Sunday, 29 January 2012

Time Enough....

Carmilla sat at the end of the pier and looked out over the blue waters that surrounded her island. A light breeze was coming in, the scents of the sea tantalising and refreshing. Far off in the distance she could see two of her boats, driven by the geisha at play chasing each other. A smile spread over her face as she watched them and leaned over, resting her head on the shoulder of the woman next to her.

Whisper, the blind Geisha who ran the House for her slipped her arm around her and squeezed her. As if from nowhere a glass of wine was offered with the tranquil smile that was always on her face. Carm took it gratefully and poured her one.
"Come on Whisper, I dont stand on ceremony. Have one yourself."
"And what will we drink to, my Lady?"
"We will drink... to tomorrow."
Whisper raised her glass and clinked it against Carm's.
"To tomorrow...."
"To tomorrow...."

Together they sat at the end of the pier and watched and listened. Occasionally Carm would reach over and check her terminal, or her wrist-comp and sigh. But when she did Whisper would say something and make her laugh, or point out something to take her mind away, if only for a few minutes.
"There is time enough, Whisper..... there is always time enough..."

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