Saturday, 3 July 2010

Old acquaintences, Old friends

Angelina looked up at the statue that now graced the back of the Autumn Breeze geisha house. The original statue to Carmilla's Mistress, Ithiria Deritan had been destroyed when the estate it was on was obliterated by orbital bombardment. This one, was an almost perfect copy. With the moon behind the statues head it gave her a saintly appearance. Leaning on the banister of the second floor, the night sky held back by the few lights that were on and the brightness of the full moon she sighed and smiled. Things were changing for the better.

Looking down at her still manacled wrists she wondered when she'd take them off. Already her collar had gone, taken when her Master had finally consented and taken her just as a submissive. But these she had kept, though she'd taken the chain off. Turning around she walked back into the room, Carmilla's own personal room, a richly furnished opulant room. Carmila herself was down in the Geisha house, entertaining with the other girls and wouldn't be free for hours. But she didn't care, she had a more important task. She looked down on the bed to the form of Kelandrisa Deritan, wrapped in a robe of sheer gallente silk. After the last day she had been in a bad condition, and it was only her actions last night which had broken her out of the spell she was under. Actions which.... she smiled at the thought. What mattered was she was here, and safe.

For a moment she looked at Kelandrisa, massaged her own neck and laughed. Free.... she was free. Ithiria and Carmilla had already given their consent to allow her to return to work with the Disciples. She was no longer a slave, oh yes a submissive, but submitting to Esna made her happy. With a giggle she began to dance around the room, falling into the rote of the steps and laughing louder as she did, the skirts and sleeves of her kimono flaring out. Free.... Free!

The first shot took her in the back.....

Pain lanced through her as the stun bolt slammed into her back. The body armour she wore under her Kimono took the impact and only a dull throb and a numbing of the area around the impact got through to her, but it was enough to knock her off her feet, crashing into a rack of swords by the door. She rolled to her feet, grabbing a sword in one hand, ripping the scabbard off and looking at the open windows. There... three shadows, four... five. Already they were moving, their initial gambit failed. Three coming to her, two to Kelandrisa's sleeping form. She cursed her lack of corp implant and screamed loudly as she charged the three, dodging their incoming stun bolts. Slash, sidestep, stab, a quick feint with the scabbard followed by a slash. Snarling she turned to the two by Kelandrisa. Blood had spattered her, the scent in her nostrils, heady... no wonder they turned Blood Raider she thought, the blood lust in her yearned for it.
"Drop the blade slave or your whore gets it in the neck."
One of the assassins had Kelandrisa up, arm twisted behind her back, her eyes looking glazed and a knife at her throat. The other she couldn't see. She threw the sword, it slammed into his neck followed up by a flying kick she delivered to the handle severing his head. Kelandrisa fell to the bed. In a flash, sword in hand she was with her, shakign her, looking around trying to spot the last man.
"Kel, we have to leave....."

She never felt the second shot....

The man in black kept his weapon out and walked out of the shadows. The stun blast had hit them both, knocking them out. Using his foot he rolled over the unconscious form of Angelina.
"Panther team leader to Nest. Four cubs down, hunter has been neutralised. Request permission to clease facility."
"Negative. We are only here for the hunter. Evac shuttle is enroute."
He rolled her back over and cuffed her hands then tore the silked robe and tied her feet and knees and gagged her. Slinging her over his shoulder he walked to the banister and waited as the shuttle approached. He had just thrown her into the shuttles open door when the rooms main doors burst open and three figures ran in, all geisha.
"Farewell ladies.... perhaps next tim....."
The lead geisha threw something from both hands before leaping at the edge of the shuttle, the other two following. He fell back, his chest feeling tight and noticed the two metal half stars that had grown from his chest. As he touched them the first geisha was in, a short stabbing knife in her hands a look of absolute fury on her face. Two of his men were down before they realised and they opened fire, the stun bolts seemingly inneffective as the howling banshees before him tore into the heavily armed and armoured men he'd left on board like they were babes in arms. He clipped one end of his harness to the back wall and the other end to Angelina's bonds.

Implant Override Shuttle Control - Authorisation Panther1
Course correction - Port ten degrees
Disengage internal inertial dampners
Engine - Accelaration 100%

The shuttle under his control accelerated, slamming into the side of the Geisha House as it moved off, tilting the ship with the effect he hoped for. The three Geisha and the rest of his men were taken by surprise and thrown to the floor, then they fell out of the shuttle as it tilted. Screams, then a loud splash. The splash he heard... most likely the pool he thought as he turned control back over to the pilots who hadn't stopped cursing him. He sat down, still looking at the stars in his chest, cursed Angelina one more time he died.

In the pool Carmilla cut the throat of the last surviving kidnapper and screamed defiance at the retreating shuttle. Her cry loud and full of anger... and despair.
The other Geisha helped her out of the pool and also looked into the distance before carrying her back into the house to tend to her wounds, one leg badly broken, her shoulder dislocated.

As the shuttle landed on the deck of the Archon a robed figure walked aboard and saw the scene. He was expecting some losses, but a near empty shuttle with only his prize and his the dead commando leader was not what he expected.
"Take the slave to the cells. Careful, she is very dangerous. I will begin the interrogation once we are back in the safety of the prison. Bury the commando with full honours."
His laugh was dark and evil.
"Welcome back Angelina....."

Angelina awoke to pain. Her arms were stretched above her, her feet dangled over open air. There were no sounds in the room save her breathing. As her eyes focused she realised it there was no light, here in darkness, hanging from somewhere.

Heart rate increasing, signs of anxiety

There was no sound, no insects, she wasn't in the hole, she wasn't back on the plantation, wasn't a slave. She kept hold of that thought, she wasn't a slave, was free. Esna had freed her, her Master had freed her. Nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. Nothing.... She look all around that she could, there was just nothing ness. She screamed.... it didn't echo. Leaning forward she spat, there was no sound of it hitting.

Heart rate off the chart
Release the insects

A sound came the edge of her hearing, her heart was beating so fast she almost missed it, the blood rushing aroudn her body sounded like waterfalls in her ears. It was a skittering. The skittering became a buzzing. Multiples... she whimpered. The insects were back to crawl and bite and fly and..... Something heavy, with wings landed on her shoulder, the sound of it's wings thrumbing in her ears like repulsor engines. Her scream caused the bug to fly away, but there were more there now, she could feel them crawling all over her, flying past her. She screamed, twisted her body as much as she could, which was not a lot. Some bit her, feeling more like dagger stabs. Hysteria set in, wild sobbing and screaming, loosing control of her mind, her faculties and her body as she soiled herself. And still the insects poured into the room.

She woke to a high powered water spray washing the bugs and the filth off of her. She hung still by her wrists, her body aching, muscles screaming, her mind racing. As the water covered her entire body several times, she felt her body straining under the pressure... then it was gone. All that remained, the darkness and the dripping of water. Eventually, exhaustion over took her and she slipped back into unconsciousness.

The whip hit her and she woke with a scream. She looked all around still darkness. It hit again. And again. Letting the fury build within her she kept herself from screaming out, for a while. The whip hit her again and again and again. The blood ran down her back, the pain intense. Then it stopped. The dripping now, her blood. For a moment something within her tried to bring a piece of information to her, but the whipping started again, from the front this time and this time she screamed and didn't stop.

She is almost ready. Prepare the interrogation room.
Life signs are failing. If she is whipped anymore...

A hand slapped her face, hard. She woke up, still in darkness, but her hands were not above her, they were by her side, by the feel of it, clamped to a chair. Her ankles were the same, though her back was another matter. The cold metal of the chair pressed up against her back wounds. It would hurt if she wasmoved without care.
"Welcome back, Angelina. I trust you are well?"
That voice. So familiar. By why the.... Light flooded in as a hand ripped off the skin bandage that had been placed over her eyes. The bright light painful. But that voice....
"It has been so long since we were together. And you have has such an interesting time. Murder, mass murder, herasy, arson, damaging religious property, offences agaisnt the empire, piracy.. the usual stuff. But grand theft starship and running away from your Master.... tut tut tut. That just won't do."
He laughed and sat down, in her eyes he was just a blur. Unfamilar smells filled the chamber, as well as familiar ones.

"You see my little slave, your Master has gone against the terms of your sale. You are to be a slave for the rest of your unnatural life. Not that you are much of an immortal now, I saw your implant slots are missing. You must have been a bad slave. But what is important... is that you are here now, and when you die.... you die. There is no cloning out here that is not ours. And we have your clone, several of them right down stairs. I had some good sport with one earlier."
The shape walked over to a wall and pressed a button, blast shields retracted and a view screen looked out over a vast complex, at the centre, a binary star.
"So... since your Master decided to betray us, we took it upon ourselves to look after the rest of your sentence. You will serve it here, with me, in this prison. Deep in a wormhole.... Amarr's most secure, stable and high security prison."
He walked over and slapped her face several times then turned the interrogation chair so she could look out.
"See that? This is your home now. You are stuck here, a prisoner in my prison. And don't think you can escape. We know you... I know you. I know you of old. And my dear sweet Angelina, heaven forbid that you should forget. We are old acquaintences, old friends...."
Angelina shook her head, clearing the last of the fugue that was on her. The voice, too familiar, her mind remembered it because her body was shrieking, but her memory didn't.
"I see you have yet to remember. Lets see if this helps."

He spun the chair and knelt before her, his pure white Admirals uniform covered in medals, a heavy dagger at his belt. She looked into his eyes... and remembered.

....the first shot took off his jaw and the second exploded his head. Brain matter and gore spattered Angelina, who was still laughing. Behind the body of the now dead Admiral Eliza stood, smoking gun in hand......

The Admiral! Her Admiral, her Master. Alive!
"No... it can't be... you are dead... You're Dead!"
He backhanded her again with a laugh.
"You of all people should know... you can't kill an immortal. And an immortal of the Amarr Empire, an Admiral and a tool of justice is a God. And you will learn to worship me! Welcome to the Portal of Damnation, you will stay here the rest of your life as my slave. Now, Angelina...."
The restraints fell away from the chair and he grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the chair. She screamed as the bloody mess that was her back started to bleed again and he threw her to the floor. Standing behind her he kicked her legs apart hard.
"I'm sure you remember this part slave. I don't care if you don't enjoy this, this is for my pleasure."

Her scream was loud, long and reminded all those who heard it of a soul damned for eternity. Which was partially true, as the laugh that echoed along with it was pure damnation.

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