Sunday, 23 August 2009

One Careless Owner

A rumour had been circulated to the Caldari that a high ranking Officer of the Guristas would be in a certain system at a hidden brothel. The window of opportunity was only a few hours, the isk asked for the time and location was minimal. The informant reliable. A small task force was dispatched under the auspices of a standard low sec patrol, only seven ships were sent based around a Caldari State Oshiro. The stage was set. Naturally it was a trap.

The Oshiro burned at high speed towards the gate but already the Captain knew it was a futile race. On scan and visible through the bridge windows over a dozen raiders were attacking, frigates, interceptors, stealth bombers. Already his escort had been destroyed, the six navy caracels destroyed, their wrecks twisting in space, but they had taken twice their number with them. The deck thrummed as the neutron cannons fired again, but the nimble frigates deftly avoided the blasts.
"Captain, we have incoming fire against the aft shields...."
"Negative response from Caldari State we are being jammed...."
"Reloading battery IV...."
"Target Gamma VII breaking off.... warping....."
He listened to the reports as they came in thick and fast. There was little they could do to escape, the frigates would just follow them if they made the gate and scramble them on the other side.
"Local station reporting more hostiles undocking...."
"Battery IV engaging...."
"Drone control reports last drone has been destroyed...."
"Contact local station, I want numbers and types of ships undocking."
The deck thrummed again as the cannons fired and finally he could hear the sound of the siege launchers locking into position. At last he thought as the inferno torpedoes sped off to their targets, impacting in violent halo's of light and fury.
"local station reporting four battleships undocking. Raven, raven, Apocalypse and Dominix."

Several Au away from the battle Angelina listened in to the communication and powered up her engines.
"Inform the fleet we are going in now. Patch me through to the Oshiro."

The Captain stormed over to the shield control to check the figures were correct and made a few adjustments.
"Captain, direct communication for you, origin unknown."
"Batteries I and III reloading..."
"Shield strength at...."
"Probably just these raiders trying to maintain terms... patch them through...." He listened as the connection was made and fired a broadside before they could even start talking.
"This is Captain Hashiro of the Caldari State Oshiro. I demand...."
A voice cut through, female, powerful, slightly mocking.
"You are in a position to demand nothing. If you want to save your ship you will align to the co-ordinates I give you and be ready to warp on my command."
He looked at the comm screen and saw some co-ordinates flash up on the screen, they looked to be directed at a plantary orbit, possibly a moon.
"As you are aware four battleships are on their way now to destroy your command. Do what I say and you will be able to make it home in one piece. Captain. Align now, we are coming in about ten seconds, you had better be ready. Ballentyne out."
He wasted three seconds on his decision...
"Helm, steer course one four niner, ascension four four. Stand by for emergency warp. Weaponry mark your targets, keep scan open for......"
Six ships warped almost directly on top of the battleship, all of them caldari, all of them powerful led by the unmistakable shape of a Caldari Navy Raven and moved into attack formation. The frigates attacking scattered as their ships were barraged by missiles, ecm and close range blasters. Half of them were destroyed in the first few seconds, the rest tried, and failed to flee. Then the battleships arrived.
"Captain, warp... NOW!!"
The six ships aligned with the battleship and the small fleet entered warp just as the four started to lock them and open weapon ports.

He looked at the scans of the new ships and frowned. They were all caldari ships, but that meant nothing. But they had saved his ship and destroyed the enemy that were attacking him and he was now on his way to safety. From here it would be just a matter of realigning and warping to a safe gate and..... The Oshiro and it's fleet flashed out of warp and the crew gasped. Before them was the giant shimmering shield of a POS, the energy signiatures from the weaponry that dotted exterior were all active.
"We're being targetted, multiple batteries and the ships who rescued us."
"Incoming fire!"
"Systems are being jammed. Multiple ECM and sensor dampners covering us. At least seven different warp disruption fields....."

"Captain Hashiro. You have one minute to lower your shields and disarm your weapon systems or I will turn your ship into a gutted hulk. On behalf of the Guristas Associates I claim your vessel. However, I did not lie before. I will see your crew returned safely to Caldari Space. Your choice Captain. An ignominous death here now or you loose your ship and return to fight another day."
"This is Captain Hashiro," the voice over the comms sounded tired, "If you guarentee my crew return to Caldari Space then I will surrender. Damn your black heart. Give me your name so I know who to hunt down when I return."
"Angelina Ballentyne. Stand by to be boarded."

The shields on the Oshiro lowered and the raven extended a docking tube. Captain Hashiro waited on the other side as the pirates made their way to the entrance. With a flash from red to green the airlock cycled open and he looked for the first time upon Angelina Ballentyne. Dressed from top to toe in a tight bodyfitting flight suit and wearing a long duster with knee high boots, her hair was short, her eyes cold. A heavy pistol sat on her hip.
"Captain Hashiro, a prize crew of my hand picked men will fly this ship to our station there your men will be transfered to an industrial and we will deliver you back to Caldari space. Do you have a planet of preference?"
"You guarentee my mens safety?"
She smiled. "Absolutely. You have my word."

Standing on the bridge of the Oshiro she looked over at her bridge crew familiarising themselves with the controls. It didn't take long before the ship aligned and entered warp. She sat down in the command chair and watch though the window.
"Conner, when we dock take the officers to the brig and load the crew onto Carmilla's prowler. If they resist shoot them til they obey."

Two Days Later - Ishomilken

Angelina and Carmilla looked through the cramped bridge window onto the planet below. It was the night side, the glow of several cities could be seen. They were in a synchronous orbit over the island a hundred miles directly below them. Already they had seen scores of shuttles ferrying TGA members to the beach party that had been planned. Angelina looked over at her sister and keyed the comm unit.
"Eliza, this is Angelina. Is the Captain there?"
"He's here, and angry. The other officers are under guard."
"Good, good. Put him on..... Captain Hashiro, how are you?"
"You lying two faced good for nothing bitch! You lied to me!"
She laughed, evilly."More fool you! I'm a Guristas, a pirate to the core and after tonight you'll realise why you will never win. Look to the skies Captain. We're putting this display on just for you."

On the planet Eliza looked at the Captain and gestured to a seat which was prepared for him. When he didn't sit Justine pistol whipped him and pushed him into it and held her gun to his chest, sitting on his legs.
"Just watch the skies, Captain..... though I dare say you won't appreciate it too much."
Eliza looked up and started watching.

In the prowler Angelina and several crew pulled the first batch of five captive caldari sailors towards the rear cargo hatch and pushed them in. They screamed, begged, pleaded as the hatch closed and cycled. All of them looked at the other door except one, who glared at Angelina with hate in his eyes. She blew him a kiss as she blew the exterior hatch open and they were sucked out.

On the planet below Eliza looked up and saw the five shooting stars as they arced through the atmosphere, burning up. A few moments later another five.... then another.....

As the Captain howled in fury the display continued for quite some time.

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