Sunday, 14 August 2011

Re-awakening of the Soul

The waves lapped the golden sands of the beach with the caress of a gentle lover. Blue skys and the occasional cloud allowed the sun to shine down on the small island that housed the Autumn Breeze Geisha House. The great statue of Ithiria Deritan gazed over the same house, arms extended, greeting the dawn which had come and gone.

From the roof of the Geisha House Carmilla Deritan lay on her back, naked in the sun, a chrome collar her only attire. She looked upon the divine countenance of her wife, the woman who held her soul. If only... she mused.... if only.

A shuttle arrived, followed by two more and it wasn't long before the hatch to the ceiling was opened from below. She looked over and smiled.
"Victor, my dear brother! How unexpected...."
With a flourish she got to her feet, wrapping her kimono around herself and pulling her hair back.
"I see you got your warehouses up and running. The steady stream of ships in and out was raising some concerns, so many armed ships in such a short time."
"Well my associates are now set up, so there will just be a small standing guard and freighters in every week. Now enough of me, what of you? I've been hearing things. Of both Ithiria and Relana. You go through Mistresses like some people go through clothes. I'll get the girls to get some breakfast sorted out. Go and get dressed. We have business.... disturbing business."

Carmilla turned on the sound system in her room and the air filled with music as she slipped into the shower. Half an hour she pulled a delicate kimono from a closet and slowly laced up the boots she selected, knowing the kimono would hide them. Sitting at her table she pulled her hair back and up, and pinned it back with the help of two flowers. Then she began doing her makup, making her face pale, lips delicatly painted crimson, eyes dark. When she had done, she slipped her collar around her neck.

She stood in the mirror, once more the very image of the Geisha she was. Once more she was where she belonged. In more ways than one. A smile came to her lips as she touched the chrome collar around her neck, and touched the sigil on the side that had been uncovered. There was a knock at the door and it opened revealing several Geisha. She smiled and went over and hugged each one, all old friends.
"We're back in business, girls. Get this place back up to scratch and contact the old clients. Let them know we're back."
Carmilla looked once more in the mirror and smiled. Yes, she thought, we're back. One step at a time. First a re-awakening of the soul.... then rebuilding the heart and body.

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