Sunday, 28 August 2011


Carmilla Deritan walked in and sat herself at the bar. Although just a transfer point, the small station, little more than a collection of warehouses, com-habs and hangers floating in space, it possessed one of the more interesting bars she had been in. Wind Force 12.

The bartender walked over to her and smiled broadly, his features pure caldari, his voice a mishmash of everything.
"What's your poison?"
"Khanid whisky, the good stuff. Where's Alphone?"
"Al? Oh he had some trouble, took a few hours off."
He walked over to a locker and pulled out a bottle and poured a glass placed it before her. She slipped her credit jack into the bartop and breathed the aroma in deeply.
"You sure this is the good stuff? Has a strange smell..."
"That's Khanid for you, but try it. It'll take you to heaven."

She looked at him, the way he said heaven rang a strange bell in her mind. Maybe it was just the way he seemed to slip into an Amarr accent for the word. Shrugging and noticing the time she knocked back the drink and coughed.
"By the maker... what was in that....."
Shaking her head she coughed again and breathed in deeply. Every nerve in her body tingled, a warm rush reaching from her stomach flowed out in every direction, she moaned softly as it reached certain areas. Holding onto the bar she shuddered as an orgasm rushed through her and a euphoric feeling the likes of which she'd never experienced before. Gasping she pushed the glass over.
"Another... make it a double."
"Better not, your connection is leaving soon."
"Damn.... make sure that bottles here when I get back..."
She giggled and started laughing and swinging around.
"God damn, that's good whisky."

Running and then skipping to the door she ran out and towards the liner taking her to Khanid. Behind her the bartender walked into the back rooms where the other bar staff were on their knees, hands behind their heads. Three troopers in black covert ops suits were training their weapons on them.
"Mission accomplished. You three, out now."
He dropped a large stack of isk notes onto the table.
"We were never here. If we find out you talked about this you'll be on the next slave transport to the ass end of the Empire."

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