Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Coming Darkness

If you do not tell someone something, is that a lie?

Are they sins of omission?

Are they trying to protect me?

Or are they trying to prolong the inevitable....

They must have known I would have found out. I have my ways and means, the dark underbelly of society know me. I pay them well for information about certain people, places and other insignifica.

Such as Ithiria.


More and more that names comes to me, my failures glaring bright in the coming darkness. And now, I hear from the first mate of a customs frigate that her Rorqual was seen exploding. From one of the survivors I downloaded a cortex scan of his data-implant and saw the last five minutes of the Rorquals existance. She was there. Ja'li. From one Ithiria's paladins I find confirmation of where she is.

She should have told me the truth. Rather than just let me know what she wanted me to know. Asked me to help Ithiria, well of course I would. I owe her, more than I can ever repay. But the truth, she never told me the details. Just enough to whet my appetite, to get me interested. As she knew she would.

Told me where she is, why she is restrained. And that matches with what I knew, what I was trying to do with Kelandrisa before Ja'li shot her. I will help where I can, and I will incur my Mistresses wrath as I may try and kill Ja'li. I like to think she would understand.

But Mortis... oh my Dark Lord. You didn't tell me either. Just watched me, tasted my emotional state like the finest wine and you didn't tell me. I know you, know you of old. You knew about Ithiria. About Ja'li. And you didn't say anything either.

I will rescue Ithiria from them. I have my support, I can do it. If I can trust them, as I thought I could have trusted Mortis. As ever, my back is against the wall.

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