Friday, 10 June 2011

New Home

They tell me you can build. Is that right, slave?

Yes Mistress, I can build. I am highly skilled with station manufactoriums, POS arrays and even individual furnaces.

Good. I have need of your skills. You do want to please me? Don't you? Not like you failed to please your last Mistress?

It is my duty. You are my Mistress and I will serve you to the best of my ability.

I doubt that.... from what I have heard. But you may change.

Carmilla sat in the small cockpit of the hoarder class industrial. It seemed to rattle more than it's battered look suggested. Indeed, while it was a running joke that most minmatar ships were held together with silver tape, wood and glue, it did indeed seem to be the case here. The only modern feature on the entire ship seemed to be the restraints that were used to keep her in the cabin.

The pilot, an amiable young caldari piloted the damaged ship with an ease that was out of place with his youth. One ear was constantly filled with the hardcore sounds of the latest gutter-hive band, the other was filled with the bleating of alarms and beeping of systems. She watched glumly as they headed to the next gate. She had started counting the gates they were going through, trying to get some idea of where they were going, but the route was devious and after spotting the same wreck three times she gave up and went to sleep. Not that she could sleep with all the noise.

"Is this ship in any danger?"
"Hey baby, this ship could fall apart at any time. You're not chained to it.. it's chained to you. You are part of the structure now."
"You know kid, you could drop me off at the next gate. I could make you rich beyond your dreams."
"Not a chance baby, I'm on a sweet deal here. You are just another cargo run and three more runs and I get to fix her and give her the loving she needs."
"You are talking about this ship right?"
He looked offended,"Hey don't knock this ship... she may look like a rust bucket but she has some surprised left in her."
She looked out the window and sighed. It wasn't worth trying to provoke him, he was too young and just didn't care. All he cared about was this ship.
"I could...."
"No... you could'nt baby. Now don't make me tazer you, the old lady said I was to deliver you. Didn't say about awake, in one piece or drooling like a gallentey at a lingerie show."
He smiled at her. She didn't.

Several hours later she was awoken by the ship being jostled. Looking out she saw a dismal hanger and a few other ships, all old transports. The pilot picked up her chains and after a moment of thought put them into her hands.
"Look babe... the chances of you being able to leave here are dependant on several things. You not being stupid is one of them. And doing what you are here for is another."
She yawned and stood up, draping her chains over her shoulder.
"I dont' even know where here is."
"Good. It's your new home. And mine for a while. Now come help me unload, it's mostly stuff for you I'm guessing anyhow."
"Lead on, you have my full attention."
He laughed and made his way back into the cargo bays. By the time they had arrived the cavernous doors had been opened form the outside and various people were inspecting the crates that were in the hold. He left Carm by one of the crates and started talking to the guy who seemed to be in charge and beckoned Carm over.
"Babe, this is Brute. It's his name and profession. He's incharge of security here, so behave and he... you get the picture."
The Brute looked down at Carm and smiled, extending a hand that enclosed her and squeezed it with enough force to remind her that he was very powerful and was being restained.
"The crews have been informed of you, Carmilla. Yes, I'll call you by name as here we all work as a team. Doesn't matter that you are damaged goods, the Lady has informed us that you are not to be touched. That doesn't mean we won't put you down if you misbehave."
"What am I doing here? Where ever here is?"
"I was told you can build."
"What are we building?"
"You're standing in it."

The station was an old mining outpost. Twin bands wrapped around a great asteroid, several old warehouses floating nearby, both visibly holed by something, weaponfire or asteroid damage. Most of the station was visibly abandoned and only a small amount was currently rebuilt. The docking bays were patched and sealed and used as the gateway to the rest of the station. Smaller rooms off of the main axial corridor had been repaired and rebuilt and being used by the crews. At their own risk. Although it was being rebuilt, it was a long way from anything. It almost seemed to be being rebuilt out of desperation.

The Brute walked with her, talking about the station and the people here and took her from small group to group and introduced her. Several of the engineers cleared a spot at their table and gestured for her to sit.
"Canis, she's all yours. Remember what the Lady said."
"Acch, she is in good hands yes? Let her prove her worth for the lady, then we can dispence with the chains yes?"
"No. The chains stay. Sorry Carmilla, but unless it's absolutely necessar the chains stay on. Orders."
"I understand. Do you need me to help slick unload the crate?"
"Nah, we got that. Just rest up for a bit. You are on duty in about an hour. Get some food, a bit of rest if you can. Then we're putting you to work."
"Doing what?"
She looked at the engineers with a confused look on her face.
"Rebuilding. This station. Bit by bit.. room by room. This is your new home yes? Build it as you want to live in it. Either way, welcome to Peshar's Hope."
Carmilla took the cup that was pushed into her hand and raised it to her lips. I'm stuck here, she mused, until my Mistress tells me otherwise. God I have to be careful, this is not Ithiria. I must tread carefully if I am to make it out of here. Sipping the coffee she felt it wash the tiredness away. A new home, a new start, a new Mistress.

Could be worse.

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