Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Case file D4823/TWR, Carmilla D'Morenta

Angelina walked towards her desk, a crystal glass of whiskey in one hand and a thick folder in the other. Kicking off her boots she sank down into her chair and opened up a drawer, picking up a smal bottle and a bag of pills. For the most part her addition to Purple Haze, the street name for the mixture of Blue Pill and Frentix was kept between her dealer and Dr Leannder. Pulling out a small mortar she slipped in a couple of blues and ground them down, then added them and a small vial of frentix to the crystal glass. As the effects took hold she opened the folder and pulled out a datacrystal which she slotted into the viewer on her desk. Her eyes flittered over to the door and noticed the red locked light was on. The willowy voice of Dr Leannder filled the air as she closed her eyes and listened.

(Sounds of Dr Leannder shuffling papers and accessing records)
Case file D4823/TWR, Carmilla D'Morenta, White Rabbits. Psychological profile session report. (Pause followed by swift exhale) Given all that Carmilla has been through I have to say she is in remarkable condition. There are still some triggers that exist which can set her off, but the same could be said for all of my patients. The time she spent on the Khanid Agricultural colony on Tegheon V as a slave I have barely touched upon, though I can see there are various events that happened which I will have to delve deeper into. The escape of her father and sister, the systematic slaughter of villages who helped them escape, and the personal abuse she suffered at the hands of the Overseer are second to the Blood Raider slave raid.

When we talk about her time with the Blood Raiders it is like I am speaking to another person. As a side note I have to warn of any further attempts to remove the tattoos on her body. The organo-metallic tattoos are heavily impregnated with nanites of such an advanced degree that I simply cannot understand why they are using them just for tattoos. It may be that we really don't understand how vile and twisted they are. The medical applications alone for these nanites are staggering. (Pause followed by swift exhale) But then I guess that just makes their potential use even more horrific.

The six years she spent with the Blood Raiders, two on various ships depending on her owner, and four years in Serpentis Prime have been remarkable, as the usual life expectancy of slaves is, I understand, between three weeks and two years.

Although I am loathe to admit it, my own research amongst my Sansha contacts indicate that Carmilla's father was in actuallity working for a high ranking Blood Raider smuggler. I have yet to confirm these details, but it does seem that her ability to stay alive was in part due to his influence on the smuggler Galicia Tavrook. (Pause followed by swift exhale) Galicia Tavrook is, according to Guristas Intelligence, the alias for the Caldari concert Pianist Gashia Tamshrooc and the instigator for the most twisted of all punishments inflicted on their slaves.

There is a piece of music known simply as the Symphony of Pain. On it's own it is a marvel of the art that can be wrought on a piano by a skilled musician, a deeply haunting and moving melody. However there is no known sheet music for this piece. The torture that can be inflicted upon whoever is made to play this piece goes beyond anything I have heard. Each key on the piano is connected to a female slave and when the piece starts low levels of electricity are delivered to a slave when the wrong key is pressed. From what Carmilla has told me when Galicia plays he plays perfect, no missed keys. However (pause) when slaves are forced to play the piece they must go by memory of the original, which they only hear once. Unless they are attached to the piano. I could not get any information from Carmilla about how long it took to master the piece, or how much she suffered....

Oh god, this is the piece she played for me..... I'm sorry I can't continue..... (sound of breaking glass and curses before recording ends)

Session Report Ended, Case file D4823/TWR.

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