Saturday, 27 August 2011

Something on your mind?

As she walked through the station she recognised a change. People moved out of their way to avoid her, others greeted her with false friendship and insincere smiles. She knew what it was, she has seen it all before. From the other side. Because of what had happened, they now saw her as one of them.

Now, more than ever, the sound of someone behind you spitting sounded as it was meant to sound.

Some punishments, she mused, were real. Others were not so. This one, I did not deserve this. I did not deserve this!

I saved her life didnt I? Dead she would have been just another dead holder, alive she is a slave. And we can all see her where we are.

No they said, you are no longer where we are....
You should have rebelled, no matter the pain, no matter the cost. You should have stood with us!

And betray my wife? Betray my Mistress?

Fool! Maybe now you can see, when you are despised by slave and Holder alike, that you cannot have both. Perhaps you should have listened to what Mizh.....

Carmilla awoke from her nightmare screaming in anguish. All around her it was dark, the clammy sweat on her body made her leap out of the bed and run into the shower cubicle. She turned on the water, not caring that it was cold and sat in the corner shivering.

When she felt a bit more awake she turned the shower off and sat down on her chair. Rubbing her eyes sitting at her dressing table wearing just a t-shirt and her underwear she looked at the mirror. Her hair was growing back, but was taking too long. Oh it was easy she mused to jump into a clone and come out with a full head of hair again. But this, she touched the scar and her eye, would be gone til the next jump. And this reminds me of what is important in life. This reminds...... a flash from the mirror caused her to turn her eye and..... click

The body of Carmilla froze solid while she looked at the mirror. Several figures opened a hitherto unknown door into the room and walked in. All four of them were clad in nondescript covert ops blacksuits.
"We have three minutes.... get to work."
Inside her mind Carmilla screamed as her body stopped functioning as she wished. It was as if she was inside a prison cell inside her mind, smashing her fists against the wall trying to wake her up. She watched as sensors were placed on her body, readings taken, a syringe, two, three injected into her body in various places. Sensors placed on her head, readings taken. The people nodded to the forth.
"Lock the door. I think we have time for some fun before we go. No.. keep her null, this is for our pleasure, not hers. Stupid bitch."
Two of them picked her up and threw her on the bed, quickly stripping her. Inside her mind, Carmilla screamed as was violated.... click click

... looked at the flash and noticed nothing in the mirror. Must have been my imagination, she mused. Must be tired, shower. Shower was a thought on her mind, overpowering in its insistance. Walking naked to the shower cubicle, something in her mind made her look around. Her underwear was lying on top of her nightshirt, the bed needed to be changed, the scent in the air... was I with someone last night? Something... nothing... so tired and sore... nothing that a good hot shower wouldn't cure.

As Carmilla showered away the unknown violations of the night she thought only of what the day would bring. Perhaps today would be the day, yes. Today. First she had to free her, then head to Khanid, and then.... her appointment with the chamberlain at the Khanid Council.

Inside her head Carmillas screams faded to an insubstantial mistyness as a warm and fuzzyness filled her, her agression fading, only obedience remaining.

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