Thursday, 27 August 2009

Medical Report - Angelina Ballentyne

"Medical audio log..... encrypt beta three engage."
Dr Leander sat down at her desk and massaged her neck while she spoke.
"Subject, Angelina Ballentyne. Admitted earlier this evening with second degree burn on neck, knife wounds on upper and lower torso, both legs, both arms. Penetrating wound to abdomen no vital damage. Considerable blood loss. Left ear severed, two fingers on left hand severed."
She lit a cigarette and slipped it into a carved ivory holder and inhaled deeply.
"Prognosis is good. Ear and fingers reattached and responding well. Burn wound to neck will heal but will be scared for life unless surgery is performed. All knife wounds recieved have been cleaned and stitched. She will be scared for life with those. Blood and fluids are being replaced."
Looking over her shoulder she saw Angelina in the hospital bed, several people around her, Carmilla by her bed. Eliza and JD had been in as well as others of the Black Rabbits.
"My only concern are the levels of Frentix and Blue Pill I found in what remained of her blood stream. I belive it may be indicative of a problem that hasn't been reported or even noticed. However, what concerns me more are the benign drugs I found in her blood, with a chemical tag that indicates a latent binary poison has put into her system....."
She paused and looked over at Angelina.
"Recommend random blood tests for TGA members under auspices of annual checkups. Entry end. Constance Leander, MD"
She stubbed out her cigarette and walked over to where Angelina lay asleep. My god, she thought, I'd hate to see what happened to the other guy.

Constance Leander, M.D.

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