Saturday, 15 August 2009

Memories - part 1

The box was old, carved from wood and hand made. A simple lock opened to reveal it's contents. A lifetime of memories flooded out. Pictures, notes, maps, a small fragment of hemorphite on a chain, and letters. She picked one up, seemingly at random, but guided by a sense of need. A hand written letter....

My Dearest Angelina,

I am so glad to see you safely out of Caldari Space. I am hoping that this will get to you at the transfer station in Hek, it will save some travelling around. I know I told you not to go back, but I know now that I was wrong, I hope you can forgive me.

I have taken a position in a good corporation where I have been recieved very well. I can see I will be here for some time as there is much I can learn. For the most part I have put the hatred behind me as you managed to do, but I do so by throwing myself into mining and industry. My fear is that your way may lead to something darker and I hope I can be there to pull you back if you ever step over the edge.

The corp is called Pale Riders Incorporated and is in the Hotrardik system. It's a good system, the mining is excellent. Yeah, there are some fools around but the people here are good and know what they are doing.

I have spoken with the CEO and he has agreed to take you on, so as soon as you get your ship sorted out and repaired come on down. I will be waiting.

Your loving Sister,


With a sigh Angelina replaces the letter, a faded piece of paper worn with much folding and unfolding. Running a red nailed finger over the date stamp on the back.... over three years had passed since escaping Caldari space. So much had changed, old friends gone, new friends arrived. Pulling a dog eared picture out of the envelope she looked fondly on the group of pilots all wearing shipsuits with Pale Rider logos. Slatternia, Chewee, Victoria Ballentyne, Angelina Ballentyne and Raoul Sonsear. There were other faces there, but these five shone out the most. As the tears fell on the picture and were wipped away they seemed to shine even more. Turning it over was a faded inscription. "Friends Always".

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