Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Raise shields, Captain?

The battered prorator decelerated into the orbit of the fourth planet, flashing out a brief burst of static then cloaked. From her place on the bridge Angelina looked out at the twin moons and waited. For the hundredth time she pulled out her orders and read them and scowled at them, as if the expression would change the words there.

You will make your way to the system indicated in your briefing, 3#33a. At the appointed time you will light a cynofield and inform the pilot indicated in your briefing it has been lit. You will remain on standby for 24 hours incase further cyno's are required. Pay grade for this is gamma, insurance rating is also gamma. Regards - TNT High Command

Waiting in the middle of nowhere to flash up a cyno for some mystery guest. Couldn't be a corp member, or an alliance member, she mused, there wouldn't be all the secrecy. Can you spell expendable, she thought as she looked out of the bridge window at the moons. Her chrono chimmed gently and she looked down. It was time.

"Scan. Report?"
"All clear Captain, nothing in system that I can detect."
"Decloak us," She took a datacrystal out of her pocket and handed it to the communications officer.
"That's the frequency and the pilots name. Contact him. Cyno up, eyes alert on those scanners. We're now sitting ducks."

The ship thrumbed as the cyno field swirled infront of it, strange forces twisting the space, waiting, weaving, pulsing with power. All through the ship systems began failing, then coming back online, until the cyno was closed, the ship wasn't going anywhere.
"Captain, we're picking up battle language on the frequency you gave us."
"Translate it?"
"Translations not a problem. The problem.... it's in system already, doppler shift is far too short."
"Not our problem. Transmit and stand by."
She looked over the various boards. The system was clear, no one was there.

The space above them shimmered and suddenly the moons were obscured. The gargantuan bulk of an Erebus Titan sat just infront of them. A few moments later carriers, dreadnoughts and motherships began appearing. All of them bearing the same alliance logo, and it wasn't hers. The ship was scanned, targetted and scrambled.
"God damn, why did it have to be them? Bloody Goons."
She spat on the deck as one of the tactical officers turned around.
"Raise shields, Captain?"

She closed her eyes and rested her forehead on the crystal of the bridge window, waiting for them to fire on her. Goons. Of all the people she had to open a cyno for, why them. But then, she mused, they are supposed to be our allies.
"No, it wouldn't do any good if we did."

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