Sunday, 11 April 2010

Grinding on Results

Unit MS-8376-HJK or.. ‘George’ as his overseer had dubbed him was going slowly and methodically through the results that same overseer had sent him. He faintly felt some admiration for the instant ability to produce some results. The files from the datapad had proven to both confirm their suspicions and open up some leads for him to follow. The main targets on his lists were bumped up to a unit named Tavish and a unit named Galicia. He would start with the first, as reports indicated that the latter unit proved to be fairly elusive.

Rens VIII – Moon 3 – TranStellar Shipping Storage

A small spiked ship slipped into the docking area after getting docking conformation. Once safely landed a large figure exited the ship and hangar, striding forwards with a nearly frightening purpose. The security guards of the hangar bay gave each other a agreeing look, one shivering on purpose to the other, both feeling sorry for whatever the target was.

At an inconspicuous house Tavish Monrue had made his home. He’d made sure not everyone could find him easily by renting it on a different identity, placed some easily removable security devices so he could move quickly if he needed. He was used to living without much comfort, thinking of his ever growing bank account and the day there would be enough on it to disappear and retire in luxury. Like the job from that smuggler guy, replacing a few pills with others for a big wad of cash. He smirked to himself, such things were too easy.

The soft knock on the front door made him look at the monitor besides him. It gave a good view of anyone at there. At the moment he just saw a fairly tall figure standing there. He stared at the image for a moment, there was something not quite correct with it.. but he couldn’t quite place exactly what, but this wasn’t a time for customers and this person didn’t seem very friendly to him. He reached to a switch placed on the monitor and flicked it. Now there was a nice electric surprise on the doorknob.

Grinning to himself he watched the figure reach down to the knob.. and to his amazement completely ignore the shock he just got. Veering up with a frown to get a closer look at the monitor he quickly cursed at the figure ripped of the entire lock. This was bad, very bad. He shouldn’t have taken that last job, this was not good! Jumping up and running over to the single cabinet he pulled it open, rummaging inside until he found his gun, clumsily loading it. As he turned and pointed it towards the door a large fist clenched over it, crushing the barrel underneath. “Unit Tavish Monrue. Your assistance is required. Comply and live.” The soft metal voice of the masked figure commanded him. Still scared to death but also somewhat relieved he repeated the last words dumbly “And live?”

Succubus class ship “Mindless pain”

‘George’ wasn’t all pleased with his performance, although he couldn’t have done it otherwise. He had gained the information he required from Unit Tavish, but was sadly unable to make the unit do something that gave him an excuse to kill him. Right now, Unit Tavish was undoubtedly moving and retiring to a somewhat less luxuriously house, but still going out of sight. Which was the best thing that ‘George’ could have done with the ‘no killing if possible’ instruction.

Going over his gained knowledge he decided that his next target would have to be Unit Galicia. It was going to be difficult, but at least it was a challenge worthy of his time. A Serpentis that could evade the Guristas and Amarr thoroughly enough. It’s a miracle! His overseer would remark, although he himself would not, but with the fresh data from Unit Tavish and the ‘borrowed’ data from Unit Carmilla he might have a better chance, not to mention that he could also rely on the Sansha and Sister channels of his overseer. It would be challenge, but that was no issue for him.

(Courtesy of Darina Rea)

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