Thursday, 29 December 2011

Intermission - World of Tanks

Just a break from the Eve blog :)

I have finally managed to get into one of my favorite tanks, the Jagdpanzer IV. And gawd it's been a hell of a journey as I don't bother doing one tree, I have several tanks going, as you can see from the bottom. But this one, I just love the look of it, and now I have it upgraded to nearly the max, only one gun left to get, I'm finding I can cope vs the tier VII, VIII and IX's a hell of a lot better :D Going to keep going on this one and get the Jadgpanther, the second most beautiful tank there is in game :)

Then there is my russian beast, the KV. I have a lot of fun in this tank, even though I'm not going any further. Dont like the other russian tanks, except for one of the tank hunters.... but can't be arsed as even though it kicks ass, I prefer the one above.

The only other tank I'm really looking to get is the Tiger, and maybe the Panther, but it'll take a lot of gaming to get it :) it's free to play and it's fun :)

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