Friday, 26 November 2010

Eve - Taking a step back and looking

I came closer this week to leaving eve than ever before.

I even contemplated deleting my toons, giving them the old soylent green push.

Even chatting to friends didn't help because of the drama that had happened, and some drama I caused, and what had happened. This was tuesday.

I've lost about 500 million isk arranging a war dec on Esna, which I cancelled last night as we were talking. And I wondered why the hell it had gone so far that I was willing to hire mercs to kill a good friend of mine.

This game... can get to you. Hell, I've done everything in game I've set out to do, with the exception of getting Angelina back to high sec and not get shot.

I've made multiple billions of isk. I've built amazing ships, destroyed amazing ships, created, invented, mined, stole, scammed.....

I think we all forget at times that this is a game. Because it is so real on the level we play it, and it is beyond any other mmo out there. We forget that the toons we play are not ourselves, even though they are a part of us.

And then I watched the sandbox eve online video... and all the best bits of eve came flooding back. The fun I've had with Chewee, Ithiria and Raoul.... my first pirating kill, my first carrier kill... the fact that every alliance I've been in has died... can you say Jonah??

And then Ithiria said something to me that I will cherish. I'll not say it here, but as ever, it's the friends you make in Eve that remind you that without friends in eve... it's not worth playing.

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  1. I'd of wardeced esna for free :P

    glad to see your sticking about mate.