Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ice Cold in Alex

This is Rocking Ricky, bringing you all the mad sounds of the moment and of the past in a stellarcast straight from the Great Wildlands. Broadcasting to you around the region, into the next region and all across the cosmos. For the next few hours we'll bring you the music you love and the stories you crave. And for those out there on the gate camps, keeps those eyes peeled and those ears open. This ones for you, Corporate Clash and Heavy Metal Overdrive....

Alexandra stepped off of the shuttle and looked around at the place she had been sent to. A gentle breeze and the warmth of the sun made her sigh happily and look around. From the landing pad she could just see the path leading down through the garden to the ocean beyond, behind her the forest of trees that covers most of the island. And before her, the House of Autumn Breeze. The structure was large and created in the old khanid style. 

As she walked down the ramp and onto the path towards the house she was met by a woman who made her gasp audiably. She had not seen a Geisha before, and the image before her made her literally feel faint, and her heart started beating faster. The woman's smiling face bowed as she stopped before her.
"Welcome, Miss DeLacey. We have been expecting your visit."
"Well, that's so kind. I'm not actually... sure what this place is?"
Concern leapt into her voice as she looked around. The Geisha smiled and slipped her arm around one of Lexa's and walked her towards the entrance.
"Don't let that worry you. From what I understand you are here to confirm that this is a good venue for your two friends to spend a weekend. That is something we can do, and make it a weekend to enjoy and remember."

Entering the main room the woman led her over to a bar and slipped behind it, pouring her a glass of wine. At the other end of the bar three women were having a conversation, when one geisha looked up and saw her, and to her astonishment burst into tears. The woman looked over and said something fast in khanid, and the woman bit back her outburst, but the other looked up and let out a wailing cry and buried her face in the first geisha's shoulder, who also started to cry again despite the tirade of khanid that came from the woman.
"I'm sorry, are they all right?"
"It is nothing to be worried about Miss DeLacey. They recently lost a very, very close friend, one who meant more to them than family. We all did."
The last woman at the bar turned around and put down her glass
"That sounds aweful."
"It is, Miss DeLacey may I introduce you to one of out guests?"
"Please, and it's Alexandra, or Lexa."
She smiled and bowed,"Certainly. Alexandra, may I introduce you to Angelina. Angelina, Alexandra is...."
"Yes I can see, one of my brothers corp mates. I had heard you were coming. And you'll have to excuse the girls, I think you must... remind them of someone they used to know. I can't see it myself."
The Caldari woman got up and walked over and sat down next to Lexa and held out her hand.
"Pleased to meet you," Lexa looked over at the two geisha, now she looked at them properly, they looked very similar, both obviouly sebiestor under their makeup.
"Uuh, Victor is your brother did you say?"
"Yep, half brother, but still family. You two getting on okay?"
"Yes, he's been a great help to me. I'm not sure what I'd have done without him."
"Then come down to the beach and tell me all about it."
"I will... but....please excuse me...."

Lexa got up and went over to the two Geisha who had moved further way. As she got closer they both stood up and bowed.
"Please excuse us...."
"No.. I'm sorry that I had that effect on you. I truly didn't mean to. Please, accept my appology?"
She held out her hands to the two girls and felt emotion rushing through her, almost as if her whisperer had returned, so powerful was the emotion. One by one they took her hand and then embraced her, both chattering in khanid, tears in their eyes, their hands touching hers, her neck, her face.
"I'm sorry.. I dont understand what you are saying... I don't speak Khanid...."
Angelina walked over to her and nodded to the girls who backed away and bowed then headed deeper into the facility. Lexa looked on with concern as the crying reached a level which made her tear up herself. She looked at Angelina, and then over at the other Geisha, who though smiling, looked sad.
"I don't understand...."
"Lexa... best thing is not to worry about it. While you are here you are safe, the girls will protect you from anything and anyone."
"Why would they do that? I've never been here before....."
"As I understand from the logs your two friends are coming soon?"
"Uuuh, yes Eric and Lasa. "
"I think you might want to listen to what they have to say. It might make a few things fall into place."
"Angelina... who are you?"
Ang looked at Lexa, and Lexa realised her face was sad as well, though she was very good at masking it.
"Lexa, lets just say I'm someone who is also missing a good friend, and a sister. The same woman the two girls are missing, and Whisper over there. I'm guessing a lot of people are missing her. I know you're confused, but talk to Eric."
"Okay... I will..."
"Good!" Ang grinned and grabbed a bottle and pulled Lexa towards the door, "Now come to the beach, I've been away for a long time and I need someone to talk to. And you just drew the short straw!"

Many times I've been through the wars, often literally. Watching those great ships as they glide through empty space and unlease their massed weaponry at other people is a sight to behold. And the number of clashes are always rising, war it seems is good business, and business is good for war. If you are not fighting then the answer is why not? There always will be those who think that 'carebears' as they are known should stay out of null-sec and stick to empire. Well, if that happens, who will build your next shiny ship? Usual knuckle headed response to those who would rather mine 'roids than ships. What's next? Awoxing the hulks? Just remember miners, if you didn't arrange for that ferox to guard you, be careful. Blue on blue is just another kill mail to some people. Lets spin off the next song, Massive Attack by the Caldari Blues Death Choir....

Lexa laid down on the end of the pier with Angelina and watched the shuttles arriving and leaving over the hours they were together. They talked about everything and nothing. Angelina was surprised to hear about Lexa's youth and quizzed her about her fighting and techniques. Lexa was surprised to hear about Ang's piratical career, which she found almost unreal. The topics waxed and waned until eventually they just hugged and laid down sunbathing, watching the shuttles come and go.

It was later in the afternoon when a shuttle landed that Ang pointed out to her as special.
"That's Eric's shuttle."
"How could you know that? It looks the same as most of the others..."
"It's a knack. He never could handle atmospheric landings, he always turns it over to autopilot half way down. Tells are there if you know what to look for."
Lexa laughed and sat up, sitting cross legged waiting.
"Well if it is, he'll be directed here."
Ang shut her eyes and smiled lying back and grinned as she heard Eric calling.
"Lexa! Lexa!"
"Okay, you know your stuff Ang. Eric!"
Eric strolled down the path, a few moments later joined by Lasa. Lexa jumped up and ran over to them, wrapping her freinds in her arms and holding them tight.
"Oooooh, I'm glad you're hear."
"Hey Alex, you okay?"
"Just missed you two. Have you met Angelina? Victors sister?"
"Ang, I'd heard you were back in town. Good to see you again."
"And you, good buddy. And you Lasa."
Lasa just nodded and smiled,"Ang."

The three of them sat on the end of the pier, both of them looked at Alex knowing something was up.
"You know, when I got here today, there were two Geisha. When they saw me they burst into tears. It was a terrible thing to watch. I've seen people like that before, who had have their hearts torn out, so greif struck that nothing can be done to save them."
"You mean Rose and Orchid?"
Lasa thumped Eric's arm."Eric!"
"No Lasa.... she deserves to know."
"Know what, Eric? What is it that people know and are not telling me?"
"Rose and Orchid are slaves. Slaves to the woman who owns and runs this place. But, she dissapeared several months ago under... difficult circumstances. Rose and Orchid were her personal slaves, more than that, they were her sisters. Closer to her than anyone.... even her sister."
"My god, that's so horrible.... if they are slaves, why are they so concerned? They should be pleased.... they can be free!"
"No, you don't get it. They were free, they also loved her more than anyone will ever know."
"But you can't be free... and be a slave, you're not making sense Eric."
Eric closed his eyes and squeezed Lasa's hand.
"She was a remarkable woman, able to command the loyalty of all who loved her, she could force her will on anyone, but she rarely did. Loyalty, trust and honour were all she wanted from people. But, even she had this price. The one woman she loved more than her girls, more than this place. More than her family."
Lexa didn't see Lasa look over at Angelina as he talked.
"You see.... she was a slave herself. But she worked her way up to the rank of a Khanid Holder. I dont know the whole story, but to say it was tragic was an understatement."
"But what does this have to do with me...."
"I'll tell you...."

So the ground pounders are running amok over the battlefields. Fighting on the planet, fighting in space. All there seems to be is a state of total war. And yet, even with all this it's obvious to even the most bored observer, that something is not right. The fights out in lawless space are massed affairs, but in lowsec... it's almost like there is a rota. Factional warfare is becoming something of a sport. It's almost as if they just don't have the heart for it. Well, I say this to them. Fuck it! If you have to fight for someone, fight for yourself, the empires won't care who dies. So enjoy this song and wonder why the fleets only fight when one side is vasty outnumbered? It's because no one cares anymore. Here is Morphite Consensus with their new song, Fistfull of Jita.....


And that wraps it up for now, space cadets. I'm going to hand it over to the next DJ and head back to station. Once again, fly straight and true and remember, there are always people out there who will take what they want, others who will protect you from harm, and yet more who would fight to the death for you. Find the right friends and you'll be set up for life, find the wrong ones, and well, best not go there. This is Rocking Ricky signing off.....

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