Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fall From Grace

Angelina Ballentyne, once a proud Guristas warrior, now a slave knelt by the window of the cell she was in and looked out. The ornate golden tracery around the great round window looked out onto the central tower of a POS. Searchlights from the POS played over the hull of the ship, from what she could remember of the night before an Archon class Carrier.

The pain cuffs around her neck and wrists still hung heavy. She had attacked Esna when he had come to see her, but then last night she would have attacked anyone, even Carmilla to escape. Poor Esna, she mused, he really didn't want to fight back, he really didn't understand. But the holder in him knew, and all the time had hand on the remote. And when he finally looked into my eyes and saw the abyss, he activated it. Thank god.

I don't know what is going on with me, or why I am attacking friends. But I have to find out. I just hope I allow myself to find out. Damn the Admiral, damn Carmilla, damn myself for falling so far. I need to speak to Darina.... find out what that chip really did... she must know...... otherwise I am damned to spend the rest of my capsuleer life as a slave.

"Oh Carmilla... if only you could hear me now. The fall from grace is steep and swift, and when you land, it does not make a sound, because you are alone."
She stood and placed both hands against the window and looked out and waited. Eventually the door to the cell opened and footfalls entered. She turned, not knowing what part of her was turning to meet it.

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