Friday, 24 February 2012

Letter to a Sister

Dear Angelina....

I hope this letter gets to you as I'm sure some of the ones I have sent you before must have just not arrived. Or maybe they did and you just havent' had the time to reply. You are fighting a war after all! It's been too long since I was in a good war, one that actually meant something and had a point. But, there are times when I just prefer to mine rather than fight. Hell, I even went through low sec near our old industrial base and it was so empty, no one noticed I was there.

I spoke to our parents just the other day. They both send their best wishes and love. Father is trying to get me to take more of an interest in my heritage again, I remember how well that went last time, though I can see his point. My work with the distrubution side of the corp has shown me the horrors that exist below the minmatar society. In truth I didn't know that it existed to that level, I'd heard rumours naturally, but getting there was... an experience. I think I now have a bit more respect for certain people than I did before. Father has given me some pointers, places to go, people to speak to. Mother did the same, but it was a more esoteric list. I still think she hasn't forgiven me for what I did. But as I told you before, no one raises their hand to her and lives.

Oh I almost forgot to mention. I was murdered last week! I still have to find out who it was who did it, though the main suspect is Eliza. Why... I'm not sure, though I did start a bar fight with her before I was thrown out of the Broken Piano. Why? Again, I'm not sure. But it did create something unique.... apparently a few weeks before I had let Ithi collar me again. I know, I know, but I did. And when I died, the collar was taken from my body. So Ithiria gave me a replacement... my original collar and cuffs. It was quite emotional. For a while. They are now in my roid, hidden away with all my precious treasures. I just cant' do it. When she's not here, my will leaves me. I rebel. I become someone else. The only problem is I've been more of the someone else now than I have been her wife and slave. Maybe it is time to change? Or maybe I'll just fail again and take my place. I swear it's like I have something in my brain that orders me. Maybe I'll see if my body is still in the police lockup and look see.

The girls at the Geisha House are still missing you, so you have to come back and see us. You must get some leave, my dear sister! It's not like you are indispensible, as I remember you saying you didn't want to be promoted incase you'd be recognised. Well, other people have been asking about you. One of our old friends wants to sign you on for a tour with their alliance in a wormhole. Maybe once you've finished doing whatever it is you are doing, proving to yourself or getting out of your system you'll take him up on the offer. Judging by what I have seen and he has said it will be more profitable for you. For us both maybe.

Anyway, as you requested before this has been forwarded to the usual address. Maybe oneday you'll come and open it and check what is there and find every mail I've ever sent you. Or maybe you get them and just dont want to reply. Regardless, you are my sister and I love you and I always will. I just want to see you safe again.


p.s. Since my last body died it seems my addiction for Vitoc has gone. But so has my addiction to blue pill. I guess things can and do change

C x

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