Sunday, 16 June 2013

A New Dawn

Alexanda DeLacey woke up slowly, a powerful hangover ripping through her head. Sitting up in bed she held a hand to her head and stood up, making her way over to the window and out onto the balcony. Spread out before her a city she didn't recognise, the fog covering the early morning streets and the horizon becoming light as she sun came up. She scratched idly at her tattoo and reached behind herself and unclipped her corset, letting it drop free. The party last night had been fun, she thought, a pity... she.... hadn't been there.

She? Who was she? Thoughts filled her head, someone important, someone... loving and loyal. Someone to worship.. but who was she? Leaning on the railing she felt the morning breeze washing over her. A yearning filled her to find... her. She.... what was her name? Her name, just on the tip of her tongue....

She shook her head and idly ran a finger down her neck then looked around for something... she shook her head again. Too much to drink. Way too much to drink. Forgetting so much, but ahh, she mused, it'll come back.

She showered and felt fresh and more alive and stood infront of the mirror and looked at it. For a moment she thought she saw something and turned around. Odd she mused, how the mind plays tricks on your.

Packing the small bag she had with her she walked to the reception desk and smiled. Within a few minutes she found out she was in the Kasrasi system. Aaaah, that'll be Eric, he's always so good to me. Must have left me here then headed out to alliance space. I'll send him and Lasa a message when I get back, so much to thank them for.

The receptionist smiles and took the key and the paper work and disappeared out back and she walked out onto the street. The sun was just poking over the tops of the distant mountains.
"Aaaaah," she said out loud," A new dawn. I wonder what it will bring me."

Locked away, deep inside her head Carmilla screamed and shouted and cried and wept and begged. But the blocks were in place now, better than before. It would take a while to break them down again.

Lexa, walked off into the new dawn, whistling softly to herself.

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