Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Angelina looked up at the night sky from the planets surface. The moons of Ishomilken V were rising and the station, home, was visible as a gleaming gem.

She looked up behind the crystal windows that made up one wall of the clone facility on the planets surface. Her body was new, the scars gone and she was back to her old self. Clenching her fists and padding around the cold floor naked she waited for the doctor to return.

Dr Leander walked in and threw Angelina a robe, a cluster of papers in her hand, a few reports and a handful of implants.
"I have to say Angelina I'm surprised. I've read the reports... and I don't believe them. What happened out there?"
She looked around at the doctor as she pulled the robe on.
"I don't know. Perhaps I'm loosing my edge. Perhaps I've lost my edge. All I can think of these days are the industrial operations, power to weight ratio's on the ore compressors." She drank from the plastic cup then threw it at the wall, it bounced away spraying water around.
"I spent last night with the mechanics fixing up my haulers and test firing Carmilla's new mining lasers while the rest of the corp was out hunting."
She walked away and put her hands against the cold crystal and looked out.
"I don't know if I can do this anymore.... I don't know what's wrong with me Doc....."
Slumping to the floor the tears welled up and cascaded down her face as she looked up at Constance before feeling the pressure and jab of a needle on her arm.

Dr Constance Leander filled in her reports while looking over Angelina. She sighed and kept on writing..... "Pilot Angelina Ballentyne is showing a kind of stress, type unknown. I cannot assume that this is related to her known Frentix and Blue Pill addiction as this is a new clone. I have decided to send a copy of my report to the Black Rabbits high command recommending the withdrawl of her flight status if possible, at least until a complete psychological testing regime can be performed. It is possible that recent events have proved too much for her."

A few hours later Constance woke Angelina and handed her a stack of papers.
"I'm sorry to say your flight status has been revoked pending psychological testing. I'm also going to be doing a complete cerebral workover of your clone. You are to report to Manjonako when you are able, I've placed you under the care of your sister until we deem you ready to get back in the cockpit. Do you have a problem with this?"
Angelina shook her head and took the paper and flipped through them til she came to the one she knew was there. She read the title a few times before placing them on the bedside table. Constance looked over at them before heading over to her desk. Transfer papers she thought, to the White Rabbits. Something was definately wrong.

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