Friday, 5 August 2011

To Taste, Perchance to Dream...

Carmilla sat infront of the terminal in her room and watched the information screening in silence. Her Mistress had banned her from using the nets that she used to use, and allowed her access only to the news, concord and trade nets. Which was enough.

The contract she was reading was one of many scam contracts posted in Jita. Unlike many of them though, this one was used to transmit data to a third party, in this case, herself. Her old crew were still active, and knew her topics of interest, so every week created a newsletter. This time however, there was only one topic of information. Ithiria.

She read with a sinking heart. Ithiria had left her corporation, the Disciples of Night, taken her ship and departed for locations unknown. They had checked the usual locations for her, and the unusual locations. Tried to track her implants, even visitied her private planet. Nothing. Even her closest friends drew a blank.

Sitting back the looked at the screen and sighed. No, she thought, she was still out there. Still hunted and.....

Her eyes fell on a small envelope leaning against the frame of a small picture. It was her only picture she had taken of Ithiria, many many months ago out in null-sec. They had found a planet during their survey for the corp and had landed in what seemed to be a paradise. She had taken the picture, Ithiria in her flight suit, hair ruffled and streaming in the wind looking out over a deep valley. The look on her face one of intense joy.

Picking up the envelope she opened it and breathed in deeply. Her perfume wafted out of the envelope as she opened the small square of thick cream paper. Sitting down on the end of her bed she read the letter.... which fell from her shaking hands after a few minutes later. Her hand reached out and picked up a pair of scissors...

Relana walked into Carmilla's room and stopped as she saw her slave.
"Carmilla... what have you done?"
The lengths of Carmillas hair lay scattered around the floor, her head now shaven smooth, just staring into the picture frame.
"Aaah. I see you heard about Ithiria."
"Yes Mistress."
She ran her hand gently over her head and sighed.
"You didn't have to do that you know."
"I know Mistress."
"Turn around and looked at me when you talk to me."
The tone in her voice was soft, but edged with iron. Carm turned and looked up at her Mistress, the tears she expected to see were missing from her face. Relana handed her a datacard.
"It's the keycard to one of your prowlers. I obtained it from Ithiria before she left. She was proud of how far you have come with me. And it's because of her you can have this ship. Also... I'm giving you three days to enjoy yourself. Go somewhere, do whatever. But when you return, I want the bar stocked fully. I've had complaints."
Carmilla nodded her head softly.
"Thank you Mistress."

She looked at the keycard and stood up and walked towards the door when her Mistress spoke, almost to herself.
"Go to Khanid, Carmilla. Look there for what you are seeking. I will be here when you return."
"Khanid.... yes, thank you Mistress."
"There is a course laid in to your navi-comp on your prowler. Aaaaah, I feel tense. I need to relax. Run me a bath Carmilla."
Pausing she turned to look at her Mistresses back then walked down the corridor. Relana waited for a while then picked up Carmilla's hair and tied it up with a length of cord from her dresser and walked out and to her quarters. The smile on her face broadened as she could hear water running and nudged the door to her bathing rooms open with her boot. There, by the side of her bath which was full with hot water and bubbles was Carmilla.
"You didn't have to do that..."
Carmilla looked up at her with a smile that was the downfall of angels.
"Yes I did, Mistress."
Relana slipped into the bath and sighed happily as she thought back to what Ithiria had told her. How to get what she needed from Carm. And it was right, she still had much to learn, but she had a good teacher.

Carmilla gently washed her Mistress, her simple slave shift sopping by the time she had finished. By the end, she was smilling and happy, as she used to be before. Even Relana had noticed the enthusiasm she was now exhibiting, humming to herself as she performed her duties. Relana smiled and reached over, caressing her slave.
"Good girl, Carm."

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