Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A Prayer for the Dying

Inquisitor D'morenta listened to the reports of the battles, the battle language translated, the screens showing the tacticals. Around her the other officers were cheering or cursing. She watched the military attaché from the other affiliations, taking notes and marking up the kills. The distaste on her face was obvious.

"This is not your sort of thing, is it Sister?"
"No, it is not." She lowered her voice and turned to the Lord Inquisitor
"This.... Barbarism is beneath us."
"No Sister, it is the will of the...."
She sneered, "It is the will of the Caliphate."
His hand clenched her wrist.
"You will obey. If not the orders of the Caliphate then you will obey me. You know the penalty for disobeying the Inquisition."
His hand moved fast and the sound of the strike caused a few heads to turn.
"You will retire to the chapel and pray. Get out now, no questions. We will talk about this later."
She held a hand to her face and bowed, "Yes my lord. Please send me a final tally of the battle."
"Don't push it...."

Hours later the Lord Inquisitor walked silently into the chapel. He watched for a while as she tended a large number of candles with several of her acolytes.
"It us good to see you attending to matters if faith."
"The True One will protect the souls of the faithful."
"And who will protect yours? Too many are talking about you. Here."
Carmilla took the pad from him, and read it in silence.
"Isn't this planet currently engaged in a civil war?"
"Something like that."
"This is suicide...."
"Consider it a challenge. A true test of your faith. If you believe you can do it, you will be rewarded."
"If I cannot or will not?"
He handed her a candle.
"Then someone will light this where you fall. When you say a prayer for the dying remember to pray for their souls to. And if it helps Sister.... I have faith in you."

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