Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ambush at Complex 47

The captain of the proteus watched in disbelief as the pulse wave of a massive EMP explosion erupted from the complex he was tasked to watch. Lights went out, several rooms outgassed their atmospheres and more than a few frigates caught in the blast began to coast. He turned to the comms officer as two more carriers were decloaked by the blast, making six that were present. As well as the Titan.
"Do we have any communications from Lord Esna?"
"Yes sir, but it doesn't make any sense, and it was so badly distorted I'm not sure..."
"Play it... "
".....Ram me....."
He listened to the distorted transmission, but he recognised the voice. Taking his place in the command chair he switched all controls to him command.
"Chances of any escape pods making it back to our space?"
"Then we die together. For the Glory of the Empire!"

The cloaking device flickered and shut down as the micro-warp drive kicked in, propelling the T3 cruiser to high speeds. Sensor tracks from the functional 'ceptors and several of the carriers swept the hull and one managed to target him before the cloak was able to activate. He flew the cruiser towards the picket line of carriers, a swarm of fighters and drones vectoring in on him. Dropping his own drones as a decoy he flew in close, skimming the surface of the first carrier, the fire from the attackers impacting his shields and the shields of the carrier. Dodging the projecting arrays and towers on the carrier he pulled up, feeling the sluggish handling now and noticing the speed slowly dropping. Webbed. Not that it would help. Flying free from the carrier he aimed at the docking bay he had seen Lord Esna dock at, powered up the blasters and began unleashing round after round of anti-matter. He pushed the engines beyond their specifications, their howling scream loud in the ship, silent in the depths of space. As the collision sirens sounded, he uttered a prayer for his immortal soul and impacted doing over 600 m/s.

The blast tore through the docking bay despite the heavy shielding and armour plating. As it exploded in the remains of the bay, the protective shielding failed, the mag-shield keeping the atmosphere in overloaded and debris, people and everything loose was blasted into space. The crumpled remains of the cruiser lodged to deeply to be knocked free wedged the main pressure door open, everyone who could not make it to a secure room began to die.

Gallicia Tavrook picked up the unconscious Kim and threw her bodily into the room while the Admiral raged and clawed his way back from almost being sucked out. Angelina looked at the gun he had thrown at her and dragging Esna in one hand pulled him into the room. She thought of the words Gallicia had whispered in her ear before all hell had broken loose, and her cuffs had come undone.
"Now we are even and the debt has been paid. She will come. Fight and live little slave."
She wondered what he was talking about, but didn't care, and even though the impulse to shoot him was high, saving Esna was higher still. The wind howling down the corridor made ever movement a struggle, but when in the room she saw Gallicia standing in a doorway she hadn't seen before and he waved as a door closed, the light glinting on his chrome face mask.

A hidden blast rocked the station more and the pressure door on the room began to drop. The air in the room howled as it dissapeared under the closing emergency door, yet with a primal scream the Admiral hauled himself in, and glared at those in the room, a weapon snapping up to his shoulder. Two of them were unconscious, Esna Pitojee who had come to rescue, and Dr Kim Leannder, kidnapped for leverage. He looked on as Angelina snapped her own weapon up. Blood streamed down both their faces and they breathed hard in the thinning atmosphere.

Angelina Ballentyne, blood pouring into her eye from a gash kept her good eye on the rifles sight. Her naked body showed signs of punishment, her breasts moving rapidly as she tried to breath more. She stood firm, not letting the other out of her sight. The Admiral. Her nemesis. Of all the people to survive, why couldn't he have been sucked out to die in the vacuum with his men.
"So, my slave. What now? We are still in my station, and my men are outside in ships just waiting to come in. Shall we die together?"
"No one else is dying today, unless it's you and your kind, filth!"
"Such spirit, a wonder you were so hard to break."
"I'm not broken, this gun pointed at your black heart says that."
"What if you do shoot me? You have nowhere to go."
The door slammed shut and an emergency system began to pump oxygen back into the room. Outside there was a low throb that reached a crescendo that could be felt even through the decking. The Admiral smiled.
"Once my men dock and open this door you will be captured, again. And we'll begin all over again. That sound was my titan, destroying whatever pitiful remnants of a fleet that your pathetic Master sent as support."
They both stood, weapons aimed at each other. Neither daring to move, to give an inch incase it could be used against them. In the corridor outside they could hear the sound of weapons fire, screams and machinery. Then there was another low throb, and a more powerful cresendo, obviously nearer.
"Your fleet is lost, your friends are dead or dying, or will be my slaves. Give up now and I'll make sure his death is quick, and you can choose how she dies. You my slave will live, though you will wish to die a thousand times every day."
"I think, Admiral, that you are forgetting one thing."
The door to the room screamed as it was opened against it's will and slowly raised.
"What is that, slave?"
"I have people who will fight and die for me. People who will kill anyone and everyone to see I am free. You'd better pray Admiral that I kill you before she does."
"Pah, as if you could. You are nothing more than a pirate and a pitiful excuse for a slave. "
There was a faint sound of something metallic bouncing into the room. Neither looked at the stun grenade as it came in, or as it exploded, slamming them both back into the walls and the darkness of unconsciousness......

Lord Esna awoke as he was being dragged through the corridors of a ship. Groggily he shook his head, or tried to. He tried to activate his systems, his internal comms, his locator, and finally his suicide implant. All failed. He even ran his tongue over his suicide tooth, it was missing. Manacles were around his wrists and a chain linked them. As his vision cleared he saw the corridor was golden. Mostly. An Amarr ship, he thought, then realised, it was burnished copper. His blood froze. Blood Raiders!

They dragged him for a way and entered a large spacious room, the walls covered in tapestries displaying hundreds of Blood Raider Covenants sigils, and at the end of the room a raised dias and a throne, hidden in darkness.
Already before it there were three people he recognised. Angelina, bound as he was and fighting with the chains, screaming and cursing. Kim Leannder, kneeling and head lowered, the fight gone from her. And the Admiral, his uniform heavily stained and his chains were many. They dropped him next to Angelina and stood guard, slamming their rifle buts into Angelina to get her to stop.
Something moved on the throne, from where they knelt they could all see it was a hand raised, the guards all bowed and left.

"Where are we? What is this place? I demand to be...."
The voice whispered loudly, loud enough for all to hear, yet they could not discern any details.
"You are in no position to demand anything. Know this, you are onboard my personal flagship, the Blood Raider Avatar Chalice of Blood. You are mine, all of you."
Esna jumped to his feet, rage in his heart and fury pumping in his veins.
"I will never submit to the Blood Raiders! You are all abominations in my eyes!"
The sound of heels clicking on the metal floor appeared from behind them and a figure clad in voluminous robes of a red silk kimono, an immaculate geisha stopped infront of them and turned around. All of them gasped and uttered oaths, saying the same name.
She smiled at them all, bowed and turned, walking towards the throne and kneeling before it in a submissive pose, nodded as unheard words were whispered and got up, turning with a flourish towards them.
"Now, what shall we do with you all I wonder?"

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