Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Back to Reality

three in the dream
though not a dream
in a teacup
and the storm is there
robes of blood next to rags and tears

words of wisdom from a child with eyes too old and a memory to vivid

he knows

he is trying to tell us

why are they not listening... to impatient... to furious... the anger almost palpable... the need too great
overriding caution

I must act

This is my fault and I must act. Me.. now... not then....

I scream as I feel myself fading away, scream her name, watching the knife in the back, the child, the slave.... is this glass or a mirror.... Keri...

I am fading... leaving the others... they will be lost without my guidance... dont they see without me they may do something
may release something
they cant' release her.....

time passes like the beating of angels wings
......can't you waken her?..... she is still in there....

A whisper, on swallows wings of silence and tempestuousness...

Do not worry Carmilla. You are strong. You will overcome. But always for you there will be pain. This is your lot in life. Pain is coming. Much pain. But if you can overcome, there is love beneath.

As I swim through the air I watch the words forming in the air, pink bubbles floating past a laughter of crows as they watch, their wings reaching forwards, a screaming siren of darkness as....

Carmilla snapped her eyes open and gasped. The taste of blood in her mouth, no air in her lungs. She flailed at the shapes that were coming to her, tried to scream but failed, only blood and a hand latching onto her face.... oxygen flushed into her mouth, forced into her lungs, the darkness that had clouded her eyes clearing but the pain and the cold beyond cold.

She could feel herself being dragged somewhere... heard the sirens blaring, the howling of the hurricane that she only just noticed as they passed through a portal, hard gasps, the taste of blood strong, choking, coughing....

With a final squeal of antique hydraulics the door slammed shut. Bodies slumped against walls and just laid on the floor. For a few moments hard and deep breathing was all they could hear, as well as the sounds of the siren. One of them pulled out a communicator, and tapped it.
"Brute... we got most of them out, only the three who were nearest the wall we couldn't save."
"Uh roger that, we saw them. The drones couldn't get to them in time. What state are they in?"
"Bad. A minute longer and they would all have been dead."
Carmilla spat onto the floor and cried out in pain. Her fingers unresponsive, her limbs shaking. She pulled herself into a foetal position.
"Get the medbay ready on my ship. We may need to take her out of here."

Carmilla awoke to the pristine whiteness of a medical bay. She looked around, Mortis and Brute were slumped in chairs both asleep. A nurse came in and checked on her, checked the bags which were linked to her arm and smiled.
"Awake now I see? How do you feel?"
"I... dont know.... like I've been deep frozen and beaten up..."
Mortis limped over to the bed and sat down on it.
"Hey Carm. You gave us all a scare there."
"She did? You all did! You were both lucky to get outta there alive."
"Mortis? Brute? What happened?"
"What happened inside... I dont know. That is between you, Sakura and Anslo. All I know is that when Anslo came out, you stayed inside. He couldn't, or wouldnt' bring you out. So I stayed with you. Then we had a blowout. Lost three people, almost lost you."
Carm raised her hands and saw they were bandaged.
"I remember... things... like a dream. Floating... pink bubbles, and the laughter of crows..."
"That was you being sucked towards the hole in the rec room, blood bubbles... and the scream of the air as it left. We were both lucky that Brute saved us."
Carm put her bandaged hand on Brutes hand, he gently closed his big hand around her tiny one. They looked into each others eyes, somethign passed between them, unsaid, but lasting a lifetime. She looked over at Mort and noticed he was not smiling.

"You're hiding something. What is it?"
"Uh Brute, you want to give us a minute?"
"That message?"
Mortis nodded, Brute seemed to shiver and walked over to the chair and sat down, looking at the wall.
"What is it?"
He brought out her datatablet and opened it. A spiderweb of cracks covered the screen but the picture was still good. And so was the sound. Carmilla went white as she saw the face on there as she started to listen to the message.

Hello slut,

I am back, and well out for blood, You harmed people, you broke things, I will be coming for you you whore....

She listened to the whole message, then replayed it. And again. She looked calmly at Mortis, no expression on her face. There was no reason to scream, no reason to panic. It wouldn't have done any good.

There would be time enough for all that when she was caught.

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