Sunday, 14 September 2014

End of an Era

Inquisitor Carmilla D'morenta and her entourage stood and watched the birth of the Caliphate. All around the men of Darius were proclaiming the new order. The men of the Frontier Exploration and Trade bowed their heads, as did the Central Intelligence Agency. The Brotherhood watched impassively until they too, bowed their heads. The Confederacy was now no more, a memory. She watched as the great Confederate flag was cut down and replaced by the new one. To her left an old man clutched her shoulder and cursed.
"I can't believe it. I worked side by side with the Confeds and later fought them. They were proud men, it's a shame to see them go."
"Yes Father," Carmilla sighed, "But we must move with the times."
"And I suppose you'll tell me the old guard will just be happy with the change over?"
"The Confederacy that you knew was not the same one that died here today."
"And what happened to the steadfasts?"
"They either changed allegiance to the new order, or they...."
"Carmilla... do one thing for me. I want that flag."
She smiled at the man standing on her right, a tall impressive figure even clothed in heavy robes.
"Oh I think I can do that."

Two men oversaw the movement of the old Confederate banner. They were unaware they were being watched, and by the time the Inquisitor was behind them it was too late. Two heavy saps struck their heads and they tumbled, unconscious to the floor. Sleep gas capsules were thrown and the employees collapsed.
"Was that necessary? To strike them?"
The taller of the entourage turned to her and threw back his hood. His grey uniform could be seen underneath.
"Yes it was. I swore an oath never to turn my hand against the Confederacy, but this is something different. We're going, leaving all this behind, but we may be back one day."
"So the Confederacy will rise again?"
"Yes ma'am. It may."
She nodded sagely and thought for a moment then pulled out an envelope and handed to him.
"Read it when you get to the starport. Do what it says, no questions."
He frowned but took the envelope.
"As you say."
"And take my father to his hotel. I think this has all been too much for him."

She stood on one of the large embankments looking out over the starport, leaning on the railing. Her guardian coughed slightly and she could hear the sound of her pistol being cocked.
"Weapon away, we are amongst friends."
"Aaaah Sister, I have been looking for you."
"My Lord Inquisitor Pyro, I am at your service."
The leader of the Brotherhood, flanked by his heavily armed guards walked towards her and leant against the railings. Behind them his guards began assembling a surface to air missile.
"I have been hearing disconcerting rumours about you. Aiding revolutionaries?"
"Yes my Lord."
"You will have to be punished for such."
"Yes my Lord."
"The Caliphate rules now. And we are part of it. If you do not understand that, and do not accept that there is no place for you here."
"Yes... my Lord."
He sighed and handed her the controls and they watched the ship take off.
"Destroy it."
She flicked the lock and pressed the switch, the missile behind roaring into the sky and slamming into the ship which exploded, falling back upon itself in a black plume of smoke.
"I am glad we had this conversation, Sister."
"The True One wills it, My Lord."

From the side of the hanger bay the Confederate Officers watched the ship burn, one by one they dissapered into the the hidden escape passage until only two were left.
"That is quite some daughter you have there."
"She scares the hell out of me sometimes. Long live the Confederacy."
"We will rise again!"
And with a salute he was gone leaving the old man to watch the ship burn.

OOC: I have always been fond of the Confederacy, and it is a shame to see them gone. But, games change, and this is a game. Long live the Caliphate :)

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