Sunday, 11 April 2010

Remembering their Place

Rokasarif City, Eystur III, Heimatar

Gallicia Tavrook sat in the back of the dingy cafe in the backstreets of the Minmatar city of Rokasarif. Various people were drinking and eating and sipping a cup of tea he waited. Before long Tavish Munrue walked in, a very haggard look on his face.

"Sit down Tavish, you look unwell."
"What have you got me into Meneer? Not content with messing with the Guristas you got me involved with the Sansha as well?"
"Oh really?"
Tavish pulled out a datatablet and pushed it across the table. A waitress came over and he pushed her away with several gutteral tribal insults.
"Ignore him. He's a drone or such... programmed most likely, very realistic but not my problem. Or yours now since you've run away from him."
"My problem Meener is that I have to flee and I find myself without funds. Pay me what you owe me.... or else....."
He left the threat open and glared at Amarrian before him.
"Threats... Oh Tavish I thought you knew me better."
Gallicia kicked the table into Tavish, his body slammed forward and he grabbed Tavish head and slammed it into the table several times then broke his neck. The fre patrons who noticed turned around laughing. Death it seemed, was not unkonwn here.

He walked out of the cafe and towards a data relay and pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. It bore one name, and a neocom number.
"Darina Rea........ i wonder if you are hungry..."

Rorsins Asteroid bar, Spaced_Mongoose

Angelina Ballentyne sat at the bar, a large drink in her hand. She looked at her chrono and sighed. It would soon be time. Downing her drink she checked the security screens and saw the ship, an Apocalypse had docked and a small retinue had departed. She didn't have much time. Removing her clothes she moved to the centre of the dance floor and knelt down in a submissive pose. Head down, palms upwards on her thighs. The sound of footfalls approached, eleven by the sound of them, stopping outside the door, which opened with a hiss and then closed behind a single person. Moments later, as she looked down she saw the boots before her, the same boots that were always there, the gold plated boots of an Amarr Fleet Admiral. An Admiral she knew who was also the second in command of the Amarr Navy Internal affairs, her opposite number. What came next had to come, it was part of the cost of staying alive and every fiber of her being hated it. She writhed and kissed both boots in as sensual way she could
"I always enjoy watching you humiliate yourself you bitch."
She closed her eyes, the tears hot on her cheeks as she thought of Carmilla, thought of the price that had to be paid to keep her sister out of this monsters hands.
"As you wish... my Master."
"Yes... as I wish. The usual first... then your debriefing, whore."
She placed a cheek against the floor and knelt up as much as she could. It would be over soon, if she was lucky, she thought as she heard his robes drop to the floor and felt him kick her legs further apart. Today however, was not her lucky day.

Rorsins system, Apocalypse Battleship Golden Dawn

The Admiral sat back in his command chair and thought back fondly over the last couple of hours. What she has said in her debriefing was certianly useful, some of it good, some bad. No lies that he could determine. He pressed a commswitch and waited for the connection.
"Contract your Blood Raider and Sansha colleagues. Have them inform Sienna Munroe that she will be getting a visitor. She is to answer to the best of her ability."
"Yes my Lord."
"Oh, and recind the order for the arrest of Carmilla D'morenta for another month."
"A month my Lord?"
"Yes..... a month. I had a good time with my pet Guristas Slave. Set course for Amarr Prime, shortest route."

Thukker Mix Factory, M-M3DB - Beyond Our Sins Grill

Carmilla D'Morenta sat at the bar with Esna Pitoojee. She laughed freely with him, both still pumped after their recent dancing. Various people were around the bar and she watched as Eliza walked in, she smiled and nodded to her. They talked for a while and relaxed with a few drinks as Darina walked in. She stiffened slightly then smiled and nodded at the nun who returned her nod and took her place at a table.
Esna placed his hand on her arm.
"You okay?"
"Sure, just had a bad turn yesterday and unfortunately Darina had to see it. Gallicia managed to overdose my Blue Pill. Almost killed me, had it not been for Sienna and Eliza."
"I never took you for a pill pusher."
"I've.... been stressed recently.... it helps. Or did help.... just can't help that everywhere I turn I seem to see him... "
She turned to look at Darina and saw one of the servents place a neocom on the chair before he. Esna turned to look at Carmilla as he heard her wailing scream then looked to where she was pointing...
There, in full 3d sat her tormentor, her former Master the Serpentis Slaver and Smugger, Gallicia Tavrook.

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