Sunday, 16 June 2013

Night of Whispers

She whispered to her, slowly and deliberately. Now she knew when she could break through. When the tiredness overtook her and her defences were down. Bit by bit only slight influnces, but each time it was becoming more apparent. Unfortunately, Lexa was becoming more and more scared when she noticed it.

She mused that pouring her memories into Lexa as nightmares to keep her awake was cruel, but necessary. That being said, it was interesting to see what she could do with the woman. Making her sleep and taking control of her to hack a security system was exciting, and she felt the rush through the body. She felt... like she didn't want it to end.

Lexa stood in the shower, the water cascading down her and looked in the mirror. The sebiestor face looked back at her, and for once, she didn't care.
"So... what now... just... do what you want to... I'm too tired and scared to fight back..."
no, you are strong, as I am strong
"You scare me. Are you me? Or am I possessed?"
I wish I knew. I am me, and yet you are you. But we are in the same body
"Do you wish me ill?"
If you die, most likely I will die too
"But you opened the door while I was asleep, you made me sleep and took over my body."
And if you had fallen asleep in the corridors of a null sec station you could be dead now, or worse.
Lexa shivered despite the heat of the water.
"I dont understand any of this.... "
She looked into the mirror again, wiping it with her hand and saw her face again. The tears in her eyes mixed with the water of the shower.

She watched through Lexa's eyes as she talked with Lasa, as she explained her dreams. The Ivory Tower, she must have been thinking about it for Lexa to dream of it. Even though she knew that Stillwater would not touch her due to her Serpentis connections, would it be enough? She snarled and cursed at whatever it was that was causing most of her memories to regress, to keep her from telling Lexa who she was, truly, she did not know and needed to go to the places she remembered. So she could find out. So she could remember herself. But what of Lexa?

She watched.... and whispered, and hope changed to futility, felt herself slipping away. Desperation filled her soul as Lexa questioned her, who was she! Damn the woman! Anger raced through her and she used it, forced a command onto Lexa. Headbutt! Her head slammed into the mirror and she fell to the floor.

The sebiestor opened her eyes and looked up, saw Lasairiona standing above her. Her mind moved quick, even with the pain in her head.
"Lasa, help me... for gods sake... help me....."
She saw Lasa flinch and pull back, then felt herself being drawn back, back into Lexa.

Lexa opened her eyes, felt the pain in her head and touched it, feeling the blood and the glass... and then noticed Lasa and the broken mirror.
"Somehow saying sorry just keeps getting repetitive. Ouch."

She sat back and watched. And started whispering again, quietly, slowly, lovingly. Once again, she knew she could get through, and so she started again. It would be a a long night of whispers.

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