Sunday, 5 May 2013

Destination, unknown

The elevator ride down the Ivory Tower seemed to take an eternity. Once again, everything seemed to have come tumbling down. And now, she could see no way out, no way forward. No way back.

As the doors slid open and she looked out she realised that she had no where to go. Walking to the landing pads, as if in a daze she kept going as if in a trance, not saying anything, not thinking anything. Not daring to, either.

Looking up at her ship, as she entered the hanger bay she remembered.... thoughts came flooding back, a fast flow of images, memories, passions.... love.... Even here, nothing could stop her remembering, her transport still bearing the old corp logo of the Disciples. The same transport she flew when she joined, the same transport that had taken her to Null, the same one she had escaped in.

Nullsec, she cursed and threw her head back and screamed, falling to the flooring her scream turning into a howl of rage and despair. Her hand fell to the hilt of her pistol and brought it up to her head, her finger squeezed the.....

But she couldn't do it. For there, standing on the loading ramp was Whisper, and Orchid, and Rose. She dropped the pistol and fell forward, tears falling through the grating and down into the fathomless depths below her. The three of them picked her up and dusted her off.

"We know. We intercepted your mails. Everything is ready...."
"Where will we go?"
"Does it matter? If we are together?"
"What about....."
"Worry about that tomorrow. She will understand."
"I can't just leave everything...."
"Yes you can. And you will."

On the bar, far up the Ivory Tower a datapad bleeped as a message was recieved, but no one answered it.

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