Monday, 15 November 2010

The Most Dangerous Game

She moved through the forest like a ghost. Every movement careful, her eyes looking everywhere, senses alert. The estate border had been penetrated over four hours ago, and now the target was there, in the distance.

Slowly and methodically she opened the case and began assembling the rifle. The blue sheen to the weapon glistened under her gaze and the mastercrafted pieced fit together without a sound. Holding the completed weapon she looked through the telescopic sight and focussed on the windows, automatic systems judging the distance. She stopped and looked around, breath held and listened. Something was there, but she couldn't see it. Or hear it. A hand went to her belt and the shimmerfield activated and she faded into the background.

Time passed. Second to minutes. Minutes to hours. Hours to days. She waited, with fury in her heart, and vengence on her lips she waited.

....Ithiria Walked down the halls of her estates the day after she announced to those who would attend that she was back, already her estates were being prepped for slaves to come back, some loyal to her others not.....

Carmilla and Scyyn walked behind Ithiria as she walked, talking softly between them. Scyyn walking proud as her wife, Carmilla head bowed as her slave. She could tell now what her Mistress required usually quite well. At the moment she needed a slave, and so she submitted. Something caused her to stop and back track to the window and look out. Something....
"Slave.... I did not give you permission to stop. Inform the major domo of your indiscretion and attend me."
Ithiria didn't look back, she was deep in thought, but still aware enough to notice. Ahead of her slaves and servents were kneeling, behind them they were scurrying out of her sight.
"I'm sorry Mistress..... something...."
"Don't make me order you twice....."
Scynn grabbed Carmilla's arm and pulled her along, whispering in her ear.
"Whatever it is it can wait. You should know that."
"I do, Scynn, I also know when she is in danger.... but I don't know from what..."
As they passed windows Carmilla looked out, eyes looking around for something, anything that would give her a clue.

....She faltered in her walk thinking on that, thoughts of Angelina coming back to the front of her mind, but no. She was dead to Ithi, never again would her beauty her love her being be permitted in her house, in her halls, in her presence.....

Angelina looked deep into Carmilla's gazing expression, almost as if she could see her lying there. Her finger caressed the trigger. Oh Carmilla, you made this for me, should I use it to kill you too? Isn't your sin of ommission greater than mine? She looked at the other woman, the other wife she had heard of and moved on. Ithiria walked from window to window, oblivious to the threat to her life. That soon she would die with a bullet in her head. For her betrayal.

Why, she screamed in her head, why couldn't you save me from him? You should have taken me, made me yours. Was my cry for help not loud enough? Did you not hear me?

Her finger caressed the trigger and her thumb flicked the safety. The weapon purred softly. Do it now, she whispered to herself, be predictable.

"Mistress. Something is wrong."
Carmilla kept looking out of each window. Something was nagging her. A sense of forboding she had felt before. A feeling she had not felt since....

Scyyn noticed the agitation on Carmilla and pulled out a datatablet and tapped in a few commands. The security systems indicated everything within normal parameters for the day. On instinct she flicked back a day, then two, then three and stopped. Two guards had been found sleeping on duty, western perimeter. Perhaps it was nothing, but they claimed they were attacked.

Through the scope she watched as Ithiria stopped and turned. Her finger tensed.... as she felt the barrel of a weapon against the base of her spine.

"One false move and you are paralysed," the voice heavy, Brutor, and so familiar. Kazeraith!
"Now carefully, flick the safety on and let go of the rifle. If I even suspect.... I will pull the trigger."
How had he found her, how had he penetrated her shimmer field. The click as she selected the safety was loud, and she slowly laid the rifle down. His hand grabbed her shoulder and spun her over and he sat on her groin, the pitted barrel of his pistol pointing between her eyes.
"Why Angelina? What did she do to deserve this?"
He looked up at the window and saw them resume their walking, then looked down into the barrel of Angelina's own pistol.
"She left me. Betrayed me. She could have saved me!"
His hand clenched tight. "You left her! You betrayed her! Don't play the innocent in this Ange, you fucked up, not her."
"She sent me away! Humiliated me infront of Carmilla and the assembled throng. I still hear their laughter in my dreams. And Carm could have done something. Ithi could have done something! I didn't free myself from Esna to be cast out by Ithiria!"

Kazeraith looked at her, the fury on her face... and pulled the trigger. Ang saw his movements and pulled her head aside, feeling the bullet graze her skull with a fiery streak. Her own pistol blazing, bullets flying wide. They fought in the undergrowth, fists and boots flying, pistols blazing when shots were apparent. With a lucky kick Kazeraith knocked her flying and she landed on her back, pistol flying, but rolled and picked up the rifle and pointed it at him.

They stood, Angelina pointing her rifle, Kazseraith pointing his pistol. The only sounds their breathing. She looked at him for a moment, really looked. And saw something she had forgotten, something she had lost.
"I can't do it."
He looked at her and lowered his weapon. Dropping it on the floor.
"Neither can I. I don't want to hurt you."
With tears in her eyes she placed the rifle on the floor and stood up.
"I don't want to be alone Kaze. You don't know what it's like to be alone, to have everyone hate you and fear you. You've never endured what I've had to."
He took a step foward, then another and pulled her into his arms.
"I do and I have done. We are both alike. More than you realise."
"I dont even know why. I had no hesitation, if you weren't here, she'd be dead and I'd probably have had to shoot Carmilla as well. What have I become? When did I turn on everyone who loved me Kaze?"

Kazeraith scooped Angelina up into his arms and started walking, away from the estate. He gave a discrete signal to two guards who were well hidden in shimmerfields and kept on walking, a smile on his face. Angelina slung her arms around his neck and held on, her hands moving briefly to signal her two escorts, also well hidden in shimmerfields. They were indeed, quite alike.

Later that day Ithiria read a report from security. It was very short and to the point.

Threat to Ithiria Deritan and Carmilla Deritan dealt with by K. All further information need to know.

She bristled at that, but then shrugged. Kazeraith would tell her if needed, she mused. Looking over in the corner her slave was in her place, less agitated, but still on edge. How did she know, she thought. And why didn't I listen. She shrugged and went back to her reports, then found a simple mail from Angelina. It said one word.


For a moment she sat back, an intense feeling of loss washing over her. Always she had assumed Ang was lost to her because she had said it was so. But to have this from her. There must be a reason.

There was always a reason, to everything.

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