Friday, 26 November 2010

Eve - Taking a step back and looking

I came closer this week to leaving eve than ever before.

I even contemplated deleting my toons, giving them the old soylent green push.

Even chatting to friends didn't help because of the drama that had happened, and some drama I caused, and what had happened. This was tuesday.

I've lost about 500 million isk arranging a war dec on Esna, which I cancelled last night as we were talking. And I wondered why the hell it had gone so far that I was willing to hire mercs to kill a good friend of mine.

This game... can get to you. Hell, I've done everything in game I've set out to do, with the exception of getting Angelina back to high sec and not get shot.

I've made multiple billions of isk. I've built amazing ships, destroyed amazing ships, created, invented, mined, stole, scammed.....

I think we all forget at times that this is a game. Because it is so real on the level we play it, and it is beyond any other mmo out there. We forget that the toons we play are not ourselves, even though they are a part of us.

And then I watched the sandbox eve online video... and all the best bits of eve came flooding back. The fun I've had with Chewee, Ithiria and Raoul.... my first pirating kill, my first carrier kill... the fact that every alliance I've been in has died... can you say Jonah??

And then Ithiria said something to me that I will cherish. I'll not say it here, but as ever, it's the friends you make in Eve that remind you that without friends in eve... it's not worth playing.

Monday, 15 November 2010

The Most Dangerous Game

She moved through the forest like a ghost. Every movement careful, her eyes looking everywhere, senses alert. The estate border had been penetrated over four hours ago, and now the target was there, in the distance.

Slowly and methodically she opened the case and began assembling the rifle. The blue sheen to the weapon glistened under her gaze and the mastercrafted pieced fit together without a sound. Holding the completed weapon she looked through the telescopic sight and focussed on the windows, automatic systems judging the distance. She stopped and looked around, breath held and listened. Something was there, but she couldn't see it. Or hear it. A hand went to her belt and the shimmerfield activated and she faded into the background.

Time passed. Second to minutes. Minutes to hours. Hours to days. She waited, with fury in her heart, and vengence on her lips she waited.

....Ithiria Walked down the halls of her estates the day after she announced to those who would attend that she was back, already her estates were being prepped for slaves to come back, some loyal to her others not.....

Carmilla and Scyyn walked behind Ithiria as she walked, talking softly between them. Scyyn walking proud as her wife, Carmilla head bowed as her slave. She could tell now what her Mistress required usually quite well. At the moment she needed a slave, and so she submitted. Something caused her to stop and back track to the window and look out. Something....
"Slave.... I did not give you permission to stop. Inform the major domo of your indiscretion and attend me."
Ithiria didn't look back, she was deep in thought, but still aware enough to notice. Ahead of her slaves and servents were kneeling, behind them they were scurrying out of her sight.
"I'm sorry Mistress..... something...."
"Don't make me order you twice....."
Scynn grabbed Carmilla's arm and pulled her along, whispering in her ear.
"Whatever it is it can wait. You should know that."
"I do, Scynn, I also know when she is in danger.... but I don't know from what..."
As they passed windows Carmilla looked out, eyes looking around for something, anything that would give her a clue.

....She faltered in her walk thinking on that, thoughts of Angelina coming back to the front of her mind, but no. She was dead to Ithi, never again would her beauty her love her being be permitted in her house, in her halls, in her presence.....

Angelina looked deep into Carmilla's gazing expression, almost as if she could see her lying there. Her finger caressed the trigger. Oh Carmilla, you made this for me, should I use it to kill you too? Isn't your sin of ommission greater than mine? She looked at the other woman, the other wife she had heard of and moved on. Ithiria walked from window to window, oblivious to the threat to her life. That soon she would die with a bullet in her head. For her betrayal.

Why, she screamed in her head, why couldn't you save me from him? You should have taken me, made me yours. Was my cry for help not loud enough? Did you not hear me?

Her finger caressed the trigger and her thumb flicked the safety. The weapon purred softly. Do it now, she whispered to herself, be predictable.

"Mistress. Something is wrong."
Carmilla kept looking out of each window. Something was nagging her. A sense of forboding she had felt before. A feeling she had not felt since....

Scyyn noticed the agitation on Carmilla and pulled out a datatablet and tapped in a few commands. The security systems indicated everything within normal parameters for the day. On instinct she flicked back a day, then two, then three and stopped. Two guards had been found sleeping on duty, western perimeter. Perhaps it was nothing, but they claimed they were attacked.

Through the scope she watched as Ithiria stopped and turned. Her finger tensed.... as she felt the barrel of a weapon against the base of her spine.

"One false move and you are paralysed," the voice heavy, Brutor, and so familiar. Kazeraith!
"Now carefully, flick the safety on and let go of the rifle. If I even suspect.... I will pull the trigger."
How had he found her, how had he penetrated her shimmer field. The click as she selected the safety was loud, and she slowly laid the rifle down. His hand grabbed her shoulder and spun her over and he sat on her groin, the pitted barrel of his pistol pointing between her eyes.
"Why Angelina? What did she do to deserve this?"
He looked up at the window and saw them resume their walking, then looked down into the barrel of Angelina's own pistol.
"She left me. Betrayed me. She could have saved me!"
His hand clenched tight. "You left her! You betrayed her! Don't play the innocent in this Ange, you fucked up, not her."
"She sent me away! Humiliated me infront of Carmilla and the assembled throng. I still hear their laughter in my dreams. And Carm could have done something. Ithi could have done something! I didn't free myself from Esna to be cast out by Ithiria!"

Kazeraith looked at her, the fury on her face... and pulled the trigger. Ang saw his movements and pulled her head aside, feeling the bullet graze her skull with a fiery streak. Her own pistol blazing, bullets flying wide. They fought in the undergrowth, fists and boots flying, pistols blazing when shots were apparent. With a lucky kick Kazeraith knocked her flying and she landed on her back, pistol flying, but rolled and picked up the rifle and pointed it at him.

They stood, Angelina pointing her rifle, Kazseraith pointing his pistol. The only sounds their breathing. She looked at him for a moment, really looked. And saw something she had forgotten, something she had lost.
"I can't do it."
He looked at her and lowered his weapon. Dropping it on the floor.
"Neither can I. I don't want to hurt you."
With tears in her eyes she placed the rifle on the floor and stood up.
"I don't want to be alone Kaze. You don't know what it's like to be alone, to have everyone hate you and fear you. You've never endured what I've had to."
He took a step foward, then another and pulled her into his arms.
"I do and I have done. We are both alike. More than you realise."
"I dont even know why. I had no hesitation, if you weren't here, she'd be dead and I'd probably have had to shoot Carmilla as well. What have I become? When did I turn on everyone who loved me Kaze?"

Kazeraith scooped Angelina up into his arms and started walking, away from the estate. He gave a discrete signal to two guards who were well hidden in shimmerfields and kept on walking, a smile on his face. Angelina slung her arms around his neck and held on, her hands moving briefly to signal her two escorts, also well hidden in shimmerfields. They were indeed, quite alike.

Later that day Ithiria read a report from security. It was very short and to the point.

Threat to Ithiria Deritan and Carmilla Deritan dealt with by K. All further information need to know.

She bristled at that, but then shrugged. Kazeraith would tell her if needed, she mused. Looking over in the corner her slave was in her place, less agitated, but still on edge. How did she know, she thought. And why didn't I listen. She shrugged and went back to her reports, then found a simple mail from Angelina. It said one word.


For a moment she sat back, an intense feeling of loss washing over her. Always she had assumed Ang was lost to her because she had said it was so. But to have this from her. There must be a reason.

There was always a reason, to everything.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

So where haz Ang been?

For those wondering where Angelina has gone... this may.... help. :)

Ang, under an assumed name has gone back in time and taken over a big fat flying brick of a ship.... the USS Calm Horizons. I must say, I love this ship. It kicks ass, and it'll have to do til next promotion where I can get hold of either a Galaxy class or an Intrepid class... yeah I could go for Defiant... but meh... unless it cloaks...hmmm.

But worry not, one day I will return. Until then.... \o/

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Rededication Ceremony

Nourbal System - Khanid Region - 0300 local time

The miners in the asteroid belts didn't realise they were being watched, even though their defensive ships were active. They knew someone was in the system with them, they didn't know where. But they were good enough to hold of any attackers until the barges retreated to their pos.

The anathema watched them and decided that they were no threat and powered away to one of the planets, waited a few more minutes for a final scan, then lowered it's cloak. Generators whined as they were charged, tanks began to empty as the fuel was devoured and the cynosaural field was activated.
"Sidewinder to Alpha and Bravo teams. All systems are green. Cyno deployed."

A Nidhoggur appeared in the space above the anathema, a worn corporation icon was partially obscured by battle damage. Fighters were launched instantly and it's own systems began scanning the system. Moments later two archons, both in the colours of the Khanid Navy jumped in flanking positions. For a moment there looked to be a standoff, then the fighters were recalled and a single shuttle departed the Nidhoggur, flanked by two combat shuttles that were dispatched from the Archons.

Lansez System - Khanid Region - 0330 local time

The three shuttles landed at an obscure holding on the outskirts of the port city of Riso'mar. The guards at the landing pad, watched impassively as the facility administrator himself walked out of the bunker to meet them. From the Khanid shuttles squads of paladins emerged and converged on the unmarked shuttle, from which walked three women. Two caldari and a minmatar.
"Carm, I'm having second thoughts. You do remember I'm still a wanted criminal?"
Angelina Ballentyne, wearing only a long shift dress which did nothing to hide her stature, and for once totally unarmed was more than a little nervous. But it was the only way the representatives would allow her into the region unmollested. As long as she had the escort of two squads, she would not be arrested. She was still unsure how this had been arranged. Or if two squads would be enough.

Carmilla, a wide smile on her face and a skip in her step ignored her for the moment. This was her time and what she was going to do was going to be public. Her Mistress would approve, she hoped, as everything was going to be done in the proper way. The third woman simply followed on behind, clad in the official robes of the Khanid Diplomatic corp. Unlike the other two, she was fully armed and carried a gun in shaky hands. She pushed past them and bowed to the Administrator and revealed a datatablet with instructions and orders, then a stamped and sealed set of orders on paper. All appeared to be in order.

"Carmilla Deritan and Angelina Ballentyne. I cannot say I am glad to have you at my holdings, but I understand what you are doing and for whom, and that opens a lot of doors here. Your reputations have preceeded you. Carmilla, for who you are married to and what you are. Angelina, for your crimes against the Amarr. Even if you are now fighting for our Militia, you still taint the ground you walk upon."
He sighed and smiled and gestured towards the bunker.
"But that is irrelevant as long as you comply with our requests, which it looks like you have. We have set up for the ceremony as requested. Ithiria will be here within the hour and you have until she arrives to....."
He stopped and turned to them, a look on his face that was unreadable.
"I understand you.... chose to serve as you are?"
"I did. I have never regretted my decision. Though there have been some complications, my position has ever been the same."
"Then why the ceremony?"
"Because I'm not the one who has changed."

Ithiria sat in her stateroom onboard the Imperial Khanid Navy Armageddon that was now burning towards the orbital station. The Lansez system was familiar to her, she used to have holdings here, but were sold many years ago. Why she was being summoned now was a mystery. The timing was suspect, and she was told to come alone. She wondered if she knew why she was being summoned, but had lost the knowledge after the time in the forest. Either way, she would soon find out. Looking in the mirror she checked her kimono and makeup for the nth time. As ever, perfection beyond necessity.

Carmilla and Angelina changed together under the watchful gazes of the paladins. Carmilla in her white kimono, Angelina choosing a pale pink.
"You know Ang, what she'll ask for."
Ang finished applying the last coat to her lips and sighed.
"I know."
She straightened her belt again and slowly opened the fan, testing it's weight and it's ease of opening.
"Are you okay with it? I know you fought to get away from....."
"Carm, please. I'm doing this for you. We've been apart far too long, and that has to change."
Carmilla smiled and hugged her sister closely.
"He won't understand. You prepared for that?"
"He had his opportunity... he lost it."
They both looked at each other, then at the paladins. As one they both moved quickly into a combat stance, the fans snapping open.... before both standing up and laughing as the guards lowered their weapons.
"You remember all the moves?"
"Yes, I've been practicing a lot. A lot more than you."
"Remember, this is for Ithiria. If you put a foot wrong here.... well, I know you won't. Come on, we must be in position before she arrives."

By the time Ithiria had been brought to the outer doors of the chamber she knew something was up. Already she had seen a number of people she had known from before, servents with crests and insignia of corporations and holdings that rang warning bells. It was almost as if there was a gathering of which she knew nothing about. As two slaves opened the door to the chambers and she walked in she saw the throne at the end, which was for her. And before it two people who made her pause and gasp. Even from the back she knew them. Carmilla. Angelina. Here? Why... what was this for? When was this arranged, why was it. By the Maker why do I not know these things. Her face however, despite the turmoil inside was as carved from stone.

As she passed them they both bowed, in unison, in perfection. She took her seat and the Administrator appeared and slammed a staff into the ground three times.
"Ladies and gentlemen, Holders, honoured guests. You have been summoned here to witness the Dance and Ceremony of a Tranquil Winter. This is being performed by Carmilla Deritan, wife to Ithiria Deritan of the Noble House Deritan."
Ithiria sat and listened. Yes, this was who she was, who she should be now. So much had changed, but Carmilla knew who she was. Carmilla, clad in the perfection of white, head still bowed. Oh Carmilla, what have I done.
"Carmilla Deritan.... come forward. Present yourself."

"I am Carmilla, wife of Ithiria, servant to the Noble House Deritan. I come to perform the Ceremony of Winter. I come to rededicate myself to my Mistress....."
Don't say it, Ithiria said in her mind, don't say it.
"and to offer my obeisance to her, on my knees as her slave."
There was silence in the room and a heavy pounding, which she soon realised was her heart. She had done it, told everyone here. Which was as good as telling the whole universe. All eyes were now on her.
"Are you aware, Carmilla, servant of House Deritan what you have said? What must happen?"
"I am aware. And I accept that before all here."
He slammed the staff three times and she returned to where she was kneeling. Time passed, what seemed like an eternity before the words came, from Ithiria's lips, almost without her speaking them.

Carmilla D'Morenta slowly went though the moves of the Khanid Dance of a Tranquil Winter with a quiet perfection. Her face a mask of painted beauty she moved through the dance to the accompanyment of the music which was piped in via the speakers. The music pushed her towards each position, timed the pauses and the movement to the next, all had to be done with exquisite timing, with flawless perfection, and absolute dedication. The flicking open of the fans had to be done correctly, the distances exact, the angles just right. Any failure in any of the moves could be fatal.

As the last note sounded she paused in the final pose, the one known as winters end, both fans extended upwards, on arms already tired and exerted, balanced on legs that would have shaken with fatigue were they not hidden behind the silken skirts of the kimono. Her face looking directly forward at those she danced for. She held her pose.

Ithiria looked on, no emotion on her face. Inside, her heart was pounding with pride. Carmilla had danced for her before in private. But this, before all these people. She could see the look on the faces of some of them, the awe and understanding of what she had done. Carmilla knew what was coming next, she mused. She hoped she had the stamina for it.

"Both of you. Begin."
A gasp went up from the crowd as both sisters went through the dance. Mirror images in perfection. As they saw the dedication, the obedience, the perfection people started cheering and clapping. This was something not seen every day. Many of them knew the strains that both of them would be under, especially Carmilla. People looking on wondered how they could obtain such a prize, knowing it would be impossible, given what was coming. But still they watched and applauded.

When they finished, when Ithiria had nodded they returned to their position, on their knees. From both sides of the floor guards appeared. Two behind Carmilla, two behind Angelina. Ithiria looked at Angelina. Carm, she knew, understood what was coming. Angelina...... aaaah, sweet Angelina, do you understand what is going to happen? Yes, I think you do. Otherwise you wouldn't have come. Not here, to the depths of Khanid, surrounded by people who want you dead. And yet, you are in for a surprise. A slave appeared, holding a box and took it to the guards. Carmilla knelt up, head still looking down.

The guards pulled Carmilla to her feet and litterally ripped the kimono from her body and continued until she was naked. The Administrator walked up to her and opened the box.
"Carmilla, servant of House Deritan. Do you understand what is going to happen?"
She did not reply, this was rote, and no reply was needed. Saying anything at this point would be a waste of breath she would need. He pulled a chrome collar from the box and fastened it around her neck.
"In the name of House Deritan, Noble of the Khanid Empire, you Carmilla Deritan are claimed by Ithiria Deritan as her slave. All your rights and responsibilities are forfeit, your assets and your life now belong to your Mistress."
Ithiria looked on from her throne, her face impassive.
"Slave, though in the future you will be punished by your Mistress, here in Khanid, the first punishment is always delivered in public."
He attached cuffs to each of her wrists and the guards attached chains and spread her arms apart and forced her to her knees. He took an electo whip and stood behind her, looking up at Ithiria. She smiled and nodded.

Angelina watched through the corner of her eye as Carmilla was released and she fell to the floor, her back bleeding and her eyes wide. All through she had not uttered a word, not a cry, not a whimper. As was tradition. But is it what I want? Do I have a choice? Oh Carmilla, say something, let me know I'm not going crazy.....

"Angelina," Ithiria's voice rang out over the silence of the hall,"You will leave this hall. I do not belive that you want what your sister has given willingly. And until the day I believe, truly believe it.... I do not want you in my sight. I understand why you did what you did, even if you do not. Redeem yourself if you can, be penitant, or whatever you are really after. But never darken my house again until the time you are ready to take your place here. Guards, remove her."

From her throne she watched the look of disbelief on Angelinas face as she was dragged away. They both knew that two guards were not enough, but she was too shocked to resist. Carmilla however, sweet Carmilla. Punished in the traditional Khanid had kept silent and not uttered a moan, or cry. Angelina.... would be hers again, in time. Carmilla though, was hers now, officially. The final touch she would apply herself later when she had healed. For now she was centre of attention. Ithiria Deritan smiled for the first time since she arrived.

Friday, 5 November 2010

What is Reality?

All around sirens and klaxons were blaring. The sound of fighting were loud, the old station was being hammered by vessels of all kinds. From the few screens she had seen on her way down here a deadly fleet was waiting outside the station. Dreadnoughts, carriers, motherships, and untold battleships and smaller. The enemy had come to the system, and all was lost. Ships were fleeing, the command structure gone. Small pockets of resistance were fighting on outside, but against such odds, it was futile. Magificent, yet futile.

Almost all of the corporation was here now, boarding whatever ships they had left, all of them pale faced, resigned to their fate. They would escape or die trying. Death was waiting outside the docking bay entrance. The rorqual went first, flanked by the battleships, surrounded by cruisers. The frigates and industrials coming last. Carmilla, in her prowler, her holds filled with the treasure of the corp flew out with them.

The void was filled with fire. Fire and death.

The hulks of destroyed ships from a hundred corporations danced around the station. It seemed as if the dreadnoughts were laughing, screams and laughter coming over the com-systems as volleys were fired. Ships exploded, pods vaporised, crews were ejected into the harsh reality of the vacuum. Rorqual spawning legions of drones, the mocking laughter over the com-system. A battleship enveloped by a siege laser, torn assunder, black blood splashing over the station.

Dozens of interceptors, with wings of dragonflies and talons of steel landed on the prowler and began to dig their way in. Laughter! Screams! The alarms sounding as the prowler was eviscerated by feral interceptors, blood on their fangs, splashing on their wings, the mocking rictus on their faces as they chew they way in.... their claws scratching at the pod until they all scream and lunge.......

Carmilla screamed herself awake, heart pounding, covered in sweat. Breathing harshly, tears in her eyes she flailed around her in the dark, babbling and screaming before falling off the bed and pushing herself into the corner, wrapping her arms around her legs, crying and looking into the darkness, trying to fill her lungs but unable to.....

Ithiria heard the scream over the communicator and ran into the room flanked by two guards. She knelt next to her wife, pulling her into her arms, seeing in her eyes the fear. Holding her close she stroked her hair and whispered soothing words into her ears, rocking her gently. Carmilla grasped her tightly, painfully, but she endured, letting her calm down. Picking her up she placed her back on the bed and laid down with her, dismissing the guards with a gesture.

After a while, she fell asleep, a trouble free sleep this time. It amazed her at times, that she still had the nightmares. Poor Carmilla, she mused, of all the people leaving our home must have hit you the hardest. Still after all these months to still be effected by the retreat and betrayal we suffered.

Dreams and nightmares, twisted visions or altered reality, half remembered and as substantial as the morning mist. Aaah, my dear Carmilla, what is reality for you? At least I have had you by my side. Ithiria looked down on her sleeping wife and brushed a strand of hair from her face, now tranquil and relaxed.
"Carm, my journey would have been so much longer without you. You are a rock in my tempestous soul, and one I have crashed against and still you stand resolute. Such devotion, in a wife... in a slave.... will be rewarded."

A Beginning....

They simply refered to it as biological sample. There had been others but there had been complications. Data was analysed, information processed, results obtained. The sample lived. The sample was studied, data obtained. Confirmation was given, the sample was disposed of. They had a biological baseline. They obtained more biological samples, more data was obtained. Analysed. Processed. It was a beginning... Time passed.

Shalira Matrise opened her eyes slowly to pure darkness. Dull pain filled her body, there was an acrid taste in her mouth. There were strange scents in the room, old death, decay, metal and oil. Strange, she thought. No lights.
Light. Describe. Necessity.

The words seemed to flow into her mind, washing over her like violet static. An image flashed into her memory of the sun, the warm glow of the Seshala morning. A smile crept onto her face.....

Time passed.
She opened her eyes, light filled the room. Like morning sunshine she thought. The lighting was bright but seemed to come from no one source in particular. She breathed deeply and coughed, pain lancing through her chest and she became aware, she was held down. Testing she found her head was immobile, her arms and legs strapped down somehow. Looking around from what limited vision she had a room came into view, but slowly as if her eyes were not working properly. The walls and ceiling were pure white, glossy, reflective. Machines against one wall, strange and alien, all angular and lights blinking. At the edge of her hearing, a strange clicking sound, constantly changing, several. Where am I, she thought.
Home. Rest.

Home, she thought. An image flashed into her mind, her home at the Geisha House. A flood of memories and sensations poured into her, the clicking became louder. Rest, she thought, even more memories, strong and powerful. A stretch of beach under the light from three moons, a name, a face... a smile... She slept.

They looked on the biological subject. Data was analysed and processed. Questions were raised, most answered. More questions, more answers demanded. A request for more biological subjects for comparrison. Subject approved for further study. Mark and move to permanant laboratory.
In her induced sleep Shalira dreamt. It raised more questions they could not answer.

Time passed.

Shalira awoke slowly to the morning glow of the Seshala sun, laying on the beach. She smiled as she heard the roar of the waves crashing and looked out over the calm ocean. Standing up, she brushed the sand from her kimono and looked at the pattern. The white imperial silk was covered with grey patterns, looking quite like....

A voice called out and she looked up. There, sitting on a stool in the middle of the beach was Carmilla. Her heart soared and walked over, standing before her. She was wearing a blood red kimono, patterend like hers. At the edge of her hearing, she heard the clicking again and looked around behind her. They were alone.
"Shalira. Nice to see you, well I hope, yes?"
"Yes, all is fine."
"Good, then let continue....."

Something wrong. End it now. No. We must understand. Vital. Danger. Subject unstable. We must understand. Vital!

Shalira thought for a moment then turned around, there a few feet away was a stool and she sat on it, looking at Carmilla. Her mind filled with ritual and duty, the Geisha House, the island. She talked with Carmilla, subjects varying from nutrition to weaponry, from clothing to starship design, from politics to emotions. All the time, the clicking in the distance, as if on the wind. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

Readings indicate subject more unstable. We must terminate.
No. We must understand.
Danger. Outside interferance. Danger

"Come Carmilla, let us walk as we used to do along the beach towards the wreck."
"No. Stay, more comfortable."
"But you love the wreck."
She thought about Carmilla laughing and thought about the wreck, filled her mind with happiness and excitement. The clicking, louder.
"Then go let us to the wreck."
She walked down the beach and as they turned the corner, the wreck was there, mostly underwater but a good portion on the beach. It was a rokh, the signs of damage visible all over its structure. It looked like it had been there for a long time. Carmilla looked uneasy.
"I do not remember wreck."
Clicking, insistant. Shalira smiled and pointed at the rear as it entered the water and thought vividly. Of Carmilla diving into the water and laughing, swimming in her kimono.
"Yes, remember I do. Much... fun."
The ground seemed to shudder slightly below them. She paid it no mind and looked to the horizon, great dark clouds were forming, all around. dark and ominous.

Readings indicate subject unstable and erratic. Begin termination.
No. We must understand. We need to understand.

"Yes, Shalira."
"There is no wreck. There never was. This is all a lie. You are a lie. Where am I?"
She looked down at the pattern on her Kimono, then looked up. Before her, where Carmilla was sitting was an angular drone, a rogue drone. The beach faded and was replaced by a laboratory, strange machines against the walls. Something clicked, the high pitched clicking she always seemed to hear. Looking around she noticed she was strapped into a chair, could feel the wires attached to her, the tubing that invaded her body. The room was constantly shuddering now, sound far away similar to explosions, but what of her senses could she believe.
It knows. Terminate biological subject. Yes. We have learnt all we can. We must relay our findings. Danger. Attack underway.

Shalira watched in horror as one of the arms on the drone opened revealing a high speed rotating saw. The high pitched whine of the saw was soon covered by the scream of Shalira.