Monday, 9 August 2010

Enough rope....

Angelina sat on the edge of Esna's desk while holding the collar in her hands. Just moments ago the collar had been around her neck, now she held it and then dropped it onto the table.

She sat down behind his desk and took out a pen and paper and wrote briefly, signing it and drawing a stylized Guristas Rabbit on the paper. Carefully she looked over what she had written.

My darling Esna, by the time you get this note I'll have gone. I am going where you cannot find me, or the Empire, or anyone. I am leaving everything I know behind me, my friends, my family, my corp and you, my Master. My ex-Master. I no longer consider myself your slave, to hell with the law and the courts. I am free to pirate and pillage as I did before. Take this for what it is Esna. You gave me enough rope, and I used it to escape.

With Love,
Angelina, Butcher of Sibot

She dropped the pen on the table, shouldered her bag and walked to the landing bay of the safehouse. By the time he returned, it would be too late. She'd be on the other side of the galaxy and still accelerating. Null-sec was beckoning to her again, Ithiria had gone missing again. In two hours she'd meet up with Carmilla, in another two hours she'd be at Kim's new surgery to remove any implants that were left. Then.... she'd be gone.

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