Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lost in Space

The mining station was deserted. The only sounds in the vast hanger bay the cooling of the slicers engines. She walked down the ramp and out into the bay. Lights flickered and automatic systems powered up.

"Fucking tomb...."
She pulled a heavy pistol out of her bag and walked over to the hanger bay control room and looked in. A dead overseer lay slumped in the corner, a pistol in his hand and a bullet wound in the back of his head. From the look of the spray, self inflicted. Reaching out, his body was still warm.
"Recent. What the hell happened here?"

A sound brought her head up and she looked deeper into the room. Something was there, a scratching sound at the door. With pistol raised she breathed deeply and opened the door. A small black puppy looked up at her and barked. She picked it up and looked at her, it's little tongue licking it's nose.
"Can this day get any more strange?"
Cuddling the puppy she made her way into the security centre and sat down at the main sec-station and pulled a datadump. Most of the stations memory core had been damaged, but enough was available from the backups to show what he needed. The external camera's showed him the ships, the spiky ships.

It took some doing but she managed to repair the memory and watch the hanger bay as the dropship landed and the soldiers of Sansha began their duties. She watched impassively as the miners and their dependants were herded out and the puppy barked. Pausing the shot the puppy barked again and whined, she fluffled it's head. Watching the screen she shivered as the man looked around, then up at the camera. A face she'd seen before, one of the Overseers of the True Slave Foundations.

And he'd left his puppy behind? What kind of monster leaves his puppy behind? How can you loose a puppy? She looked at the small tab on it's collar. Ghost.

She kissed the puppy's head and walked back to the slicer. As she walked into the ship she could heard the screaming and hammering from deeper inside the ship and ignored it.
"It's definately been one of those days today puppy."

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