Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Further trouble

Ithiria Deritan walked into the slave block flanked by two guardians, the click of their heels shockingly loud in the silence. Slaves looked out from the bars of their cells, a few bowed, more stood defiant, though it was a hollow gesture. Slowly, as she they walked by a low murmer of voices sprang up. The overseers let them talk, for them were much for them to talk about.

As she approached turned the corner into the wing reserved for the hard cases she heard the sounds of punishment and her heart pounded. Keeping her expression calm and unmovable she passed the security point and walked towards the cell where two guards were watching. They stood to attention as they saw her, but the sounds from the cell continued. Even before she stood in the doorway she knew what was happening. A slave was being beaten, quite badly by the sound of it, with the short slave whips her overseers used.

Inside the cell three guards were taking it in turns to punish a slave. She knew that something must have happened to push them to such extremes, either hospitalised or just an outright death. Clearing her throat she walked in as they stood to attention revealing the bloody form of her wife and slave, Carmilla.

Carmilla, bleeding from the lashes, covered in bruises was crying, prone on the floor.
"Explain quickly. What was the punishment for."
The head overseer, not phased by being in the presence of the Holder slipped his whip back into his belt and gestured to the figure on the floor.
"Holder Deritan. As per your instructions every slave on the estate was sent to the fields or the quarries today to work their quota. Every one was accounted for except this one. When it was told to report it refused. When my guards attempted to restrain it... it attacked them and attempted to flee. I subdued it and brought it here where it attacked me. I called for assistance, it attacked them too and escaped. Once we recaptured it, we subdued it. Properly."

Ithiria looked down on the beaten slave, screaming inside her head, wanting to pull her into her arms and comfort her. But the Overseer was only following his orders. She mused as she thought of how he had described her. It. Carmilla, an It. But then she was, officially she was a slave, bound and legal, before an assembly of Holders.
"See to it that word of this reaches the other slaves. I will not tolerate insubordination amongst them. There are no favorites amongst my slaves. Not even this one. If she gives you further trouble, I leave it in your capable hands."
She turned on her heel and walked out, feeling the gaze on her not only of the guards, but also the slaves. They knew who was in the cell, who she was, what position she held. She smiled openly as she walked out, seeing all of the prisoners bowing respectfully.

As they returned to the apc and headed back towards the mansion one of her guards turned to her.
"Mistress, I would never question you infront of your slaves or guards. But that was Carmilla, your wife. How could you treat her so?"
She sighed and patted her on the leg.
"Never forget my dear, that while I hold all of you dear, Carmilla has made the highest sacrifice for me. One that few have attempted, with good reason. Yes, she is my wife, and has a position of authority, but she is a slave first and bound to me of her own free will. She may regret it from time to time, such as today, but even if I gave her the access code to her collar she would not take it off."
"But that makes no sense."
"Talk to her. And maybe then you will understand. Infact, I'm ordering you to, in about an hour. Take Kim with you."
Ithiria closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Oh Carmilla, when will you learn that your actions will always have consequences. I love you for what you are to me, but make no mistakes my love, you are my slave and I am a Holder of the Khanid.

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