Sunday, 14 September 2014

End of Eve and a New Beginning

I guess from the last post date that it is obvious to most people that this blog is no longer functioning. Well, I stopped playing EVE pretty much around the time of the last post. MMO's are just not worth playing when you do not have anyone to play with, and as everyone knows EVE is probably the worst game in the world for casual pickup of friends to play with.

So with the lack of friends due to RL stuff, I decided to hang up my EVE toons. A lot of history, a lot of fun, a lot of.... aaah hell. It's just gone, not going back. Nor am I going back to Star Trek Online.... or Star Wars: The Old Republic..... they just don't have the pull anymore.

So I went back to see if the game I stopped playing when I started playing EVE was running, yeah, nine years ago... and it was!

Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire

So now I have returned, and having a lot of fun. It may not be the game for those of you who go made and apeshit for MMO's as this is, wait for it, a Play by E-Mail game.

So this blog for EVE is now dead, it will stay as I still enjoy reading about my exploits, but the new posts will be about Phoenix, and my Religious Fanatic, the Inquisitor Carmilla D'morenta. Yeah, I know, it's a character I love :D

You can do a lot worse than having a look at the game, it's one of the rare original keepers that is deeper than EVE, has all the things you got there, conquering space, exploration, big fleets and screw outposts, we have proper starbases :D

Sign up, read the forums, talk to the people, and embrace a game that rewards you.


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