashed a dazzling smile.
"Whatever the hell I want. Come on, I need a drink. My treat."
Lexa, somewhat dazzed and a little confused, followed him. I wonder where this will take me, she mused.