Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Rorsins, back of beyond even as far as low sec goes. A few drifters and lone miners inhabit the belts and the stations. Little of worth happens here, even the local stations are seen as provincial, half empty warehouses in space. The asteroid belts are the same, eternally circling the star, tumbling through space gracefully and silently. For the most part it looks like no one has been here for many years, if ever.

On the bridge of a battered prowler wearing the markings of a Gistii Courier Carmilla D'morenta looked at her sensor screen. There were no ships within range, and according to the comms, the few people in the local area were quiet. She waited a few more minutes, scanning constantly before she was happy there really was no one in the area.
"Send the signal."
The comms officer turned a dial to a frequency and pressed a button. Ahead of them a hole appeared in the side of a large asteroid, two lights blinked quickly and the prowler decloaked and made it's way to the docking bay. Two sebiestor females flanked by guards walked down the docking ramp and into an ill lit and dusty hanger. They looked around for a moment then one of them pulled out a datapad and tapped a few keys. With a powerful flash lights popped on around the walls and a slow whine began as the air circulation system powered up slowly.
"Give it a few minutes and everything should start working."
"I guess no one has been here for a while?"
Carmilla bent over and picked up a discarded jacket bearing the Pale Riders logo. She folded it up and placed it on a nearby table.
"A lot of old memories here, Seraphim, a lot of good times.... and some bad ones."
"Appropriate place then..."

The sign above the double doors indicated the name of the place they walked into. The Spaced Mongoose. Although it was dusty, the musty smell of the hanger had gone as the air recirculated, the lights were bright and automatic systems were changing out the water of the pool.
"I'll have to bring some of my crew down to clean this place out properly," she said walking behind the bar,"I'm hoping the bar is still stocked."
"Don't forget...."
"I know, how about quafe ultra...."
Seraphim smiled and took the two cans offered.
"That'll be fine."
"You'll have to excuse the mess, I don't think anyones been here for a few years. I thought Ang might have turned up...."
She blew some dust off the statuette on the table causing Sera to sneeze loudly.
"We used to come here all the time in the old days.
Sera popped the top of her quaffe and took a deep swig.
"What happened?"
"Corp split up and went seperate ways the regulars found new bars or just stopped drinking. Mind you, some of them go to Angelina's place, but it gets a bit crowded at times."
She looked over at Sera and sat down.
"Certainly not a good place for a quiet chat."
Seraphim hesitated slightly then nodded and smiled.
"I guess... we both have pasts that have left scars....."
She sat on the edge of the table and wiggled a bit.
"Um... Its easier to show than tell....."
The two Sebiestors looked at each other, memories were coming flooding back thick and fast for both of them. The exploits of past Masters and Mistresses came out, tears were shed as tales were told, tales that had them both crying and laughing, both revelling in their survival above and beyond the odds that had felled others.

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