Thursday, 28 October 2010

Gone, but not Forgotten

Victor Ballentyne noticed something was wrong as soon as he touched down. The Geisha House was dark, only a few lights showed in the early morning, where before it was lit brightly to usher in the dawn. As he walked quickly towards the main entrance he saw the doors were closed, as were the windows. From the look of the place, no one had been here for a while, leaves had accumulated where the wind had blown them.

For a moment he paused and looked around and on a hunch, walked down towards the beach. The flower gardens, he noticed as he passed, were still being cared for and the scent of perfume was in the air. Quickening his pace he made his way down, as the sun slowly started to crawl over the horizon. In the morning light he saw a figure kneeling on the beach looking out to the sunrise. His heart fell, it wasn't Carmilla.

The kneeling woman smiled as she looked at the sun with eyes that could not see.
"Master Victor, such a pleasent surprise to see you again."
"What happened? The house is deserted, closed. Where is Carmilla? Where is Angelina? What's going on?"
She sighed and spoke softly, not moving from her position.
"They have both gone. Seperate ways. Carmilla with her Mistress into the night. Angelina I think has gone to find out where she belongs. I don't expect either of them to return soon."
Victor watched the sun rise, the warm rays revitalising his body and filling him anew. Perhaps this was what he was waiting for, a sign as the old tribal mother had told him would come.
"Whisper, summon the girls. I have to go somewhere, an errand for my Masters that must be performed. When I return, it's business as usual. We will wait for them to return."
"I know," she whispered, singing in the lingua franca of the geisha,"Like a sunrise past, they are gone, but not forgotten."

He pulled out his communicator and placed a call, waiting a few minutes as it was bounced on a secure network back to Serpentis Prime. He said a few words then looked down at the Geisha who was getting up beside him.
"It's a brand new day, Whisper. Lets go see what it brings us."


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