Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Whispers in the Night

Lexa slept. Not very well though as once again the nightmares had come. This time, images of battle, of great fleets fighting, of people dying by the hundreds, the thousands. Again, it was too much for her and she awoke, wet with persperation and still tired. Standing in the shower she looked in the reflective surfaces and saw the face again, this time she didn't try to look away. As the hot water cascaded over her body she wondered, and not for the first time, who she was.

Wrapping herself up in the large towel she moved over to the desk and linked into the system, inputting her datacodes and brought up the Symphony database. Inexpertly she began looking through files, at pictures of people and descriptions. Her fingers felt heavy as she typed, her eyes growing heavier. Various screens flashed up acess denied and eventually she was locked out of the system with a note flashing on the screen that she didn't bother to read. Slowly she moved over to the windows and opened them, stepping out onto the balcony of the hotel and looking out.

Far below the river glimmered in the light of the two moons. Unconciously she reached for a cigarette from a packet that was lying on the table and stopped, looking at it.
"When did I start smoking?"
do it.... the voice whispered....
She inhaled the smoke and held it, blowing it out gently. Odd, she mused, I should have coughed my guts up. I never did like smoking.  Still dont.... she said to herself, flicking the lit cigarette over the edge.
"By the gods, I need to sleep...."
And then.. it hit her. She knew where she could sleep safely. Within a few moments, her bag packed she was running down the hall talking into a communit asking her crew to get the ship ready.

The door was one of many, but this one was one she'd been to before. There were no markings on it, only the intricate security systems that sealed it against everyone. Paranoia kept people alive. It certainly kept Lasa alive, she mused. Knocking, she received no reply, and in a bold move she tried the handle, it was locked. She pressed a few keys and leant against the door.
sleep.. sleep... let me do it...
"I can't... "
sleep then you can sleep soundly i'll not wake you
She leant against the door, her eyes closed and felt herself dropping.... only barely heard the sound of fingers tapping on keypads and the door opening and closing.... never even felt herself falling into the bed.

Hours later... she never heard the door open... or felt the knife at her thoat or the look of anger and mild confusion as Lasa came home and found her home had been broken into.

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