Sunday, 12 June 2011

There is something out there

Log Entry - Day 1
Mine Overseer Max Sinabar
BP - 4 (Marion)

We have landed on the planet simply designated as BP-4. Barren planet, the fourth one the corporation has designated for an operation. They are not very imaginative when it comes to names.

The crew have named this place Marion, after the chief surveyors daughter. I can't help but think they slight her, as she is a precious rose.. and this planet is a barren heap of rock and dust and.... metals. That is the reason we are here.

According to the preliminary scans performed by some god almighty capsuleer there are considerable reserves of Noble Metals. Pah. Nothing noble about this rock. I dont have a good feeling about this place. Call it a hunch. Sinabar out.

Log Entry - Day 2

Our surveyors have been out and placed their probes and come back. The signs are good. We have a rich field here and already they are staking out the sites. It keeps them busy, and that's good. We still haven't finished putting up the main buildings. Cramped is an understatement, but it'll just be one more day. According to the surveyors there is very little plant life out there, and no actual wild life that they can see. I'm not surprised. This place is a rock. I'll be glad when the rotation is done. Sinabar out.

Log Entry - Day 3

Our command centre was placed down just a few short days ago, and last night.. finally... the barracks and rec-rooms have been put in and powered and flushed in. It's... a bit more habitable. I still dont approve of bringing families along on these endevours and I have attached a further memo to that effect on this log entry. Not that it'll do much good. The extraction teams have set up and futher teams have laid the lines between Sinabar out.

Log Entry - Day 5

It seems that the ground here is tough. Even for plasma cutters on the extractors. Usually for this type of rock, a type four, we'd be through in a day, down a hundred meters to the good stuff. We are less than a quarter of the way through on most of the rigs. One of the survey team didn't come back yesterday. Once this place starts to work properly I'm going to take some time off and go explore.

Log Entry - Day 8

We got the first of the factories built this morning and started production. We now produce some rather nice precious metals. All we need is the supply shuttles from the other facility and we can start some advanced production. Luckily we are now on schedule, even with the early problems we have had. The only troubling factor is that the surveyor is still missing.

Log Entry - Day 14

Production has been restored at the factories. The spikes in the power grid still have not been sorted out and the explosion at the backup generator plant can't be explained. We have pulled in our extractors now that this field has been depleated, the surveyors are taking us to the backup site. It's a longer haul for the links, but the terrain is flat. Additional - When they were laying the pipes for the links the engineers found something most unexpected. A wall. It was only twenty feet long and buried, but it shows there were people here before.

Log Entry - Day 16

I have people missing. Something prompted me to do a count of the workers. Five were missing. Missing! A full search of every facility, every building, every vehicle was conducted and no sign of them was found other than their possessions in their bunkhouses. I know conditions here are bad, but to go awol, on this planet. Pure insanity.

Log Entry - Day 19

The fifth extractor just vanished. One minute it was churning out ore as per standard, then nothing. A flyer sent to investigate showed that it had exploded, the ground scorched by the blast. And yet no one heard the explosion. And that is not all that is strange. The surveyor was found, the one who we lost in the first week. How he got out as far as we found him, on foot no less, is something of a mystery. This whole planet is a mystery. I keep hearing voices at the edge of my hearing. I've handed my suit in to the techs three times to check the comms, and still it comes back as working. And still we have people missing, the total is up to nine now.

Log Entry - Day 25

Ghosts. People are reporting ghosts now. When they are not working people are keeping to their quarters, no one goes out alone anymore... not since Karl. Karl was a good man, known as a hard worker and a harder player. Something gutted him like a fish and laid him out with his skeleton next to him. Three people have been treated for gunshot wounds, ever since we handed out weapons after finding Karl. Those I can live with. Missing miners who have been eviscerated, I can't. I have transmitted a recall notice to the surveyors and sent a mail to the corporation demanding we be withdrawn. Damn... the power is going out across the complex I ho

Log Entry - Day 26

Thank god the sun has come up, though it gives us no hope. The shuttle pad is gone, the shuttle itself twisted wreckage. Ten people are dead, three buildings unfit to live in. Four of those are children. I warned them this was no place for families but then this is no place for people. This planet has too many secrets, too many dangers. None of the surveyors returned, I powered up the scanner, and none of them were on scan, even out to forty klicks. Though I did pick up a faint energy echoe to the north east. I've ordered people to move into the command centre. It maybe cramped, but it's the most secure, we'll stay there tonight. Ghosts don't leave footprints. Someone or something is out there

Log Entry - Day 28

what is the point what is the point what is the point what is the point what is the point what is the point

Log Entry - Day 30

I am alone now. The automatic supply shuttle came and everyone threw out the supplies and crammed onboard. I tried to tell them, but the horror here is too much. They will be dead before they reach orbit. Great maker, I should have tried harder. I can hear them screaming i can still hear them screaming make it go away go away

Log Entry - Day 31

A month and everyone is dead. I am dead too, it's just a matter of when. I am sealed in this room and I have heard the ghosts moving through the centre, and in the morning I have seen their prints and the scratches on the walls. I will leave here and go explore the energy signiature to the north east. There is only one rover left anyway, and I'll pack it with enough supplies.

For anyone who reads this log, I curse the corporation for not sending help. I curse them for sending us to this rock. Maybe I will still be alive. Head north east. I will be there, maybe in spirit. There is something out there. In the darkness....

Max Sinabar, Mine Overseer, Marion

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