Saturday, 3 September 2011

Medical, Get to Medical

Carmilla lay on the bed in the medical bay, Literia standing beside her, holding her hand. Carm's shallow breathing and rising temperature was a worry, as was her collapsing at the bar. The doctor walked over to her and beckoned her away.

"What's wrong with her Doctor?"
"A few things. Is she yours?"
The doctor pointed at the collar around her neck that they had been unable to take off. He noticed the temperature drop sharply.
"No. She is not. She is a good friend. Whats wrong with her?"
"Well.. where to start? She has a trans cranial microprocessor, it's an advanced model, like nothing I've seen before."
"Remove it."
"I'm not sure I can. But I'll try....."
He looked at the list and ran his finger down, Literia swipped the datatablet from his hands and sat on the end of the bed and read it.

Blue pill abuse, levels in excess of safe limits. Potential for sever hallucination and memory infringement.
Subject is experiencing stage 1 vitoc withdrawl symptoms.
In addition vitoc in her system is not one of the known varients to come out of Amarr in the last six months. Type unknown.

She handed the datatablet back to the doctor and looked down at Carm. Vitoc! Of all the things she could be inflicted with. This couldn't be her Mistresses work, not from the way Carm was always talking of her. She thought back to how she was in the bar, looking at shadows, checking out everyone who was coming in.

Standing up she buckled the sword onto her belt, marvelling at the feel of it.
"Force her to clone jump. Then destroy this clone. Report to me when you are done."
As she walked out the doctor sat down at his desk and sent a data request on Carmilla's clones. He frowned at the reply he recieved.

At this time Carmilla Deritan has zero active clones. Warning. It is recommended to clone this capsuleer as soon as possible.

Turning his head he looked at the woman on the bed and sighed. This was not going to be an easy conversation to have.

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